Sub-Clavicle and Surface Piercings

Jane had these sub-clavicle piercings done by Dustin at Blue Lotus Tattoo and Piercing Lounge in Madison, Wisconsin. See also Dragon Fish and BME‘s deep piercing gallery

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24 thoughts on “Sub-Clavicle and Surface Piercings

  1. Sub-Clavicals worry me, the potential for problems is so high. I don’t think the effect is particularly impressive (for me) anyway but each to their own. I think the risk factor makes this more interesting than the actual look.

  2. the problem with sub-clavical piercings is that they are highly unsafe. lets say that an infection would develop. where is all the toxic matter going to go? it will drain right into the chest cavity. those piercings are a way to make yourself go septic fairly quick.
    the same look can be achieved by using micro dermals instead… and it would sure be a hell of alot safer.

  3. But… but… this is Modblog, generally when there is a naked woman posted (no matter what the mod subject) millions of people comment upon her sexiness. Now, when just about the only woman on here that I find really attractive, there are none of these comments… wha?

  4. MUTE-ONE: as for the unsafety of it, how do you propose that the infection penetrate the chest? There’s plenty of structures to affect but empyema and/or mediastinitis are unlikely early results, i mean if you didn’t drop a lung placing the piercing in the first place…. More than infection, though, i’d worry about placement. The subclavian vein is right there. I mean, right there. Nick that and you have a major mess on your hands.

    A shame to discuss such yucky things over a pic of an attractive woman.

  5. I’ll humor Em, and agree that she is quite attractive. Also, I’ve been intrigued by the sub-clav as much for the feeling that must accompany it, as well as the look — something a couple micro-dermals wouldn’t accomplish

  6. moddoctor: exactly about the vein, my human anatomy prof (and advisor) spent half an hour laying out a v. good argument for why I should definitely not got it done, unfortunately now I’m rather afraid/apprehensive to go talk to him again…

    and also, I can never feel they’re there. There’s hardly any discharge, no blood ever, not even blood tinged stuff that sometimes comes out of surface piercings. I can only feel discomfort when I’m laying on my side really far, like almost on stomach, hard to explain. And they’re a month old as of yesterday. Are doing great I think.

    Also, for micro-dermals, one piercer I asked to do them, suggested the micros as a safer altnerative. But it’s just so not the same. At all. I mean, if all I wanted was the look, fine, whatever, but it was more the piercing, and the feeling and such. There was no way I’d consider the micros at all.

  7. I’m not bagging on it, don’t get me wrong. I feel like the value of my education here is that of full disclosure. So I’m disclosing. I have penetrated the subclavicular space many times with a 14g needle with the intent to thread stuff into that vein. That’s the only reason I bring it up.

    Anatomy professors have this amazing way of being even more conservative than the practicing medical docs, in my experience. That said, it’s done. No point in beating it to death. You know the score and that’s enough.

    They did turn out very pretty, though and I imagine the sensation of your clavicles sliding over them is something special all it’s own.

  8. no, I can’t feel them in at all. Never. Except for that one instance I mentioned above. And mine were done w/ a ten gauge needle.

  9. I agree that sub-clavicals are in the top two or three of “could kill ya” piercings. Absolutely they’re very high risk. But a piercing that wraps around the bone and enters your inner body is pretty wild and I can definitely relate to the appeal!!!!

    Microdermals and surface piercings can approximate the look, but it’s not the same. I’m not suggesting the risk is worth it; that’s a personal decision (and personalyl *I* wouldn’t do it), but they really look great/intense.

  10. A bod mod Shannon wouldn’t do…I didn’t think I’d see the day; after all, you’d be willing to risk your sight for tattooed eyes. Then again, blindness is quite a stretch from deadness. That being said, I’m still considering it myself (sub-clav, not eyes).

  11. Such a beautiful erotic woman. Thank you for letting others enjoy your beauty. You made my day.

  12. The Risk with subclavical piercings is very high. I looked into getting them, and i spoke with a very reputable piercer in my area and he refused to do them. There really is no way to see where the large vein in that area is, and if during the piercing it is hit there really is nothing that can be done.

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  14. I really really want mine done … but I, way too scared and I dont think my parents would agree wiht me getting them . I do think yours are truly amazing though and am in total envy of yours. Did they really hurt as much as people say they do. And how much were they? Not that price is going to change my mind on getting them or not …
    I want them soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad !!!!

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