Nintendo Fanboy Sleeve

I think this may be the nicest videogame-themed tattoos I’ve seen (and it’s not even finished yet). It’s on theprophetelijah, done by Andrea Ottlewski at Slave to the Needle in Seattle, Washington.

See also: Pacman Ass.

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74 thoughts on “Nintendo Fanboy Sleeve

  1. I think my favorite part is the Mario on the forearm….but….i tend to prefer ones that mimic 8 bit graphic pixelation. Not that the sleeve doesn’t look abulous.

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  3. Being a game geek myself… first thought that came to mind was “I should play some Super Smash Bros.”

  4. This is fucking fantastic. Vivid. It’s going to make me drag out an emulator and play for a while today, I think.

  5. I wish I had enough time to play Mario…but it’s too addictive to risk “just an hour”.

  6. This is really good! I love it!

    You just wait…I’m going to have a really good one too..when I get around to it.

    Man, I love video games.

  7. Quite possitively awesome. Nice well-rounded characters and fantastically drawn. Great artist and inker.

    Marshall: Thats from Game & Watch, Nintendo’s first portable system (before the GameBoy which was 1989 while G&W was early 80s) Its a Nintendo fanboy sleeve, not everything else except an Atari game sleeve :P Just razzing ya.

  8. Much better than the controller piece from a couple of days ago. I can’t see what could possibly be left to “finish” at this point, the thing’s brilliant.

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  10. haha. thats a little obsessive. but i have harry potter tattoos, so i shouldnt speak against obsessions.

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  12. i’m really drooling all over myself right now.
    shannon, can you do an all-nerd week on modblog?

  13. ditto the super smash brothers comment. And, with all gamegeek sense aside, this is a beautifully done tattoo. The colours and figures and everything, it’s just brilliant. Samus and the Yoshis are don’t brilliantly, and the game-and-watch characters down the bottom are great too! I love it.

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  18. This is inspiring me more and more to get a Nintendo themed tattoo, having grown up with the systems.

  19. This picture is great. My brother subscribes to Nintendo Power magazine, yesterday lo-and behold, guess what picture was in there. The captioning was something like “The best tattoo of anything Nintendo Ever!”

  20. i wonder how much that skin would fetch on ebay!?!?! this is absolutely amazing. posibly best tattoo ive ever seen.

  21. HAHAHA that’s my arm up there. I posted these pics last year sometime, and never really looked to see if anyone picked up on them. I was at the National Tattoo Convention this weekend (where I won an award for my artist) and several people told me that they had seen my arm online, so I had to google my own arm today. Cool stuff. By the way the parts that you can’t see in these two pics, are the Goomba, Toad, and Wario, all on the inside of my arm. Thanks for all the great comments. Oh and by the way all the guesses I have seen are way off. For the record it took 45 hours.

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  25. Elijah, I personal want to know more about your artist, I am looking for some really good ink thats all colored and I love yours..and your artist is great..would love it if you had time to email me and talk with me about it.. Thanks

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  27. Coolest video game tattoo ever. That’s a die-hard fan if I’ve ever seen one. Now I need to get my butt over to Slave to the Needle, I’ve lived in Seattle my whole life and never been there.

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