"My penis and a snail"

By “my” I mean the caption the photo came with, not that it’s me literally (not that I don’t also have tattooed undies). These are my friend Werner’s tattooed and pierced genitals and pubic region, and of course his lil’ snail buddy.

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20 thoughts on “"My penis and a snail"

  1. Huh. Its been awhile since I’ve seen something on Modblog that has really made me go…why? But snails? I guess its cause I have a weird girlish terror of them when I see them to close and under foot.

    I like the metal tho.

  2. I really wish you’d also blurred the snail, the fuckers terrify me!

    (By terrify I mean ridiculously excessive phobia to the point that photos make me scream and run away, I was actually on the canadian discovery channel once embarassing myself by freaking out over a plastic slug during a workshop on disgust, so eveyone else who finds the photo a little gross can at least feel good that that they didn’t squeak at the screen and feel like spewing like me !)

    (I’d like to add that I like spiders and will pick up big furry ones, it’s not that I am a wuss, it is because snails and slugs and leeches are WRONG.)

  3. JOKER-

    I can’t stand spiders. I feel the same way about them as you do about snails leeches and slugs. So, I’ll field the gooey snails and slugs for you if you will handle the spiders for me. Deal? :-)

  4. oh wow! I find that so adorably cute!
    …then again I’ve loved snails since I was a wee lass ^_~

  5. To each their own… but the blackwork to me makes it looks like his balls are rotting off. :( Those things are valuable!

  6. …I have no idea why – but that picture seriously creeps me out :P…

    Interesting… though…

  7. I prefere the big snail with the soft house for my cocks: the effects are more wonderfull!!!!

  8. Love the tattooing, not so hot on the snails.
    With a full body suit (wrists – neck – feet and 100% in between) I like and appreciate the effort of guys getting inked down below (apparently just like our wonderful Moderator Shannon, which answers posters 12 and 13). Like number 12, you have me intrigued!

  9. uhhh…i don’t get it.

    what kind of statement is he trying to make?

    there’s art, there’s your own personal expression,and then there’s
    stupid shit like this…

    …but in a free world i guess this guy has the right to do this – like i have
    the right to question it.

    do you think he asked the smails permission first? somehow,i doubt it.

    the snail may attempting a fast getaway in the picture – i guess we’ll never

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