"Why puppies and piercings don’t mix!"

So… does this mean that puppies like lip piercings a lot, or really dislike them? (Photo: shutupwhore)

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42 thoughts on “"Why puppies and piercings don’t mix!"

  1. haha.. wow — i just got a new jack russell puppy that looks just like this one in the pic.. she’s a fan of biting my lip piercing as well.. it’s just not as easy for her since i wear a labret stud instead. jack russells must hate labret piercings haha.

  2. I must say my puppy is oddly fascinated with all of my piercings…he loves to lick my lip ring and when i wore my plugs in he loved to bite on them…i was constantly losing jewerly because of him playing with them.

  3. my kitten likes ear cheese. don’t know if it is the smell or what, but he loves to sniff and lick at my lobes.

  4. i see why people think it’s cute but that squicks me out.

    i’ve grown up with dogs and various other pets and farm animals and was always taught that no animal should ever be licking your face. Seeing a dog’s mouth so close to a piercing makes me shiver a bit. Dogs eat shit! literally!

    and a cute ‘safe’ little puppy will soon grow up into a big,. potentially dirty dog. bet’cha won’t be so happy when your full-grown alsation comes in from rolling around in cowshit in the fields and joyfully nips at your fresh facial piercing….

    anyways, i don’t mean to lecture, i get that this is just a cute fun picture. just making a general comment.
    supercute puppy too.

  5. I let my dogs, cats, and goats lick my face, never caused me any trouble. As I understand it very few germs carried by animals are transmissible to humans so in general it’s fairly safe to let them lick your face, the biggest problem is typically the comfort level of the humans. Besides that dog full grown will be like 10lbs, not really a big dangerous animal.

  6. i’m squicked out too…animals don’t have clean mouths (humans included) and germs aren’t really species specific. Viruses, yes…germs not so much. The puppy is cute, but for the sake of the piercing and the girl’s health that sort of thing should probably not be encouraged.

  7. my puppy did that too. and would fall asleep and try to chew on my earrings [and loves to try and eat o-rings]

    cute little stinkers!

  8. That’s still one of the cutest things I’ve seen, regardless of whether or not you should let an animal lick your face.

  9. When I worked at an animal hospital the shelter kittens would grab onto my cbr’s and I had a cockatiel grab my septum retainer once.

  10. I’ve never had one of my dogs try to nibble any piercings, they don’t really seem attracted to shiny things. When I play with my firends’ birds or ones at the pet store though, I usually end up leaving with bird bites all over my face.

  11. The thing about the human body that many people forget is that it’s built to resist germs. If we succumbed to any virus that was hanging around, it would mean tha

  12. The thing about the human body that many people forget is that it’s built to resist germs. If we succumbed to any virus that was hanging around, it would mean that we had no immunity whatsoever. It’s ridiculous to try and seal ourselves away from dirt, it will only make us more susceptible when we are finally exposed to bacteria… We built immunity from exposure, not the contrary.

    I’d think a lot of people on BME would be acutely aware that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger…

  13. I spend alot of time at my roommates girlfriends apartment and she has a bird that grabs onto my facial piercings. She sometimes preens my lobes, its a hell of a feelinging.

  14. I’ve had my dog do that as well, and I’ve also had my tarantula get a leg or two stuck in my flesh tunnels. Animals are all alike. That is quite adorable, but it must have hurt.

  15. The bird preening lobes comment reminded me… my friends cat would be sitting on my chest washing her face, and would then lick her paws and groom my face for me.. lol.

  16. Subliminal – Supercute. My friends cat did that to my arm. I was trying to type while lying down, and the kitty came along and laid on top of my arm and started licking it.

  17. seriously, all these people all think its a good idea to let animals lick your face (regardless of whether they are pierced are not) squicks me out more than a lot of the extreme mods pics that get put on modblog, i know a dogs mouth has less bacteria than a human but still ewwwww, haven’t you seen the way dogs sniff eachothers butts and eat their own poo! I’m all for people doing what they want to their body but personally i find not being clean one of the grossest things. Esmerelda i get what you’re saying about needing to build up a resistance to germs but don’t you think letting animals lick your face is crossing the line!
    ok rant over now ….

  18. hahah omg, i just saw this. i rulllllllle.

    and its an old piercing, and my face hasnt fallen off yet, so were all good on the germy front

  19. hey that puppy is the cutest puppy. He looks like a jack russel terrier but I am not for sure welp I have piercings in my ears but my jack russel don’t mess with them probably cuz I alwayz have my hair in my face I am emo so that is usually how I go looking like in public bii and biie you cute lil puppy

  20. my kitten does that with my belly ring!! she also tries to with my nape piercing but thats still new so i have to be careful she doenst get near it!

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