That doesn’t look fun…

This was later rebuilt, but what you see here is one of the more gnarly looking earlobe deaths that I’ve been sent… I don’t think I would have left the plug in that long, but at the same time, if it’s lost, it’s lost, and I appreciate someone taking the time to document the scenario…

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68 thoughts on “That doesn’t look fun…

  1. from the looks of the jewelry, i’d have to say he had an allergic reaction to the wood. but thats just my guess

  2. Actually scalpelling loosens up your ears big time. I had mine cut from 1″ to 1-1/4″ about a month ago and I could go to 1-3/8″ right now. And when I say I could go to 1-3/8″ I mean that double flare 1-3/8″ will pop right in, and 1-1/4″ are practically falling out.

  3. That looks pretty narley!

    By the looks of the scaring, and this is only speculation, but I would say it would be a combination of stretching too quick and/or perhaps wearing non-biocompatible or heavy jewellery.

    I find that wood and silicone (Khaos) leave my lobes VERY dry, even with daily emu oil/Vitamin E treatment and can lead to similar scaring visible in that photo.

    It fucking sucks, but it does happen. Always remember, stretch SLOW and steady – without weights! See your piercer for advice, especially if you are using the plastic stretchers, use lube and be nice to your lobes (or your mother will cry)

    Sometimes however, you can still just have bad luck. Breaks my heart when ppl come into my shop like that.

    I wanna see post-op pics of that lobe Shannon! GIMMIE! GIMMIE!

  4. ChopperMark – I agree. I had mine cut from 14mm to 19mm, I know its a small cut (I’m OCD with placement).

    Even just after the cut, 4 weeks later I could put in 22mm. I’m now at 28mm and its AMAZING how elastic my skin is now. Can’t wait to cut the other ear to even them up too.

    I noticed that the area where my cut was is MUCH smoother and nicer scar tissue. Perhaps this is why its so elastic too? The fistula is cleaner, allowing more stretching and perhaps more in that area too.

    Damn our bodies are amazing (and sometimes fucked up) things.

  5. I believe that kelson was poniting out that when you scalpel you cut through blood vessels feeding the lower portion of the lobe which can cause that area to “starve”. Where as when you stretch slowly they remain intact. I remember seeing another persons lobe that did this after being scalpelled.

  6. Holy mother of God
    …sorry that I’m not leaving a more intelligent comment, but *damn*
    (also, thanks for taking and posting the pictures of it)

  7. i once pierced a dude’s split lobe back together with a 3/4″ barbell, haha; i took pics with a poloroid so if i can get to a scanner, i’ll send em in. ..i know how you like the poloroids, shannon.

  8. That is fucking gross…about what has been said about scalpeling, I had my ears cut to go from 3/4 to 1 inch due to thinning it’s been around a year or so now and I’m currently trying to downsize to 5/8 I’ve had no jewelry in for about 2 weeks now and I can still fit a no flare 3/4 plug in no problem at all. It kind of sucks cause I’m actually regretting ever having the scalpeling done but shit I’m glad my ear did’nt turn out like this guys

  9. Holy crap…! Ah I feel as though I don’t ever want to stretch my lobes again! Poor guy, that must be really awful!

  10. People are just too scared to have their lobes shrink. They see problems like purple (necrosis starting) or have pain, but won’t remove the plugs- and this happens.

    I have so many clients walking in my shop with stretched lobe problems, my advice usually always is “remove the plug, do massages- etc” and the people simply refuse to.

    “I don’t want them to shrink”.

    This is not even touching on improper stretching techniques that sometimes results in thinning.

  11. This would be a good one to print out and keep on you to remind all the lovely hottopic shopping kids to take things slow instead of just cramming jewelry in their ears….I think I’ll just do that now

  12. did this just happen in like a day? you think when it was half as bad as that this person would have been like “hey what the fuck?”

  13. gross. I’m going to add another voice to the “didn’t they KNOW the tissue on their ear was dying?” brigade. Also, I can’t believ the necrosis was dry. No infections? whoa!

  14. That squicked me out even more than that nasty-ass plug from a few days ago. I cannot even begin thinking about what it would feel like to have something like that done to my skin. ow ow ow.

  15. That is seriously devastating… in my opinion. I hope that person can get their ear back up to health soon… :(

    Although, I would also like to know how that happend…

  16. well,now i’m glad i downsized my plugs and switched jewelry 0_0…if my ears died,i’d die because i love my ears!

  17. Ow, oh my gosh. Ow.

    that’s terrible. and make me really, really sad..
    I can’t even think of what to

  18. That looks quite painful, but I am glad that he documented it to show us just how bad it can get. I hope that those ears have healed all right!

  19. I’m wondering if maybe the lobe was too tight around the jewellery and had no circulation going through it, making it sort of dry up and die.

  20. poor earlobe :(
    when there’s bad stuff happening with a stretched lobe, it’s a good idea to take the jewellery out for a while. It might shrink a little, but it won’t die.

    Last year my 00 gauge eyelet somehow made a tiny scratch inside the hole of my lobe. The lobe started to cry (well not really, but there was lymph coming out of the scratch) so I took the eyelet out. After just a few days, it was healed. Later, I slowly and carefully stretched it to 0 and then 00 (it really didn’t shrink too much during the time that it was without jewellery so the stretching was very easy) and my lobe has never had any problems since.
    Temporary downsizing and stuff like that is really not that bad, especially for the health of our little (or big) friendly lobe :)

  21. I just imagined this earlobe with the plug from a few days ago.

    Yeah, my ear started bleeding a little bit and I took the plug out. I prefer a million times downsizing a little bit than letting it get worse. Health always has to come first.

  22. omg, it looks like he got it burned…it looks painful and gross!…why does someone let it go this far?…is it to b able to show ppl pics like this, or is it just ignorance to hes/shes own body, when it tells u its enough???…

  23. EEWWWWY!! oh i hope that never happens to me! My bf linked this to me and i just said i’m never going to stretch too fast or go that big..and if i think about it slap me!

  24. My ears are now at a inch. I did alot of things you shouldn’t like skip sizes once, and stretched with weights ALOT. And this is the 3rd, yes 3rd time getting to 1 inch and they are finly healed. I had to downsize twice cause the lobe turned purple and blue after stretch 2 one inch and when tunnel was removed, a little puss and blood. Don’t let pictures like this discourage you from stretching to bigger sizes. But take heed at how NOT to do it, and research how to do it. one last thing. 2 gauge is not the point of no return in most cases. When I downsized, in 2-3 days my 1 inch went down to about 2-0 gauge, But they were elastic afterwards and i got stretched back in a week about. Just stretch right or don’t stretch at all!

  25. Shit. I wasn’t prepared for that when I clicked on this link. That would fucking suck. I feel bad for whoever it is but then again they must have been being pretty irresponsible while streching.

  26. its caused by stretching to big at one time and it cuts off the bloodflow to parts and the flesh dies

  27. I just wanna know why the HELL people let things get THIS BAD. When I was stretching(and even now), if my ears even so much as got *tender*, I downsized immediately & soaked the hell out of them till they got better. You only get one body, people, take care of it!

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