Winter Clothing Fetish?

Am I crazy or do people in general look better not just with the addition of piercing, but with the addition of winter clothing? (Vaguely related, but not by season: Wow, Those Eyes). Maybe I just really, really appreciate the art of accessorizing.

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41 thoughts on “Winter Clothing Fetish?

  1. she’s really pretty. And winter clothing is a charm on any one *winter clothes lover*
    Too bad it’s never winter enough in Brazil to wear clothes like that :/

  2. Nope, it’s not just you. There’s something startlingly sexy about driving gloves and a scarf.

  3. oh yeah, definitely! i have a big scarf collection and i’ve never felt sexier than i have been, having a scarf wrapped around my face and a cute hat and mitties!

  4. Honestly Shannon…
    Is it BME doing the PS tweaking? or just posting as is….

    tis making me crazy!

    (but yes, yaeah! for winter acessories!)

  5. I live for winter.
    I cant wait till it gets cold enough to pull out my big winter coat (although, in southern California I probably wont get to use it much).

  6. i never thought about winter clothing being beuatiful.
    but because of the pic.
    i now do.

  7. BTW — I post the originals to BME always, without any Photoshopping. I think the original to this one is in the update I’m posting later tonight; you’ll see she’s quite beautiful with or without color correction!

  8. holy crap! i wish i could look that good in my winter getup.. but it’s too damn cold here! usually so bundled up you can only see my eyes… but she is stunning!

  9. She has awesome makeup too. I’m jealous. and are those what they call “bedroom eyes”? Like, that kinda sleepy/sexy thing? Is that what it’s called? Whatever it is, it looks snow-meltingly hot.

  10. man oh man… Photoshop should be written with large capital letters all over
    this one!!! if you like plastic, then it’s ok…

  11. She’s beautiful.
    I don’t think it looks THAT badly photoshopped, but, even if it is, she’s still gorgeous.

  12. Her eyes look like they are reflecting the background and a person. Probably whoever took her pic. No night flash redeye. Great and/or lucky photographer. With enough bleach, false eyelashes, makeup & outer clothes we can all be seXy. Wonder if anyone knows what she really looks like…

  13. i agree with the accessorizing statement. this girl is freakin’ cute, too. awww…

  14. I have taken pictures of her before – She is more beautiful than anything – Always dressed in super style, cozy style.

    Beautiful Eyes:
    Beautiful Girl:

    She is even more beautiful than that in person: No photoshop needed.


  15. Actually those are my eyeballs, eyelashes, nose, face, and skin!
    Photoshop, It wasn’t ME, but I feel your pain, of dark sorrowz within.
    I dislike societies IDEAS of photo manipulation in fashion magazines however, photoshop to me is a great place to be, full of life…. life called… imaginary.

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