He has a tongue growing out of his chin!

Newaddict sends in this photo of Swirly Wanx Sinatra‘s unusual anatomy.

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26 thoughts on “He has a tongue growing out of his chin!

  1. haha, it took me a second to work out exactly what was going to start with. I thought I was looking at a mirror! Fortunately however I’m now clear :)

    I just realized i can fit 1/2 my tongue through my labret, but my 13x7mm pales in comparison to mister Swirly’s.
    Go Swirly!!!!

  3. That is so hot… but dude before doing a close up of your tongue have you ever heard of a tongue scraper?

  4. dude,yeah…id been to work on 3 hours sleep and went straight there…scraping my tongue wasnt high on my priorities list im afraid.

  5. Your such Attention Whores!!
    1.is uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of
    2.interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually
    seductive or provocative behavior


  6. gay what…huh?


    the best bit is…it`ll only get worse…there shall be dresses…yes there shall

  7. oh, split tongues :D
    oh, those are two guys, the left one doesn’t look pleased though
    oh, his tongue doesn’t come out of his mouth :S

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