Big Lion Chestpiece

This great tattoo (with still lots to do) is about six years old in this photo, done by Cat Spencer at Show Me Tattoo in St. Robert, Missouri… My singular objection is that I think nipples should be tattooed over in chestpieces like this. That said, I don’t think the nipples are tattooed in my chestpiece, so who am I to talk…

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25 thoughts on “Big Lion Chestpiece

  1. i quite like how they have used the nipples as the eyes… very cool…

    almost as good as hte monkey’s arswhole bellybutton picture that was on i-am-bored

  2. I was just gonna say, at first glance I thought the nipples were the eyes and it looked weird. But then I looked properly! It’s a great tattoo, but I do think the nipples are distracting.

  3. I would definitely say that the nipples are distracting, and I am a big fan of nipples in general so that’s a hard thing to type.

  4. I don’t think I would have even noticed the nipples had they not been mentioned, now they’re all I can see when I look at it.

  5. I have half of my chest tattooed right now and I don’t have my nipple tattooed. The artist suggested an idea of putting negative space flames coming off my nipple. I thought it was a good idea and we did it. My nipple look like it is on fire.

  6. I saw his page yesterday and was wondering if that was Cat’s work!

    The nipples are mildly distracting, but it’s a great piece either way.

  7. I agree on the nipple removal. I think that this tattoo would have looked much better on the back, simply because the nipples take away from it. The lion is a beautiful tattoo though. I would be in awe just looking at this guys chest.

  8. Shannon… you don’t think your own are tattooed? Peek under your shirt and remove all doubt?

  9. yea, the nipples should definitely be tattooed over…

    ives, I think he means that he didn’t finish his chestpiece and doesn’t think they are going to be tattooed

  10. the nipples are too distracting. if this guy lifted up his shirt my initial reaction would be nice nipples.. HEY, nice tattoo. i’d definitely have them tattooed over.

  11. not to be too critical, it’s a very nice tattoo, but yeah the nipples stand out more because they are so colourful in contrast to the black ink.

  12. It’s a good piece of tattooing, and I agree about having the nipples tattooed. I had mine done about 25 years ago and occasionally have them re-done. They’ll probably be reworked to fit in with the total chest rework I’m having done at the moment. So, if the nipples get in the way of a good piece, get some colour in them. Go for it lad!
    By the way Shannon, you could let us have a gander at your own chest, and let us know for sure if yours are done or not. lol.

  13. Cat is a great artist. iam: Patrick has another great piece by him if anyone cares to take a look.

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