Tattooing my wife!

November 20th was an amazing day, after being with Dragon FX for close to eight years now. My wife decided today to let me give her, her first tattoo. I tattooed our daughter’s name on her wrist about an hour ago and man I am so proud about it. I have never been more nervous yet focused. I put all my energy into trying to relax and do a good job. She surprised the heck out of me by remaining as still as concrete. Being on the wrist I expected her to jump out of the chair and smack me on the way out. No tears, not even an a complaint. What a trooper.

23 thoughts on “Tattooing my wife!

  1. Is this Shannon’s wife?

    If so, she’s puurtty!

    But, whoever’s wife it is, congratulations on your first tattoo!!

  2. Congrads!
    and by the way, i just saw the “clerks 2″ movie,
    and was really surprised to see both you and rachel there!
    thats just cool, so congrads on that too.. lol.

  3. Lanes wife is even more beautiful on the inside. Anyone that knows her knows exactly what I am saying.

    I know how much this meant to Lane.

  4. Awesome :)
    And hi Lane, have you posted before? If not, welcome :]
    I love that font it’s written in, too. Great for graphics and pretty tattoos.

  5. I think it is rather stunning.
    It’s sweet when a husband can do such quality work on his own wife. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s a rather sentimental thing.

  6. Lane, maybe I’m a total idiot, but where is your shop? As in, city? I did look at your webpage but I only found a street address.

  7. I agree with lala, this is so cool. And shes really beautiful to :)
    I’m getting my daughters name (and also my nephew and nieces) tattooed on me in the next few months

  8. the classiest thing on this page,, nice tat ..what a fuckin freakshow on this sitealready.. im bored with the pierced and tatted thing. its dull

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