Pink Part Fun

Guess that anatomy! Click through to make it (more) obvious.

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28 thoughts on “Pink Part Fun

  1. the only thing i could think of was some girl’s inner labia going through someone’s earlobe,but i don’t know how one would manage that.

  2. i hope its inner labia going through a stretched hood piercing. Although I have to admit when i first looked at it thought i was a a split (i guess) clitorous being pulled througha stretched hood but damn that woul have to be a big clitorous which is possible but unlikely either way damn!

  3. Wait, he told us we’re right (I’m including myself because that’s what I thought)…that’s never happened before. He usually just lets us question it forever.

    Shannon…what happened?

  4. My mind is obviously still in down mode after all my uni work.

    When I glanced at it and the closeup picture I thought it was a reaaalllly small penis with a glans bi-section

  5. That’s awesome! :P

    The only question that came to my mind was, what does a stretched hood piercing feel like? :D

  6. lala – it depends on what jewelry is in. if its kaos, it really doesn’t feel like anything *smile*

  7. I dunno, something about streching body parts through other stretched body parts… I just don’t find it attractive.

  8. I guessed the labia part straight away, wasn’t sure what it was going through though. I thought maybe a lip or a ear lobe. Lol I thought wrong.

  9. OK how on earth can people, especially female ones, not get that? Especially after seeing the second pic. There have been FAR more perplexing “guess-the-anatomy”s.

  10. I was looking at the striations trying to figure out what type of muscle tissue it was, when I remembered the website I was on. It’s the orientation of the camera to the anatomy that confuses! VERY CLEVER!

  11. gawd that’s so hot!!!!!! I had the labia part figured out but not the rest. Could I get those in my mouth!?!? Purty pleeeeez! Take out the trash before replying…

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