I know, there may be a bad story behind this (I don’t know it), but I just love the way it looks… For me there’s a very fine line between “cuter” and “cutter”.

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47 thoughts on “Cutter

  1. That’s amazing.
    It’s so, just, beautiful.
    I have scars all over, just like him, but they didn’t turn out as beautiful as his.

    Of course there has to be a bad reason for it, every cutter has their reasons. But usually, they hide the results of their pain.

    I’m proud of him for showing the scars of his past.

  2. They are so strangely mesmerizing.

    I feel uneasy saying ‘thats hot’ or similar, but it’s certainy something you don’t want to take your eyes off.

  3. i want to touch every one of those scars individually… it’s both beautiful and hopelessly sad at the same time heh. maybe i’m just being too sensitive.

  4. It makes me a bit sad to see scars when they are this deep. They are very interesting because it’s impressive what our skin will do… some heal pale, some heal dark, some heal raised and some heal flat.

  5. hmm,those remind me of two of my friends’ scars. i wonder why i see more girls than guys that SI,yet more guys than girls that intensely SI.

  6. i do find it fascinating the different ways skin scars, but mostly i just want to give this guy (assuming the scars are from SI, and not just for fun) a hug.

  7. Im sorry..
    but this has nothing.. nothing, to do with beautiful, nice, cool, good locking or even alright about it.
    its nasty, its ugly, and i know im not supposed to judge someone by how he looks, but i bet this has something to do with violence.. gang thing maybe, abuse, i dont know.

    i really have no problem with people that go as far as almost chopping their genitals off, but that’s usually done for the fun of it.
    this on the other hand look forced, and violent

  8. I had a close friend, he was scarred much worse than this, due to SI.
    There was a time where I thought this was beautiful and I do think scars are beautiful to a certain extent, but once you know the story behind the scars their beauty quickly deteriorates. Speaking from personal experience, when I first saw my friend’s scars, they were beautiful to me and hot. But once he told me his story, every time thereafter, I felt pain – his pain, whenever I would see them.

    Of course we don’t know this guy’s story, but nonetheless, I feel a bit sad as I am reminded of the past. I want to give this guy a hug.

  9. They remind me of a someone I knew quite well that was molested by her uncle.
    Call me perverse, but I like knowing that some people wear their inner pain so visibly. My scarification and one of my tattoos were a response to emotional pain, so I can respect and feel empathy for people that do the same. I can’t really understand it, because mine were done in a controlled setting, and I can’t see inside his head, but I can empathize with the pain. To me, that makes him more human in a way, more than just the sum of his tattoos or piercings.

  10. IG, your opinion is precisely that, YOUR opinion. To make a blanket statement such as you did in your post is entirely preposterous. Many people find the gentlemans scars to be unquestionably cool, beautiful, nice and good looking.

    Just because YOU don’t like it, it doesn’t make everyone else wrong. It just makes all different, and therefore human.

  11. he reminds me of someone i know.. in a way..
    i don’t know. scars aren’t exactly ‘beautiful’ to me.. but there’s something about them, knowing that they are little [ or big ] pain outlets & that the person has been through SO MUCH but it still here.
    meh, i’ll shhh.

  12. Dill..
    a. you dont have to yell ;)
    b. i didnt say everyone else are wrong, opinions don’t have a right or wrong side, i wrote what I think.

    but, i do fear that these scars were not done because he wanted to, or maybe even not done by him.
    we really dont know.
    as Nyarlathotep said:
    “They remind me of a someone I knew quite well that was molested by her uncle.”
    (Shannon, if there is a way to find out, id love that.)

    “preposterous”? thanks man, never had one of my comments called preposterous!

  13. It makes me angry when self injury (if that is what this is from) is held up as beautiful body modification. It’s one thing thing chose to permantly change your appearence to show your emotions, hobbies, a memorial or whatever.

    But I think it’s an entirely different thing to be afflicted with emotions that are so deep and dark that you feel you have no choice but to cut yourself and then hope someone notices because things are so so bad for you it’s the only way you can begin to deal with it. Yes, it’s self expression but more importantly, it’s mental illness that needs to be treated. Holding it up as a standard of beauty is twisted, like saying AIDS makes people hotter because they get so thin.

    I don’t believe that all people who modify their bodies are mentally ill. Self injury is not a body modification like a piercing or tattoo…it is a sad symptom of great emotional distress.

  14. ruin – That’s fine for you of course, but not everyone feels that way… There are plenty of people that see the scars as the [beautiful] impression left by the pain leaving the body.

  15. Seeing things like this are hard on me sometimes because looking at their cuts reminds me of how much I hurt when I gave myself each of my own.

    I also get this urge to draw the person close to me and hug all their hurt away. So in that sense, it does make a person attractive to me.

  16. I don’t even know what to say. Just seeing this photo makes me uncomfortable because it is such a sensitive issue to many people and I have no idea what his personal reasons for getting this are (asthetic, spiritual or something else). But let me go on record as saying I want to pick his belly button.

  17. I don’t know if he did this for the scars, or if he is a cutter. Either way, these scars remind me too much of my own (which are from SI, and not remotely beautiful). I’m not saying all scarring is bad, or unnatractive. But if I don’t know why they’re there, I’m not going to say they’re wonderful, and that everyone should do it. Not if it’s SI. If it’s intentional, and not just cutting, then good for him, he’s doing things his way. If it’s SI, then I feel tremendously sorry for him. Cutting is a hard habit to break. I’m still struggling with it, and I know how difficult it is.

  18. i have self-done scars all over my body, and i like to wear them with pride. i used to tell people the scars were accidents, but i’ve grown from that, and am glad to have the scars as reminders.

    everyone sees the issue differently. to me, cutting is not an illness.

  19. I think he is brave. Very brave. I don’t even know this man and I have massive amounts of respect for him – that he is able to share this with the world. He’s obviously been through a lot [I'm making assumptions as to the reasons behind his self-harm] – but he’s still standing. That makes me happy. He deserves a lot of respect. Not peoples criticism.

    I would love to know more about him. How he feels about his scars and how he deals with day to day life and stuff. Also what he does for a living and how he copes when he gets ‘close’ to new people.

    Seeing people who have self-harmed doesn’t make me sad. Sure I think it’s not the best way to cope and I’m sad that people have gone through so much as to have to resort to this – but they obviously needed it at the time and they got through whatever it was and they are still here. In that respect self-harm should be celebrated. Not encouraged in any way – that is not what I mean. But there needs to be more respect and understanding for those who need it. Of course we need to do what we can to help them find better ways of coping – but if this is the only way they can carry on living then surely it’s a good thing.


  20. Glad this is Modblog… no-one’s being unpleasantly judgemental. Even if these are SI, I’m happy for him – the confidence to admit past problems by indirectly showing them to us.
    The demonisation of cutting stems from the opinion in this culture that the look of the body is more important than the state of the mind.

  21. This reminds me a lot of one of my closest friends. Some of us have such internal pain that we have to get it out somehow, and some of us find more “mainstream” ways of getting it out like arguing or taking up a physical sport. For others, the best or only way to get it out is self-harm. This picture is def. very emotional- you can’t just look at it and say “oh. scars. that’s nice.” and keep scrolling.

  22. I think that is a vision of the feelings and turmoil that go on in my head, I think that’s the definition of convoluted. Does you thought go on beside your scars, are they like battle scar, in a world of warfare?? How did you do the first cut, was it hard and did it get easier once you got going, like cutting your wrists. I do bleach and other corosive art on flesh. It is easier after the first few minutes.

  23. Cutting doesn’t allways mean sadness or inner hurt, I don’t know his story but it might very well be cutting for a deeper spiritual understanding of himself through the realization that pain is only a temporary, relative thing. Alot of the cuttings that I do are very spiritual for me, I make it into a self ritual along with deep meditation. I use it to put myself into a more surreal state of existance, and thus to look into my inner self and grow as a human being. You can’t always assume that cutting is an outlet for emotional pain, it might very well be but it might be the complete opposite.

  24. Ugh.. I love his scars.. but at the same time I hate them. It reminds me of my own… I sometimes I love to just look at my scars… and others I feel like they are the most disgusting thing ever.
    His scars make me want to hug him and kiss each one individually.

  25. there is no reason for him doing this to himself… he should learn hhow to controll his feelings and how to become happy and realease his emotions another way… there are a lot of people that have been abused worse than all of you can imagine but they still try to honor and respect the body that G d gave em and instead of encouraging someone we should try to help em emotionally.
    i undertand the pain and depression but that in the end will always come back.. cutting yourself is not a solutin or something pretty.. it s like goth people like dying ..thats something thats not in our power and is not supposed to be in our power.

  26. Thats the dude who got into aa fight with his nieghbor while the other dude was weed wahckin his lawn \._./

  27. marina, how do we know goth people like dying? when they die do they come back just to tell us? sorry but no, all humans are obsessed with dying its natural. Hurting ones-self seems to come as a natural way to express ones feelings too, inflicting pain isnt really a bad thing at all, and toughening skin is now a bad thing too? people work hard for calluses on they’re hands and feet. Even thou these cuts may not specifically be needed, they did help at one time. Why won’t people just get over the fact that people so cut themselves. i have its not bad, i did it because i was overcome by grief and another time because i fell in love. now have a nice big heart to remind me of her :) yay i love heart scars. As for the god comment please don’t try and press the “god gave you the body so honor it shit” its boring and old, be original and come up with something new, don’t just quote from your best selling book the bible.. cant yah tell I’m atheist?

    btw not just to let you all think i only read comments and dont comment on the pics themselves, i’ve been in love with this picture for a looong time, I’ve thought about trying this myself. i’m a bit of a pussy thou and ill muster the courage up sometime soon, like i did my snakebites :)

  28. So beautiful… scars are so sexy, so telling. They’re so hot to see and feel. They’re real. Each one marks a moment of intense anguish or hatred or maybe just a need to feel. And over time, they heal, but they’re always there.

    *-Sorry to sound all touchy-feely, this picture is making me bliss out a little bit.

  29. Let me start by saying, I am pretty conflicted about this.

    To me, cutting to release emotion, is disordered. However, it does usually accomplish what it was intended to do. It’s when it either a. doesn’t work or b. become an “addiction”. It’s really easy to get out of control when it comes to cutting(and other forms of self-injury for that matter), and in my experience(and from what other people have told me) the need to cut deeper for a release gets progressively worse, and if you don’t know what your doing you can really screw yourself up(and end up in a hospital on suicide watch).

    I think there is a difference between self-harm and body mod. The line kind of blurs for some people, but it definitly exists.

    And…I for one can’t look at scars like this and see beauty. Mostly because it reminds me of my own scars, which I absolutely loathe and unfortunately can’t take back. :|

  30. I really want to stroke him. For textures sake (I swear!!!)

    I’ve got scars like these on my thighs and it feels really interesting when you rub your hand along them, but I’m still not comfortable with people seeing them (because of the stigma that comes with it) The only people that have seen them have been my sister and my best mate… My best friend broke down and cried when I told him I was a self harmer but I think he understands it alot better now.

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