Bling Teardrop Dermal Anchor

This was done by Tina V at Red Sky Studio in Tucson, AZ. If a tattooed teardrop means you killed someone in prison (or something like that), I wonder what a bling teardrop means…

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31 thoughts on “Bling Teardrop Dermal Anchor

  1. With the teardrop, it being either filled or an outline is supposed to differentiate whether you went to jail for homicide, but I can’t remember which is which.

  2. I think it’s really pretty and would consider getting one myself, although I hear it’s pretty difficult/painful to remove :S but it seems small enough that I don’t think it would cause too many problems…

  3. An exept from a random website:

    “The teardrop tattoo is typically a prison tattoo. Traditionally placed next to the eye, either left or right, this striking mark makes its wearer appear to be permanently crying.

    While many prison tattoos are ethnicity specific, the teardrop is seen equally across the board.

    Originally, in North America, the teardrop meant that the wearer had committed at least one murder. In some places, it meant that the wearer had committed a murder in jail. This tattoo then had the power to warn away other convicts, and establish an image for the wearer, of self-defense that is imperative in the prison system.

    This symbol has evolved to represent family or friends of the prisoner who have died while the wearer is incarcerated. This is a very different implication, as it represents true grief, rather than an morbidly ironic gesture. When the tear drop represents the death of a loved one, the tattoo implies that the wearer is unable to cry real tears while in the prison system, and must use ink, instead.

    Sometimes described as meaning ‘a mother’s son is gone’, the teardrop represents death in both North American examples.

    In Australia, the teardrop has an entirely different meaning. It is forcibly marked on convicts who are accused child molesters. This mark is then used as a justification for the beatings and abuse of the wearer. The teardrop in this case, represents the tears that the convict will cry, eternally. “

  4. When I went to school our hall monitor had a teardrop tattoo. She was in the process of removing it so it was a little blurry and greenish, but she was a pretty cool lady. She would always talk to you and give advice.

  5. if it is meant symbolically it won’t mean much in jail as there are no piercings allowed in any prison i’ve ever been to….

  6. #15 makes me wonder… when one gets processed to go into jail (whether it be a short stay at county or longer stint in the pen’), what would likely be done about a transdermal, or anchors, or other “bits stuck in your body that need surgery to remove?”

    would The Man pay for proper surgery to have them removed? forcibly and unsafely remove them themselves? so many questions that will likely never be relevant to my own life but nonetheless fascinate me…

  7. See, I don’t disapprove of bling – it looks great in subtle amounts. (Yes I know there’s no such thing as a subtle amount of bling, i’m a word nerd. Discounting that)

  8. its not painful what so ever to remove it..i have one above my eyebrow and i just had my peircer take it out and put it on my other side.

  9. Wassup Yaul! I’m from da’ “ATL”, & I have 2 teardrps under my left eye, and mine represents many different things, and if all the stereotypes pertaining to the teardrops were true, well except for the “Gang” strereotype, (Because I stand with GOD, and not a gang!) I apply! Yes Ive done time in prison!, yes Iv’e lost loved ones in prison, Being in the military, Iv’e killed! Im Going to court on Thursday, and I might be facing a year! Im 35 years old, and Iv’e bout seen it all. They also stand for tears of INJUSTICE!!! Until next time!, Stay Free!!!

  10. these do not have be removed by surgery. just a little tug and some pressure and they come right out. i have had mine pulled and i have pulled some that i have put in, any questions check out

  11. i have 3 dermal anchors in my arm,i did not found it painfull.i am a piercer from holland and i made 1 myself,wasn’t difficult at al.for everybody who wants to do it,good luck and have fun with it!!!!

  12. People don’t really talk like #24 in atlanta. I really like this placement. I saw a lady with a blue one.. Its gorgeous.


  14. i am extremely interested in getting this done… any horror stories? i have also heard that it can result in a pretty bad black eye. i am not worried about the pain, just the aftermath. i work at nordstrom they will be pissed but i dont care. haha… around how much does this cost? i live in sf so im sure there are plenty of qualified shops… pros? cons? :)

  15. The teardrop is actually for remembrance for fallen friends or family. Not for murder but for the death of a loved one. That’s why I got mine.

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