Temple Flesh Staple

On Sunday Chris Dimion came into Dragon FX after having a week to think about our conversation on the pros and cons of flesh staples. He said he realized it was temporary, but he still wanted it for decorative value and he that has wanted to have it done since he envisioned himself with the temple flesh staple ever since he had first seen one. I used a 14 gauge dermal punch, then elevated his tissue with a taper, and then inserted the staple — it wasn’t difficult at all. I just wonder how long it will take before his body decides to reject it. I find it’s about three to six months in most of the clients I have inserted staples into.


18 thoughts on “Temple Flesh Staple

  1. My lord, that is a cute man. I’m not sure how smart staples are to get if you know they’re going to reject, but it damn sure looks good in that picture

  2. Personally I think they look great. I also think the scars they will leave will look good as well. Also not everything gets infected.

  3. Honestly, infection there is going to be superficial. It’s not going to somehow magically penetrate the skull. Might be an ugly and potentially disfiguring infection if it were to happen but into the brain. Nope, not likely. The drainage for that part of the head just doesn’t allow.

  4. Sad how now I’m more entertained by watching Max’s comment get utterly pwnt by moddoctor’s than I am interested in the mod…

  5. He looks so sweet…
    Ye gods, that’s as bad as “If you get your belly button pierced it will stab you in the stomach and you’ll die1111″.

  6. I just got another one Samppa’s flat staples in a similar position and am hoping for some degree of success; I have one on my wrist that has only just started rejecting at 10 months in.

  7. I’ll take follow – up photos every couple months and report on his progress. Who knows, he may prove me wrong and keep them longer. The human body is one amazing puzzle of questions.

  8. my eyebrow staple didnt reject, it got ripped out though by my 4 year old stepdaughter by accident, i had it for 2 years when that happened. this looks awesome.

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