"Peace out, Jakarta"

Jon Durante, who’s been doing an amazing around the world journey with friends (featured here previously: mexico, phuket, borneo, etc), documented this anti-Bush protest/riot while in Bogor, Java, Indonesia. I know it’s not really “ModBlog” related but I hope people would find it interesting nonetheless.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling under the weather and some mornings have trouble getting through the work, so today I’m going to try preposting a bunch of updates. If I do it right, you’ll probably see one appear an hour or something like that, rather than them all posting at once. Hope it works!

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18 thoughts on “"Peace out, Jakarta"

  1. I really hope no one kills Bush. I love the lesson to be taught in the film “Death Of A President” which is a mock up of a future shooting of bush. *Gets the chills* Im not look forward to Patriot Act III

  2. I hope BME isn’t going to move into politics of this sort. Please remember that some of your admirers (or at least one) are conservatives.

  3. These protesters were protesting Bush, and American policy twords Indonesia, this had nothing to do with war in Iraq…

  4. i find it interesting, living so close to indonesia and having a close friend from there i keep hearing more things about the politics there.

    thanks for posting it, even tho it is not really modblog topical.

  5. Well, modblog lost my attention. One of the nice things about this site was the lack of political bullcrap. Thanks to this stupid post, I’m done with modblog. Nice work.

  6. Wow, some people have an opinion about politics but seriously why be nazis over it and stop reading modblog, Shannon, though I don’t fully agree with the protesters (though I do partially) I think that by now everyone should know that somethings on here aren’t going to be “for everyone”.

  7. I have to say, without getting into politics (see: I’m from British Columbia and most Americans – and a lot of Canadians – don’t like my views at all) I actually liked this post.
    And it’s stupid to say “I’m done with Modblog” over ONE post about a protest. If you don’t like the “freedom of speech” idea, perhaps you should just be “done with BME” altogether.

  8. Just a correction, Shannon, it’s “Bogor,” not “Bogo.”

    Sorry, I’m just picky because I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. =]
    And yeah, I guess riots and anti-America/Bush sentiments are relatively common here, but you do get used to it when you’re an expatriate.

  9. Hey,
    can´t YOU let out silly, primitibe anti-Bush / anti-USA- bullshit politics from BMZine ?!?
    I´ve got enough on much other interNet-sites, TV+radio-stations, newspapers from the lefts and rignts here!

    Don´t demonize Pres. Bush, – in core, he is right. But wy do most antiterrorist not publish brigth, that factual political islam and german nazis and european “worldconspiracy”-antisemitism fusioned – to that love & life-hostillely djihad massmovement, that threatens us today ?!?

    Figth Nazi-islamic terror !
    Let´s Open a Strategic, New Front of Cearing-up Against antisemit/ antiwest Terrorism!
    Antifascist and Christ, former antisoviet Leninist,

  10. P. S. :
    For understanding, if this photographed people from Djakarta have nothing (directly) to do with islamists :
    That, which connects it all and which soviet Russians, the Nazis and evil “german ideology” left (look at Marx) and strengthened, is a “anti-imperialism”, which contains anti-western ethnifying and hatred of foreigners up to an alternative rassism, instead of social criticism, for expl. like Marx.
    This anti-imperialism, including wrong and antisemit/ anticivilisatoric anticapitalism, connects ideologically or in practise the left enemies of ISRAEL and the USA with the Taliban, – Calvez and Morales with AchmadiNedschad, which is more or minor common between eastreuropean pan-slawists with the pan-germanists and pan-islamists.

    So there are some strong parallels betwenn the 30s and today – antiimperialism, antizionism and antisemitism had been the ideology, that bound much “liberation”-movements, states and islamist from Jerusalem, Kairo and Baghdad on their axis. Today it is the honey and hate ideoöogy of “anti-s”, that bring international lefts and pacifists, some kind of christs, may be Mr. Putin and southamerican populists and (Rep.of South) Africans together with the biggest danger for civilisation and freedom. – the islam antisemit worldconspiracy -believers and -propagandists !

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