Coolest kid in the trailer park

Stoker and his son:

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57 thoughts on “Coolest kid in the trailer park

  1. I doubt it is real, but if so… that kid is tough. I mean thats a mini chestpiece. haha

    Either way its still a cute picture.

  2. Hrrrmmm… I’m not sure what to say to this. Something seems amiss with the idea of permanently tattooing children but they do it in Iraq now to make their bodies identifiable. It was the fashion here in the US 100+ years ago so that infants could be identified if kidnapped. Something still seems amiss with this, though…

  3. I was just about to say, you people are ridiculous, look at it it’s clearly a transfer, but if it is a transfer then what’s that on his left arm? A faded, scrubbed off transfer? or the outline for something else? Hmm…

  4. I’d have to agree with Winch on this one – it’s clearly a transfer, as evidenced by the faded / rubbed-out patterns on his right arm.

  5. Awesome. I would have loved to have semi-permanent stuff like that through grade school.

    The kid’s expression is pretty funny too.

  6. It’s a stencil you mooks.
    I used to love reading the comments, but i read more unintelligent and judgmental crap here, then i would pretty much anywhere.

  7. Doesn’t anyone find it creepy that someone would spend the time to draw a detailed stencil on your little kid’s Chest?

  8. “Doesn’t anyone find it creepy…”

    Not at all. I prefer to call it “dedicated father” rather than “creepy”. Maybe he wanted something “just like dad”?

    I’m with Gabe on this one. The comments around here are getting more and more ignorant and judgemental… I’m disappointed, guys.

  9. aleck – what about spending time with your child do you find to be creepy? maybe he just wanted a tattoo “like daddy” ….and daddy is a tattoo fanatic and wanted to spend the time to give him one that “looks real”……

    …..of course i am totally speculating and really have no idea what i am talking about……

    in my humble opinion, it’s adorable.

  10. hah! way to read my mind rainbow!

    and ps i also support gabe’s opinion. it’s disheartening.

  11. I really have to agree with Rainbow… every time I drop by here, the comments are getting harsher.

  12. I do very much doubt if this is real, and sadly I admit I would be rather shocked. However, I would guess that this is simply as Tosser said, a father spending quality tyme with his son =) and I think the picture is great

  13. I think we need to remember that this is completely open territory. This is not BME and not IAM, this is subject to the “real world” ignorance and misunderstandings like any other public website.
    I don’t agree with it, but…it’s the reality of it.

  14. I think it’s adorable! My little cousin frequently asks me to “sharpie him on some tattoos” when I babysit him. XD Nothing wrong with curiousity.

  15. #16- couldn’t it be a transfer? the transfers i’ve had normally are more bluish, but…why not?

    anyway, i love how he’s sticking his chest out like he’s all tough. i remember being so proud of jeans i had with puff paint all over them, but a fake tattoo! i’d stick my chest out, too:)

  16. Stoker,
    You got one hell of a handsome looking son their, I love his blue eyes. Hes gonna be beating the girlies off with a stick when hes older.

  17. #22 – its Toser, not Tosser….

    pronounced Toe-zer

    and yeah, again, that little kid is so cute.

  18. i want the child. he’s super duper cute. last time i drew on my younger siblings my mum nearly killed me for corrupting them…and she calls herself an artiste!

  19. I find that adorable. Children wanting to try on what their parents have, so cute. It’s just like little sally trying on her mother’s shoes and hat.
    I think there was a similar thing on here a few month back, little girl with her father’s facial cuttings penned on.
    So cute.

  20. I nearly bought my five year old neice a tattoo stencil thing for Christmas, but they’d sold out when I went to do my Christmas shopping. I know I started wearing fake tattoos when I was about that age. Nothing wrong with it. And he looks very proud of his. So cute.

  21. Obviously no one is stupid enough to do that to a child merley for the fact that it would never survive the child growing and anybody can realize that. I don’t personally believe it even looks real.

  22. hmmm its totally a fake i done this techniqe on my son aswell its just a transfer with a black marker run over it to make it more real , still looks awsum though

  23. as a good friend of Stoker i can assure you that his son does not have tattoos.
    he is one of the coolest kids i know, though.
    to give you an example: the other day when i was around for a visit, he heard a song on the stereo and knew not only that it was AC/DC, but also that it came from their ‘Highway To Hell’ album. how cool is that?

  24. I cant believe the insolence in these replies asking if it is real or not, it is clearly just a transfer.

    God damn, use your eyes!!!!

    Either way that kid rocks!

    \m/ \m/

  25. No, I dont believe this is real, but I find it really interesting how people would freak out (and I’m backing that by some of the responses here) if it was, where as if we were in the culture that body modifications originated it wouldnt necessarily be bizarre to see a small child with stretched lobes and ink work done. I’m not saying anyone’s wrong, I just find it really interesting the difference in culture and how we changed it to fit our own culture when we adopteed the ritual.

  26. HOLY SHIT. I can’t believe so many people are saying “is it real? Is it real? I don’t agree with it but then again, I’m an idiot.” No way did “real” even cross my mind while looking at this picture.

  27. Give me a break ! Of course they’re not real !

    Just me having fun with my son… May I ?

  28. its just a cute pic people!!! dont get ur panties in a bunch by over thinking pics all the time!! just look at it and say awww its cute!!! not is it or isnt it real!

  29. That is just adorable!

    My son has some cute temporary tattoos that we put on his arms. But I know he would just LOVE a chest piece. If I had any artistic talent at all, I’d draw him one!

  30. My best friend puts temporary tats on my godkids all the time (they’re her kids btw). It’s a great way to bond and have fun with your kids. And they’re so proud of it. It’s only natural that kids wanna copy their parent(s). I think it’s adorable!

  31. This reminds me of the time we gave our friend’s two year old daughter a huge pack of temporary butterfly tattoos. We covered the kid’s arms and tummy with them. She was ecstatic. As far as she was concerned, she looked “just like mommy.” In my mind, there’s nothing wrong with going all out and giving kids a really cool temporary tattoo. If anything it’ll help them decide what they want to do in the long run (even if it’s that they want to only do temporary things).

  32. Why is everyone so shocked and disturbed by this pic? Didn’t any of you put on temporary tattoos as a child? Or draw a “tattoo” with a marker/pen? It really bothers me that people who are tattooed and pierced are so judgemental.

  33. i am guessing this is just drawn on the kid, its cute actually! lol both my nephews have had temporary tattoos on, its just fun!

  34. I love this pic “daddy and son ” are both adorable of my favorite pics ever !

  35. Lol I’m glad thats not real, I don’t agree with tattooing children. They’re nowhere near old enough or informed enough to make such a permanent decision. But he’s a cute kid anyway, he’s probably look great with tattoos when he’s older

    But I dont mind temporary tattoos on kids at all, far from it. In fact it may even help define an idea of what they want when they’re older. At least then it comes off! lol

  36. oh my livinng fuck…thats messed up !, its going to look like shit when buddy grows up.but seriously are they imbred?, no person in the right mind would do thats to a kid
    .And yes, i do in fact find it creepy!

  37. think that ink would look all wrong as you got older but tribal scarafication designs would last into adulthood

  38. The artist at the shop where I got my nose pierced let his son (then 7 or 8 years old) get the tazmanian devil tattooed on his chest. Apparently he just got tired of hearing the kid beg.

  39. (sorry for my bad englisch, i am german)

    some stupid comments, i must say.
    my dad got many tattoos,too. and because of that, when i was a child, i loved this “fake-tattoos” wich you can put on your skin with water. sometimes he drawed me picture on my arms, just with a pencil. i find it cool to have something “just like my dad” when i was a little child.

    its just fake-tattoo, just fun, just spend time with you father. its ok.

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