Bike Versus SUV

And the doctors even took out his apadravya piercing while he was unconscious. Seriously, I think doctors have a thing with messing with people’s genitals while they’re out… A friend of mine just had lung surgery and when he came to, he discovered that he had a smiley face drawn on his the head of his cock, as if it had been used as a puppet. He confronted the doctors about it and they were embarassed and apologized for not cleaning it off, and said that it was quite normal because “it helped make things less boring”.

I’m not sure if that’s really creepy or sort of funny.

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77 thoughts on “Bike Versus SUV

  1. hahahahahhahaHA you just made my day with your friend and the happy dick HAHAHHAHAHAHA…. omg who knows what they do to you when your out hahahahha

  2. fionazareen – The jewelry is a safety issue if they’re working in the area as I understand it, and a legal battle over a face… probably not how you want to spend the last of your days on this planet! Better to just laugh it off.

  3. Surely you could sue the hospital for the smily face thing? It might be fun and games for them, but playing with someone’s genitals while they’re unconscious is pretty obviously abuse and shows a total lack of respect for a patient’s dignity.

  4. I would be seriously unimpressed to come round and find my ap had been removed, and I’ve been put under enough times. By the looks of things he’s already got pins in place so had already had operations close to the area while it was still in… but then again IANAMD

  5. Hehe, the face thing is pretty funny, but I know I’d be kinda freaked out if I woke up finding a smily face down there.

  6. Maybe there was a reason to remove it?
    Anyways, I would have me a serious laugh if waking up with a smiley on my dick! :D But that’s just me, heh..

  7. yeah, i think the happy face falls under really creepy. that’s not right. but then again, neither is the removal of jewlery when it is nowhere near the site of injury.

  8. Why where they playing with his peter when it was his lung they were suppose to be messing with. That’s the part that makes it creepy to me.

  9. i got in a bike crash and the put me in surgry 4 5 hours and when i woke up and all my rings were in a bag all except one!!!!

  10. They had to take his AP out to put in a catheter since he was unconcious so long. They tried to take out his septum too (don’t know why, if they had, THAT would be some bullshit) but couldn’t figure out the captive bead, haha.

  11. I REALLY don’t find the smiley face thing funny, and I’m renowned for my irreverence.
    Seriously, by the rude, juvenile behaviour of some (especially young) medical professionals over here in the UK, you’d never guess that their entire purpose is to make people better, rather than to exploit their vulnerabilities for laughs. The issue’s a sore point with me.
    Can we have moddoctor or somebody explain why the apadravya removal is a safety issue?

  12. Personally if I went in for surgery and they took my jewelry out or drew shit on my body, I would flip.

    Especially if they are doing LUNG surgery – they have absolutely NO reason to be anywhere near your genitals.

  13. foreig bodies during anestesia\ medication can reduce blood flow to sertain areas, be in the way for doctors and other medical personell eg. get hooked on something etc and there can be allergic reactions…

  14. When I went into surgery, it was explained to me (by the doctors and confirmed by my father who is a doctor) that they have to take the jewelry out during surgery. I didn’t want to take out my tongue ring, but had too – especially since tubes go down the throat and a metal bar can cause serious problems getting in the way if they need to get in there quickly. Since you are hooked up to so much stuff monitoring your body there is the possibility it can heat up the jewelry and cauterize the skin surrounding the area. It’s for the safety of the patient and the ones working on the patient.

    As for the smiley face…if that’s “normal” behavior for these professionals then they need to be watched more closely during their work. That’s completely unprofessional and needs to be addressed. Playing with someone’s genitals while they are unconscious is wrong and considered molestation or rape in the outside world. It shouldn’t be any different on the operating table.

  15. i love how i can see my jewelry in x-rays, the doctors always have the assistants guess what it is.

  16. I understand the reasoning for taking out the jewellery, but drawing on someones gentitals is crossing the line. People put so much faith into their doctors and for them to do something like that shows absolutely no respect for the patient. And it is actually a little creepy to know that they can pretty much do anything they want to you whilst you are under.

  17. When I had surgery, they told me to take out all my piercings. They must have forgotten to ask him to take his out before hand. Besides possible complications from tongue rings being swallowed while unconscious, I don’t honestly see any reason to take out any jewelry. Unless they are hooking the machine up to the jewelry itself, it wouldn’t get hot enough to cauterize someone because it would burn any patient without piercings. I think it’s more of a paranoid, misunderstanding of what piercings are by the medical community. The one time complete removal of piercings is necessary, is if the patient is going to have an MRI because the magnets would rip them right out, so possibly the piercing removal is some kind of if all hell breaks loose and we end up having to MRI the bastard for some reason kind of precaution. But I just started med. school (with all body mods. intact) so maybe in a few years I’ll know for sure.
    As for drawing on the genitals, it is crossing the line but doctors can easily become desensitized to flesh because of the horrible things they see day in and day out. Humor, sometimes, is the only way to make feel okay. I wouldn’t sue them because at least they owned up to it, but they shouldn’t have done it.

  18. If I was drawn on in such a way, I wouldn’t even hesitate to sue. ot to be sue-happy, but that it just disgusting and wold make me feel really uncomfortable knowing that someone did that to my body, let alone my genitals.
    and yeah, unfortunately during any form of major surgery, piercings have to come out. but cauterizing the skin?? I don’t know about that.

  19. ps: my bf that’s a doc says they take them out just in case they have to shock you during surgery. b/c if you needed to get zapped, and you had a piercing, look out!

  20. I always hate when i hear doctors take out piercings without the permission of the individual….and the method in which most of them are taken out…..

  21. The jewelry ideed would have been removed because of the potential damage it would do if a defibrilator had to be applied (a possibility whenever anyone is under anesthesia). Was the patient concious to ask if the bar could be removed? Doctors do what they have to do to save lives, regardless of permission, in a situation like this. The jewelry could be replaced after the procedure if all risk had resolved.

    This radiograph was taken while the patient was still on a stretcher (it is visible, and that is what one poster is mistaking for implanted pins).

    The drawing on the patient, however, is totally inap-propriate and juvenile. I know better than most how stressful a trauma situation can be, but this is not an acceptable way to relieve stress.

  22. i was knocked out from the accident so they couldn’t ask me about removing it. they did so so that they could cathertize me. i was out for 48 hours.

  23. The smiley-on-the-genitals story is absolutely disgusting to me. I would have been complaining to some superiors stat.

  24. My partner recently had a CAT scan done of his head and the combined forces of the radiology department couldn´t budge the captive beads in his eight year old tragus rings. In the end, he had the CAT scan done with them in and the high contrast partially washed out the images that included the ears. :) See here, and compare it to this. No biggie, they have software that autocorrected it when producing the final images.

    When I had emergency surgery on my elbow they decided it was upsetting me too much to insist on taking out the nipple rings so they just put surgical tape over them, but warned me they´d have to take them out REALLY fast if my heart stopped and they had to defribrillate. Fair enough.

    If they have to catheterise you, they will, in general, want your jewelery out. Chances of a UTI are just too high, and having another possible cause/concentration of bacteria in close proximity is just silly. UTIs – all fun and games until someone loses a kidney.

  25. the idea of THAT makes me slightly nervous. as i’ve undergone a few procedures. it makes me wonder if the more elective it was for the patient the more messing around the dr’s may do.. leave your dignity at the door, i suppose.

  26. as for removing your jewelry. i was able to tape over my facial mods.. as long as they covered and protected from the cautery knife it was okay.

    i’d never removed them before and the idea of messing with a piercing and possibly causing more infection that i didn’t need when my body was in a weakened state was why we left them in.

  27. It doesnt suprise me at all that doctors drew on his penis and messed around with him at all.

    But then again, Ive been unfortunate enough to have been on the receiving end of the same kind of treatment – only it happened when I was a child, not an adult.

  28. When I have surgery I want all my stuff out. I hate to think of leaving it in and there is some sort of emergency where I need to get shocked. Thinking of all the sensitive places where I would be burned… ouch. But if I woke up with a smiley face in a private area I would seriously raise some hell.

  29. that’s just creepy…how is it any different than knocking someone out with a date-rape drug and then feeling them up? i don’t care how bored you are, it doesn’t give you the right to molest someone when they’re unconscious.

  30. I already fear being put under anesthetic because I like to have controll over my body. My Free Will is my only religion it would take a lot for me to knowingly give control of my body to a stranger. Convincing myself that medical staff are professionals and will respect me and my body is the only way I could convince myself to be put under. Reading about things like the smiley face on the penis or that doctor who signed that woman’s uterus makes convincing myself of that pretty much impossible. If I woke up and found someone had been touching my genitals it would probably make it so I couldn’t consent to general anesthesia again. I mean if you are down there fooling around when you shouldn’t be what’s to say you couldn’t just rape me?
    The doctors apologized for not cleaning it off? Try apologizing for violating my trust in you. If your job is boring perhaps you should find a new job, not take it out on your helpless patients who have put their trust in you.

  31. I understand that doctors can become desensitized, but frankly, bedside manners extend to an unconscious patient too. I’m fine with the idea of doctors removing my piercings, but you can be sure that I’d file a complaint with the hospital if I discovered non-surgery related drawings on my genitals.

  32. When I had surgery I was also asked to remove all my jewelry their official explanation was they would be using some sort of electronic cautery (sp?) device that could (slim possibility) arc and connect with my septum or the three labrets I had no big deal for me I just looped a shit load of fishing line through all of them tied it up and burnt the ends so they would’nt close…I’ve had smiley faces drawn on my cock before but not while under the knife… atleast that I know of

  33. I can see taking out the piercing, especially if putting in a catheter. Those things are bad enough without any piercings (I got real familiar with all the stuff doctors stick into patients when my mom was going through her cancer treatment). I’d be upset finding a smiley face drawn anywhere on my body, on the genitals is even worse, I expect anyone who has my life in their hands to behave maturely and professionally.

  34. would it be practical to put in non metal jewelry as a precursor to getting surgery or would they make you take that out too?

  35. That drawing on the guy thing is just creepy as all hell. If a patient hasn’t consented to something, and it’s not a serious matter wherein they HAVE to take something into their own hands immediately and can’t obtain consent, they should not do it.

  36. i had surgery to have my gall bladder removed and i had to take out all of my peircings. its no big deal, its for safety reasons

  37. Years ago, I had to took of mostly of my facial piercings when I got damn sick (and I had to got a fMRI exam) and only my pierced septum remains.

    But I would get really pissed if the doctors cleaned off the smiley down there.

  38. I had to have minor surgery (so minor that I was only half way unconscious during) not too long ago and when I showed up at the hospital for prep the nurse told me I had to take out all my jewelry. I refused because she couldn’t give me an acceptable reason. The surgery was under my arm and they said that the electric cautery would arc so far as my genitals and cause severe burning. She also said that even non-metal retainers would cause the same effects. I almost left without the procedure since it was something that could have been treated in other ways, but it would have taken months and been extremely painful without surgery. Luckily my doctor said that he could use some sort of chemical cautery so everything would be fine. While I was waiting in prep, though I heard another girl argueing with the nurses about her navel ring. She couldn’t get the ball off so they convinced her that they had to cut it out. It sounded really painful, she was screaming and crying about 30 seconds after they told her what they were doing.

    Also, I know that some people use cautery pens for scarification, do they remove all their jewelry for that? It would hold the same risks my doctor talked about wouldn’t it?

  39. Arthur had the most beautiful dreadlocks before the accident, too, but the doctors shaved them off. The whole situation was just heartbreaking.

  40. I had a Bartholin cyst removed. (for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s when the Bartholin glands, which provide vaginal lubrication, get clogged for whatever reason and produce a cyst. Not painful or dangerous, just not the nicest thing to notice 5 weeks before losing your virginity – which I knew was about to happen because my long-distance boyfriend was coming to visit for our 9 month)

    So I got it removed, and now it just squicks me out to think that someone could have been playing with my vagina without me knowing about it when they should have just been removing the damn thing and getting the hell away from me. I wonder how many of us have been violated by doctors whiles under anasthesia and not known about it because the evidence has been washed away.

  41. What about the possibility of using retainers or PTFE barbells in place of metal? Would they still be required to be removed? I don’t even enjoy changing the jewellery in my apadravya, let alone taking it out and having to re-heal it again.

  42. I would be pissed as hell if I awoke missing my apadravya, or with a smiley face on my penis!

    I wonder what else they do while your under to make things ‘more interesting’.

  43. if the smiley were on his fingers, chest, or even his forehead, i’d just laugh. but because it was on his penis, i find it creepy. it’s unnecessary to mess with someone’s genitals.

  44. I don’t really think I’d care if some doctor drew a smiley face on my penis, actually… it’s deserving of some decoration. :)

  45. i don’t mind taking out my jewellery or replacing it with acrylic/ptfe before surgery, as i have always been told the defribillator (sp?) possibility as a reason.

    but i would be VERY pissed off to know that they’d been touching parts of my body that they didn’t need to, let alone drawing on it. that is very fucking NOT ON. especially the genitals

  46. I don’t know about America, but if that happened in the UK, I think you’d have a very good case to take action under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights – prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment. And certainly some assault charges.

    It’s not funny at all, it’s really shocking.

  47. Back in my PTSD days I would have found an abuse of trust like that (the smiley face thingy) really traumatic.

  48. When I had my wisdom teeth out, the oral surgeon flat-out refused to do anything with jewelry or retainers in. Some ridiculous notions about aspiration and metal. He was very insistant about removing even my ear piercings, but luckily I convinced him they were permanent, and he was running out of time so as not to press that issue as hard.

  49. When I had my wisdom teeth removed they let me wear all my jewelry, including my septum ring. They didn’t want me to lose the piercings and wanted me to do what I felt was most comfortable for me.

    Anyway, I would be extremely pissed off if someone removed my jewelry without my consent. And I’m not too keen on the idea of doctors looking at my genitals without a good reason. My aunt’s friend is a nurse and she said that they look at everything when people are in surgery.

  50. personally i think it’s hillarious. i mean if you trust someone enough to let them cut you open and delve inside, why not graffiti as well.

  51. pshhh… if it was a female that had a smiley facec drawn on her labia, it would be all over the news and doctors would be getting fired and sued left and right.

  52. >>Also, I know that some people use cautery pens for scarification, do they remove all their jewelry for that? It would hold the same risks my doctor talked about wouldn’t it?

  53. The thing about defibrillation sort of makes sense, at least with nipples piercings, but what about when AEDs are used in public places? In the cases that those are used I don’t think the people operating them are gonna check for and take out all of the victims jewelery, especially genital stuff . . .

  54. i had surgery (eye) and i took out all my ear jewelry and replaced it with fishing line. i left my nipple jewelry in because it was glass, and when i came to i found that they’d taped over it. not sure why. didn’t bother me though; i was just glad they’d left it in.

    i often have dentists and the like ask me to take out my lobe jewelry for panoramic xrays, but most of them let me leave it in when i explained that it wasn’t metal. it is kind of cool to see open ears on a jaw xray.

  55. oh my god……..could this mean that….oh my god….doctors and nurses could be just like us??sweet jesus..they have a sense of humour..

  56. weetbix –

    thats not “just like me” i wouldnt take the trust someone has given me and humiliated them. im in medical school and there is no way that is acceptable, under any circumstances.

    shannon, you friend (at least in the us) has every right to sue the shit out of those doctors. thats completely uncalled for.

  57. A few points; the electrocautery tools that they use in surgery have to be grounded through a pad. Because metal has less resistance to current than dry skin, there is a possibility, although relatively slight, that you could get current arcing from jewelry to the ground. Which would be bad. My surgeon had no problems with me replacing my genital pirecings with nylon and teflon, as they are non-conductive.
    As far as taking out oral piercings for surgery, I had it explained to me as a safety and liability issue. Intubation in an emergency situation is not generally done slowly and gently; oral piercings could easily get caught, ripped, and yes, possibly aspirated. I don’t expect that retrieving a piece of jewelry from your lungs would be very fun at all. There is a possibility that large oral piercings could also obstruct their ability to get a breathing tube in in the first place. The same goes with nasal piercings.
    I had to remove my eyebrow piercings for surgery, because I was going to be face-down; my surgeon felt that two hours of constant pressure on the piercings would probably damage them, and me; it was a basic liability issue. (That is, if a reasonably forseeable event ocurred that he could have prevented, he could be held reponsible for negative outcomes.) I was allowed to leave my bridge piercing in, because he felt it presented no risk. I was also allowed to leave my ear piercings in, although I chose not to, since my plugs tend to fall out, and I didn’t want to lose them in the OR.
    My wife had to remove all of her piercings for nuerosurgery, but she was allowed to use Tygon for her bridge and nape.
    I’ve also been permitted to leave facial piercings in when I was getting an MRI, after convincing the technicians that 316LVM SS and 6V/4AL Ti are non-reactive in magnetic fields.
    Not all medical personnel are completely unreasonable when the piercings involved present no significant risk to the patient’s health during treatment. But people need to understand that piercings can present unacceptable risks to their health under certain circumstances.

  58. Its definately creepy when doctors do stuff like that. An aquaintance of mine had dental surgery and they put stickers all over her face when she was out. Weird stuff.

  59. As a med student and as a retired nurse, I’d pull everything off the patient that I could. I’d bag it, tag it, file it in valuables.

    1) You never know what you’re going to have to do to a patient in a hurry in order to save their life.
    2) You never know what you’re going to be sued for “stealing.”

    If I have to put a tube in a patient’s nose, mouth, crotch, ass, etc. I don’t want anything blocking my way. And this is the likely reason all this guy’s jewelry was pulled:

    I don’t want any jewelry blocking my radiologist’s view or even distracting them when they read the films. They decide whether or not that funny looking thing on the x-ray is something that they send you to surgery over.

    Survival/Recovery > Freedom of personal expression

    The patient can stretch it up or get it repierced later. There’s not a big market for piercings in the dead, though.

  60. On the other hand- Drawing, stickering, shaving, etc. a patient against their will is right out. If it isn’t necessary or elected for, I shouldn’t be doing it to you. Heck, I’d rather be goofing off than entertaining myself with your body.

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