Spiderweb Conch Tattoo

Done by Metal Master at House of Pain in Hssleholm, Sweden.

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18 thoughts on “Spiderweb Conch Tattoo

  1. I wouldn’t imagine it would hurt all that much, from what one of the guys in my shop said (who has similar, also on the back of his ear done) – it was more the sound and that lovely conch ‘snap-crackle-pop’ sound.

    Awesome effect however, it looks relatively new too – interesting to see how well it holds.

  2. i like this alot. i think ear tattoos are pretty cool, and i don’t see them very often at all, especially around my area. other than my girlfriend and i, i think i’ve olny see one other ear tattoo. and mine didn’t hurt much at all but then again mine dosn’t go down into the ear. i bet that felt funny.

  3. aha the first thing i noticed was the cute little rock on ear ring
    very cute to the earing and the tattoo

  4. I knew a girl with a conch tattoo and it was a blurry mess within 3 years and looked absolutely horrible. Not something I’d do without a lot of photos of 10 year old examples.

  5. We shared a house with some man with the exact same tattoo when I was a kid, and from what I remember it was very, very blurred.

  6. “Snap, crackle, pop” *shudders* I tore some cartilage in my knee a while ago and I still can hear the sickening crunch noise it made.

  7. ive got a small spade in my ear, its not that bad actually it doesnt hurt that much, but i recomend earplugs though. spiderwebs are quite common as are tribals where im from.

  8. Oh my god… I could not do it… I can’t stand the sound of a tattoo gun… it’s damned close to one of the worst sounds ever IMO…. I try to avoid going into a shop while they’re tattooing… it damn near killed me to get my shoulder done, because the gun was so close to my ear….

    But back to the subject at hand, I like the tattoo… a lot… I’ve only seen one other ear tattoo, and it was a bunch of stars that got progressively smaller… The woman had them for years, and they looked great still, so I suppose some ear tattoos can stay un-blurry, but over the years, I’m sure they’ll change…

  9. i love the spiders web tattoo on the ear its one of the place that some people are starting to get tattood. one day i hope to have a star tattoo at the botm of both my ears. from bob fox

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