Sinstress Sideshow

I’ll be posting more from this show later in the month, but if you want to see more, and you want to see it now, check out the Nu Ethics gallery on BME (and visit iam:MUTE-ONE).

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23 thoughts on “Sinstress Sideshow

  1. there’s something about a gorgeous, smiling woman with blood on her face that warms my heart. great picture.

  2. hopefully nobody has any communicable diseases :D

    I have developed a thing for tape on nipples for some reason.

  3. Yum, absolutely delicious… Curious, I’ve always assumed the best cuts for bloodplay would be across the collarbone… can still grip the shoulders or make use of the chest, without digging in.. avoids the neck, still heavy blood flow but nothing dangerous.. Am I wrong?

  4. #9, sadly the disease thing was one of my first thoughts as well. It would be so nice if those concerns weren’t necessary…

  5. there is actually very little blood. most of it was syrup and food coloring from the final act where pig intestines and pig hearts were pulled from sacks to resemble the disembowelment. so don’t worry, it was pretty damn safe.

  6. Ahh! My first look at this picture was a panic attack. I’m glad to hear that the blood was fake. I think this picture sends a bad message to the uninformed. I can’t even look at the girls because of it.

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