Healing would be a pain in the ass

Seriously. Ass crack piercing by Jennifer Doherty at Golden Lotus Tattoo Studio in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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35 thoughts on “Healing would be a pain in the ass

  1. I’d imagine that’d be in a constant state of being really irritated, especially from just sitting and walking.

  2. All i could think of is…
    client to the piercer : Can i have a surface piercing in my ass crack?

  3. I LIVE IN LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!

  4. After haven’t to explain the concept of an ashley piercing to that girl, i’m honestly suprised she’d pierce someone’s ass crack.

  5. correct me if im wrong but it looks like its more on the side of her crack rather the middle..and shouldnt the placement be higher?
    The ones that i’ve seen are more in the center and eiter a little bit above or dead on.

    Nice crack though ;)

  6. I did iam flours months ago. She was the first to get the “crackhawk” done and named it. I have the pics already submitted and they are on both my iam and flour iam page. Flour’s “crackhawk” was done using tygon and has gone through a change in the tubing once already. It was red for about 2 weeks then has been clear the rest of the time with no flare ups and zero discharge whatsoever. Its nice to see that it is a piercing that is catching on although I must say I am saddened to see that someone other then the 1st person to get this piercing and to name it is not the one that made modblog. (but thats how it goes)

    As far as shit getting on it do you seriously drag your shit all the way to the top of your ass when you wipe? If so that is disgusting. So no with proper hygiene practices you do not get any shit on it! As far as it healing well I opted to use a flexable tubing(tygon) for this location so as to have the flexability needed for this area. Flour’s has healed just fine. There are fresh and healed pics on her page. This piercing so far has healed faster then any other surface piercing I have done to date. I also used tygon and allowed flour to get this done due to the fact we live together and I am able to constantly monitor it and to change the tygon every two months as needed. I do not feel that if we used a surface bar in this area ythat it would have healed as well. This area really needs the flexability of tygon. However I would not suggest anyone getting tygon that does not have a relationship with their piercer to where they can have it changed every two months for the rest of the life of the piercing. As tygon must be changed every 60 days as the body breaks down this materiall at 90 days. Even after 60 days the tygon looks and feels much differant then when you put it in.

    Again the first person I have ever seen with this piercing(i have been piercing 14 years) is Michelle Sears (iam flour) and she named it the “crackhawk” !

    We originally were going to put transdermals there but opted for a less permanate choice as we were not sure how this area was going to heal.

    IAM SteveBennett

  7. I also just noticed that this was done using a curved barbell. Not a good choice and I do not see this piercing lasting very long at all without leaving some scar tissue behind.

    Steve Bennett

  8. I’ve been thinking of getting this done but was not sure if there was reasonable precedent…Happy coincidences! Where’s your studio, Steve Bennett? Would you…do the honors?….to my butt?

  9. steve b – im really glad you said this:

    “As far as shit getting on it do you seriously drag your shit all the way to the top of your ass when you wipe? If so that is disgusting. So no with proper hygiene practices you do not get any shit on it!”

    because, someone commented that “wouldn’t you get shit all over it” and no one else seemed to notice that…

    sorry to get personal for the squeemish but:
    when i poo, i just poo. it doens’t get mysteriously smeared all over my ass. not to say that different anatomies, or different tastes (poo poo play) are wrong. i just….wondered about that comment, and wondered if i was just UBER CLEAN or if i was supposed to get poo everywhere….as you seem to be the only other person that noticed that comment.

    and yes, i am always that confused about poo.


  10. “I did iam flours months ago. She was the first to get the “crackhawkâ€? done and named it.”

    She was the first to get it done? I got mine done February 2006, along with a friend of mine.

    PS they healed fine and we still have them.

  11. Very cool. As I stated she was the first i had ever seen or heard of and named it so. This was after a year of discussing transdermals there instead. I had never seen any of these piercings posted on BME at all untill flour’s nor have I in the 14 years I have been piercing so i was assuming it to be so. Hers are the first on BME I do know. and it was done earlier this summer. Must be the year of the crackhawk.

    I would love to see pics of your and how they healed as they are a couple of months older then flours as you say. Hit up my IAm page I am very interested. its SteveBennett . Wht were they pierced with? And who did them? I am interested as this is a fairly new piercing and there are not any true new piercings anymore cuz somebody somewhere has tried everything before and I should have corrected myself when I said she was the first instead of saying she was the first I had seen and the first to grace BME’s pages. I am sure it has been done a few time in the many years piercing has been changing from a tribal culture to a western fad. But since yours are older I would like to see how they have healed as I am reaserching this as this one on flour was the first I had done or seen. And after seeing this one on modblog Idone with a curved barbell I would love to see one that must have been done with a more proper jewelry style then this as I do not see a curved bar healing tin this piercing. Thanks for the info kelly.

  12. I just found out recently this picture had been posted up…Anyways I am the one who did the piercing and yes it healed out fine. No the curve barbell did not work, she wanted the piercing really bad and at the time I thought the curve barbell was the way to go. This was before I took the Steve Hayworth surface piercing coarse with 90 degree barbells. So I repierced it and so far so good with no problems….Thank you very much for all your comments. As for the “crackhawk” you really dont have right to name this piercing because I did it in January of 2006. I even know of someone who did it 5 or 6 years ago, thats how she got the idea that she wanted… them damn strippers they will pierce anything to make a buck…lol

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