Do you know what you’re looking at?

Post what you think it is in the comments (and make your guess before you click through and see what other people guessed), and then click through to see a picture that will clarify things. No cheating!

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98 thoughts on “Do you know what you’re looking at?

  1. wow, after looking at the picture, i still don’t know what part of the body that was exactly… *scratches head*

  2. Tattooed testicles?


    My first thought was some kind of fish, but this isn’t cooking class.

    Or issit? :P

  3. a glansectomy? but where would the white come from, i thought white flesh was fat… it look like the skins been peeled back, meh. i dunno. some sort of hardcore penis cutting.

  4. It cracks me up that whenever the body part isn’t mentioned, nearly everyone assumes it’s a penis.

  5. Judging from what looks like cartilage, I’ll go with ear shaping. Looks like there was a piercing in there, too. The ink makes me think otherwise, but I’m goin’ with it.

  6. Fatty tissue, so abdomen maybe, or lower back? Either way, bits of tattoo have been cut away.


    OK, where’s that?

  7. I love how everyone imediately thinks of a penis or something. It’s just reflexes to anything modblog.

    I thought it was a fish, too.

  8. its skin removal from the top of a left thigh, or (in my opinion, more likely) the upper left arm… if its the knee, the knee is bent, and you just see the top of the leg. and the leg is slightly up in the air, so the muscle/fat is kind of drooping downwards to the right side of the photo. if its an arm, its not terribly toned and its flattened against the body. you can see the blue cotton t-shirt, behind where there’s no papery stuff. you can also see that the fabric was folded inward, as if to tuck in the sleeve to get it out of the way. ok im going with its a woman’s upper arm/ deltoid area.

  9. Before clicking through my guess was a removed tattoo, though from where was kind of hard to guess before clicking through. After clicking through I have to agree with Emily up there, probably the upper bicep.

  10. *exact thoughts*: it looks shark-ey-ish but fleshy.. like human fleshy… but there’s a hook in there.. why the hook? oh it’s tattooed.. a skin piece.. umm.. i dont know. the way the pieces are cut makes me more confused. something to do with fish? im confused.

  11. My first guess was that something tattood was tied off for removal and that’s as far as I got. Then I clicked through and was going to say exactly was L1ZZARD said, but she already said it so there’s no point in saying it twice :)

  12. ok, that’s a nice game…so I’ll just give it a try. :-) I say it’s some piece of tattooed skin that has come off due to a skin removal. (post is made – now I can check if I’m right!)

  13. I immediately thought the same as diveheadfirst. I guess I’m just plain that way…but then I thought…hmmm this IS modblog…must be something to do with the nether regions, lol.

  14. i havent read all the other comments so it might have been said before, but my guess is that its something tattoed and removed haha.

  15. it looks like pieces of squid wich got run over by a huge truck swallowd by a stray dog and then got shitted out

  16. what in the hell kind of GD body part is that bulbous.

    I don’t know what I’m looking at in the click through picture. It looks like an overweight person – right before the removal of a 40 lb ovarian tumor.

  17. I think it’s really funny to see how many people are guessing penis or labia…does this attest to the fact that we see lots and lots of genitalia mutilated to the point of non-recognition here? It’s like a pre-conditioned response! “Man! What is that? I have no idea…it’s penis parts!”
    Cracks me up :D

  18. I agree with reply #55 I instantly thought it was tattooed fingers all five of then from the hand skin removal.

    Steve Bennett

  19. I think it’s just a piece of peeled tattooed skin… (i didn’t look at the other answers, but I guess most of the oters do think the same…

  20. i have no idea,not sure if i want to know
    but in all honesty, you and i both know i am going to look

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