Pippi Langstrump backpiece

It’s both super cool yet vaguely disturbing at the same time. I’m writing this advance, and as such I don’t know what will happen first, so either “I hope you enjoyed the interview with Lionel“, or “watch BME/News for an upcoming interview” shall be my message to you. I’m a doctor, not a fortune teller.

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39 thoughts on “Pippi Langstrump backpiece

  1. I really like how the animals and ink splotches are tattooed on. It’s a really cool effect.

  2. oh wow, i _really_ don’t like that tattoo at all…
    but pippi langstrømpe is cool, not the tattoo.

  3. Though this isn’t really a tattoo for me, I do have to say that I love the fact that the orange hair has been tattooed to look like it was colored on with a marker. Very original!

    I’d say my favorite part of this is gonna have to be the horse.

  4. can’t say the tattoo is for me but i like it alot. My favorite is still the dancing cat though.

  5. Very cool. I LOVED Astrid’s Pippi books back when I was a kid, but hated the swedish pippi (langstrump) TV series, she creeped me out so bad! Good ol’ 1980′s “New adventures of pippi longstockings” the actual feature film was the best portrayal of her for me, seriously, did anyone else grow up with this film? The songs were so damn cute :D

  6. Every time you post Lionel’s work, I covet it, and this is no exception.

    Amazing as always!

    ps. If he is ever in the US, will you please let us know?

  7. Shannon i want more videos and change the damn cover page sory man i’n fucking shit faced

  8. The monkey is Mr Nilsson, Pippis monkey – and the horsey is Lilla Gubben (witch translates as something like “little old man”).

  9. I’m completely in love with his work. If he ever comes to the US, I want to get a leg piece done by him.

  10. I really don’t like this one, but all the other tattoos in his gallery and on his site are awesome. maybe a trip to france is in order finally :)

  11. Love it! It really takes me back to strapping scrub brushes to my feet and skating around the house ;}

  12. i think that pippi langstrump takes an ‘f’, doesn’t it? because a ‘strumpf’ in german is a stocking or a sock… anyways, i’m not really into lionel’s work…

  13. aawww i love the “mr. nilsson” and “little uncle” inkspots
    but there’s an F missing in the end cos shes called “pipi langstrumpf” in german… or is that supposed to be?

  14. I love the girls face in the middle, not sure about the ink blots, guess they kinda work together.
    I have looked for more of this artists work, its amazing, love it :)

  15. Don´t need an “f” since Pippi is swedish and here in Sweden Långstrump is the correct spelling.

    Other than that, love the tattoo!

  16. Its brilliant! the three caracters in this pice are created by a very famouse swedish writer hwo sadly passed away a few years ago. Her work has made her one of the most beloved persons thru all time here in sweden, and her books have been very important for children all across europe, who feels more secure and gets more confident by the goodhearted caracters in all of her books, she has brought joy to people in need! Every kid in sweden are brought up with `pippi långstrump´ “the worlds strongest girl”. So its like a tribute to her childish rawmodel i supose. that makes this pice fantastic to me, its a pice you really can live with and be proud of.

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