DIY Permanent Toenail Removal

Burning the nailbed off using a soldering iron, with spray freeze assistance.

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51 thoughts on “DIY Permanent Toenail Removal

  1. OUCH !!
    Ok branding, scarification, implants and so on without anaesthetics but this.. Burning with a soldering iron..Theres my limit !

  2. i wonder how the toes themselves would feel after the nail removing…perhaps far more sensitive and painful?

  3. I screwed my toes up enough that I got a cramp… I do like that every now & again there’s something that still pushes my buttons, IAM’s desensitized me to a LOT :p

    However, I will now end up staring at these pictures until I’m fine with it, so keep upping your game! :D

  4. Toenails are the bane of my existence. Toenail removal is horrible when done surgically because the anesthesia never quite seems to be adequate. Here it’s done voluntarily. Done in the ER or doctor’s office, it’s because there’s an injury that requires removal. Never a happy time.

  5. … that stuff just reminds me of how my mother has no big toenails because she had a fungus infection under the nail or something while she was pregnant…

  6. no more football (soccer) for you… them are some angry piggies… i wonder if this will affect his walking or total enjoyment of life…?

  7. You know. I don’t mind the burn of a soldering iron. I’ve spent enough time with them that I’ve had some really, really nasty accidental burns. *getting drunk in class then doing intricate work? not always the best idea, guys. But leads to interesting burn scars…and usually functional projects, surprisingly.*

    Add to that the fact that I usually get a new infection in my cuticles every two or three months because of my toenails…this looks very, very tempting, in theory. Without toenails i’d have a lot less random infections lowering my immune system.

    Not sure i’f im up to THAT much soldering iron burn, though.

  8. moddoctor:

    you said that the “anesthesia never quite seems to be adequate” is this the case with everyone? Or the majority? Or a select few?

    The reason I ask is that I got an ingrown toe nail removed by my doctor, and despite her claiming that giving me any more anesthetic would give me heart palpitations, I still felt the entire procedure. While I have also had this problem at the dentist (anesthetic not numbing the pain), as well during a day surgery, I’m curious as to whether my doctor actually performed the surgery correctly or whether I am just tolerant (? or is it intolerant in this case?) of anesthetic.

    If others have this problem (pain despite the anesthetic) also, then I will keep doing home removal, though if it was likely just my doctor….well I might get it fixed once and for all.

    Your comment made me curious, that’s all…

  9. @tokyowars: My dad has the same problems as you regarding anesthetic. He’s felt entire root canals aftre being assred by the dentist that they already gave him the legal limit of whatever it is they gave him. He also had a deviated septum corrected and began waking up naturally during the end of the procedure. Normally, people have to be given something in order to wake up, apparently.

    What I’m getting at is that it sounds like you just metabolize anesthetics really fast.

  10. Oh, wow. I wonder if she had an ingrown nail or something, or maybe just wanted to make wearing pointy shoes more comfortable?

  11. I’ve thought about this… but when I get a hangnail or something its soooo painful. I cant imagine going through with that…

    But kudos to you!

  12. I’ve removed my toenails, but not the nail bed itself. Yet. I used cuticle nippers, a scalpel blade and regular toenail clippers to do it.

    I’ll have to get a picture of them tomorrow. Right now they’re bandaged up as I had to trim them back again tonight, as they were about 1/8th of an inch long.

    This is the only other person that I’ve seen do this besides myself, and they did it a lot more painfully/permanantly than I did. I feel inept all of a sudden. :)

  13. Man, I must be really lucky. As much as I pick at my toenails (how sexy is that? And ladies, yes, I’m single) I’ve never had any sort of nail fungus or ingrown anything.

    This wigs me out almost as much as the animated demons that dig around in nail beds.


  14. yes the ends of the bones need to protection from toenails as they can be easily crushed, ie, dropping things on them, stubbing them. God made toenails for a reason friends.

    what is this purpose of removing ones toenails? really why?

  15. I removed the nail from my big-toe a few years ago. Should I post pictures? I’ve none of the original removal but I remove the new-grown tissue about once every 2 weeks which I can photograph…

  16. outmywindow: crap. Doesn’t look good for me lol. I don’t mind pain when I inflict it, or I know what to expect (tattoo for example), but since I have a needle phobia also, it just makes it worse that they just keep giving me more needles hoping it will work.

    Oh well, at least I know I’m not alone :)

  17. spahnranch :
    i do it 2! and it was the very first time that i saw other people doing it. man iam glad about that, i thought iam the only person who is that “ill”. iam doing it since iam 8 years old, and i realy don’t know why. it is the only thing i can do without feeling pain.

  18. Oh my. That sets my teeth on edge just thinking about it. I’ve been squeamish about nailbed injury ever since I (temporararily) lost a thumb nail courtesy of a blender.

  19. I just got a really weird twitch in the bottom of my stomach then… Each to their own I suppose though, hey?

  20. *shudders* toe and finger nails are one of my biggest…fears I guess…the thoguht of ripping them off, I cant watch stuff like that…that guy must have a lot of courage…or something, lol

  21. If there is an infection then it pretty much cancels out any kind of anesthestetic. even if you are given marcain whcih can last for 6hrs. and to prevent the nail from growing back a little bit of phenol put in the cutical will help that. i worked in a podiatrist office for quite some time and have done many toe nail removals because of fungus and ingrown nails.

    Doc Rod
    Combat Medic

  22. This is pretty cool but I cringe when I look at this… Only because of the pain I felt when I had my (big toe) toenail ripped off involuntarily in the fourth grade… It grew back and all that but GODDAMN. Points for the pain tolerance.

  23. Okay this is the second ever thing to make me feel a bit iffy on Modblog. The first being that ear cheese *shudders*
    I think it’s just feet that get me though
    I don’t like feet
    I have to say I’ve had to pull out half of my little toenail before. I’m freaky in that my little toenail will randomly split in two and I have to pull half out o.0
    It grows back though

  24. I moan when I break a nail hurts like friggin hell. To deliberalty burn em off jesus..ouch ouch

  25. i was running through the house and accidently kickeda hockey skate and broke one of my big toe nails in half… not too fun… haha… and i’ve had ingrown toenails 2 different times… both times it was in both sides of both big toes… first time i cried and laughed hysterically so the second time i went under… just cut my feet off completely bext time… adios… snoochie boochies my boo boo kitty fuck

  26. Squicked here too. I have no problem with people who want to do that, and I have no problem with people who think it’s cool. But me, I need to wash my eyeballs. No offense.

  27. Very interesting. But i imagine, it will hurt like hell do burn the nailbed with a soldering ireon. I have heard about chemical ways to kill the nailbed; but i dont know what chemical and how to get it. I would also like to get my fingernails and toenails to be done.

  28. Bleugh. Actually I was ok-ish with the picture but I feel pretty sick at someone else’s above mention of losing a thumb nail in a blender :(.

  29. I usually remove everyone of my toenails about evry 6=8 months as they grow back. I use simple tools, good solid pair of tweezers, cuticle pusher to break the seal and my good old fingers. I use no form of numbing medicine as i have been doing this since i was around 8 years old. I get a sort of euphoria from the actual removal. In fact, i just got done removing eight of my toenails prior to writing this!!!

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