Branded Nipples

Ok, I got lectured about it last time, so let me correct myself — branded breasts and aerola. Pretty intense, and one of the few I’e seen. This was done by Bondage Bill at Blue Moon Tattoo in Barnhart, MO.

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60 thoughts on “Branded Nipples

  1. I agree with Masticate – to each his (or her) own… but damn that makes my twins hurt just lookin at it! I hope the owner will be pleased with the results, that is of course the only thing that matters!

  2. I was going to comment on the toe soldering boasting about how nothing on BME has made me flinch… looks like I’m eating my words.
    I’m still in the each to his own camp though.

  3. I needed to hold my breasts after looking at that.

    Suppose it would look better healed.

    Each to their own though.

  4. Yep I forgot to add my tits packed their bags and left at the sheer thought of even geting them near a branding device… kuddos to this chick for taking it like a woman

  5. I wonder if there’s going to be a loss of sensitivity with all that scar tissue (specifically on the breast on the left). Depending on her preferences in bed and her sensitivity to begin with, any loss would make me sad.

    And now to echo everyone else: OW!!! I’m all for some friendly nipple torture, but that’s just too much (for my tastes)!

  6. Geez, you people are so negative! I think it looks great, I would love to see it when it’s healed. Typically third degree burns do have a loss of sensation but with the alternating patterns created by the brand I imagine there’d be an interesting ring of sensation/no sensation right around the most sensitive part of the breast. Then again, I like nipple torture, so this looks like a great saturday night to me.

  7. Seriously no one here into big branded boobies (triple B’s, they are probably triple D’s looking again)? Not so much me either.

  8. OW! My breasts hurt just from LOOKING! I couldn’t imagine putting Thelma and Louise through that! Kudos to her for doing it, but damn….

  9. this picture was taken days after it was done. the initial brand was thinner on application and spreds as it heals (it’s the nature of brands). if you could see a pic when it was immediately done it wouldn’t look quite as painful as this one (red, spreading, scabbing). at this stage brands tend to look their worst. this brand will not affect the sensation of the nipple. since those nerves run directly downward (depth wise) and then across toward the armpit.

  10. Brands DO look nasty as they heal, believe me. They’re quite painful too. I can only imagine a burned boobie…

    I think it will look fine once its all healed.

  11. Actually if while it is being done you take a mirror and bring it close up 2 your eye or eyes and conentrate on your own pupil or puplis and make sure that they do not even blink or dilate in the least bit and accept the pain without flicnhing then just relax and breathe it should all go pretty smoothly,but thats more a spiritual enhancement point of view which to be honest i dont really and truly get that feeling from this site its more like fun and games here like eating mushrooms and going and playing a video ….but hey if she is happy with the end result is what really myself maybe a cutting or a differant branding method would have had sharper results after all its her breasts. Peace 6969 ~_0

  12. That will look soooo pretty when it’s healed…

    …if only I could discard the pain. If only.

  13. i dont mean to be perverse.. but..
    i would love touch those with my fingers and tongue.

    that must feel so interesting.

  14. i once got second degree chemical burns on my nipples once…they didnt scar..thank god…but it was probably some of the worst pain ive ever experienced… the nipples tend to reproduce skin fairly quickly and fairly well without scarring..i wonder if these will stay..i can’t even imagine how much that hurt.


  15. Hm. Well, I don’t think I’d ever have enough guts to go through the process this woman went through, but I think despite how it looks now, that the end result, after the healing process is completed, should look pretty nice.. . *Nods*

  16. OOOOOWWWWWWWWW. shit man you’d have to knock me out with something pretty intense to get my tits anywhere near a branding iron. That girl has got some serious balls.

  17. #57, why do you assume she’s going to have babies? Fuck, just because she’s a woman doesn’t automatically = going to have kids.

    Fucking retard.

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