So pretty!

I just love Vampirina‘s big scalpelled labret done by Jedandseth’s Dad at Puncture/Westside Tattoo in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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38 thoughts on “So pretty!

  1. is scalpelling the only way of stretching labrets? or can you use a taper and move slowly? just curious cos i dont think its the best idea to scalpel…just my 2cents.
    its suits her so much though, very nice

  2. Wilburt, you can definitley use a taper for labret stretching but it’s a bit more difficult if you choose oval jewelry. Scalpelling length wise is pretty common if you want oval, but for round jewelry you can easily taper.

  3. Hi! When do you think you will finish the announced “dec 16th” update so that the 8.000 something photos will finally appear?


  4. I’m not a fan of big labrets on girls, but she looks lovely. I love her make-up and eyebrows (Yes I’m a make-up and eyebrows freak).

  5. Well, I think that I’m going to use this comment just to let you know how much I admire/apreciate all the work that I think the fact of maintenning this blog involves . So this comment is somehow a way to just say thanx for sharing with us all these great images…
    totally loved the pic…
    totally modblog adict…
    keep on rockin shannon :)

  6. she’s gorgeous, and although i’m not a big fan of big labrets, it looks really good on her! Out of curiosity though, it that freshly scalpelled or in the early stages of healing? I ask because it looks like there’s dried blood on the plug…

  7. Yeah this was taken probably a week after i had it scalpeled so it was nice and bloody and stuff haha…. :)

    And thanx for the nice comments everone :P

  8. i can’t stop admiring her eyemakeup long enough to pay attention to the jewelry, to be honest!

    perfect liner is sooo impressive; i love it !

  9. This is for #2…

    I have a 7mm x 5mm (oval) streched labret, and i began with a common labret piercing, just playing a lot with it, and putting a bigger handmade jewellery every 4 o 5 months, using PVC cable.

    It has taken 3 years from the initial piercing and the current measure, but i think it’s a great alternative to the tapper and the scalpel. If you haven’t any hurry, of course ; )

  10. Loving the whole thing .pretty,lovely girl n really perfect labret mod,mmmmmmmm u got all i dreamed before in a girl but… u there n i here i mean honestly the best girl mod ive ever seen here love really good n hot stuff.

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