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  1. I thought about harry potter’s scar afew times when I saw facial cuttings …never thought I’d actually see one done though, looks pretty good

  2. I just hope she doesn’t regret that after the 7th book comes out. I think I’d have waited a year. :-)

  3. That is awesome. One of my friends and I are planning on getting HP tattoo’s when the last book comes out. I can’t wait! But on the other hand I don’t want it to be over yet. argh!


  4. YESYESYES!!! I’m not the only freak! I have one too!! And a Dumbledore’s Army backpiece, and a R.I.P for Sirius. I feel a little better now for not being alone.

  5. oh Al Pal you are grand
    “did you like… seriously fall or something?”
    seriously though
    spelling error
    its alissa

  6. ‘m a hardcore HP fan but I’m more likely to get a Snape tattoo then a scar! Still, I love it!

  7. I adore this. Ive seen a few dark mark tattoos and one white ink ‘scar’ tattoo, but never an actual cutting.

  8. In recent light of my growing facination with HP, this couldn’t have come at a better time ^^

    I’ve noticed that the Dark Mark and the HP scar don’t turn up so often – in fact, I’ve only seen one case of the dark mark on a person (and that was online).

    I think the HP love will grow more…

    Slytherin all the way =P

  9. A Dark Mark tattoo would be cool, but I’m too soft-hearted to even consider getting one!
    Damn you everyone, a little voice in my head is now saying “hmm, a Dumbledore’s Army tattoo…. hmm…”

  10. I wonder if anyone has the dedication to get a massive one right in the centre of their forehead…

  11. that is mint! a dark mark tattoo would be pretty awesome.
    i feel we need to see more harry potter related mods. (just cause we’re all that cool)

  12. not much of a harry potter fan but i always thought his scar was in the center of his forehead. i’m probably wrong cuz i’ve never seen any of the movies or read the books.

  13. Gah, NEVER say “movies” before “books” if the books were made into movies! Death to all who do!!
    (OK, I’m OK)

  14. Are you serious? Harry Potter? I’ve never understood why anyone would like those books when there are many more in-depth and complex books out there. I finally figured it out. The 4th grade reading level is what gets this books off the shelves. Sad to see no one being able to comprehend real books.

  15. 37/syntaxless- I dissagree. I think what’s getting these books off the shelf is the fact that it’s just plain old good fiction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means a Potter fanatic (I THINK I’ve read the first four…), but there really is a dearth of decent fiction out there that isn’t yet another crime thriller or yet another generic F&SF novel or some sort of bodice ripper, or else tries to be “deep” and “philosophical”. People are just starved for decent, original fiction.

    Besides, as a friend of mine who teaches middle school pointed out- any author that gets massive numbers of 11-15 year old children reading something other than comic books and video game instructions is alllll good!

    16/Lilee- Picture, please! I’m very curious!

  16. 37/syntaxless – I disagree too. That argument’s old, now only perpetrated by people who are desperate to seem intelligent. The Harry Potter books are both decent and original.
    (establishes credentials – not a boast, just to prove a point…)
    I am a literature freak, with an immense passion for books, and have to try EXTREMELY hard not to hit people who blithely say “I don’t read” then proudly display their vacuity to all.
    I got 100% in my last Eng Lit exam (I’m 18, just finished high school). My teacher cried to learn that I wasn’t going to do an English degree.
    I read at a rate of around 200/300 pages per hour, and my behaviour becomes quite erratic and frightening if there aren’t books around. My favourites are all the obvious classics that one might expect.
    And… I still love Harry Potter! The books are sharp-witted, observant and very British. Fantasy and magic are what the world needs right now.
    (Sorry that this was long. It concerned BOOKS.)
    In conclusion, HP FTW.

  17. thats sweet and kick ass
    harry potter is so awesome
    why do they have trailers for it when its only coming out in like 5 months????

  18. I have a HP tattoo also – on the back of my heel/ankle. Its a little HP :D I love Harry Potter and I’m planning on getting a larger (trouser leg/sleeve???) tattoo after my chest piece. :D

  19. you took the scar from the fucking films!! STUPID WHORE!! in the books its in the centre of the forehead I HATE YOU MOTHER FUCKING CUNT



  20. I don’t know why people would get dark mark tattoos because Death Eaters are terrible people. Then again I’m one of those people who don’t like swastika tattoos either.

  21. woah, jon, calm down. I dont think calling someone a mother fucking cunt really is warranted…

  22. You’re welcome Snoogans :)

    “hmm, a Dumbledore’s Army tattoo…. hmm…â€?

    consider it. I love mine. It’s got the Hogwarts crest, and a banner on top that says “Dumbledore’s” and then on the bottom its got the rest of the banner that says “Army”.

  23. Jon/47

    It’s never specified anywhere in any of the books exactly where the scar is on Harry’s forehead. All we know for sure is that Harry’s bangs cover it (when he can get them to stay down :))

    The person who does the illustrations for the book covers (in the US for sure, I’m not familiar with the UK book cover illustrations) decided to put the scar in the center of his forehead. The movie makers decided to put it off to the side.

    JKR has a lot of influence over what goes into the movies. Don’t you think she would have protested the scar being off to the side if it was wrong?

  24. I’m pretty sure this girl knows she’s not Harry Potter, so who cares about how authentic the placement is, with regard to a fictional character? Sheesh.

  25. lol @ #47.
    As someone said earlier, it never says in the book exactly where on his forehead the scar is. The illustrators of the various covers put it where they like, although generally they put it in the middle. However, for the movies, they had JK Rowling draw where it would be, so the movie version of the scar’s location is correct.

  26. I don’t care at all about Harry Potter and have never read any of the books or seen any of the movies…just not my thing, doesn’t interest me. So as an impartial person who doesn’t know squat about Harry Potter, all I see here is a little facial scar that looks extremely cute on her. Very cool.

  27. That’s just awesome =D
    Not really my style, I’m more one to get the Slytherin crest or the Dark Mark, or perhaps Nagini and a Death Eater mask, but it’s still awesome.

  28. Hello, I think you made a mistake with your Harry Potter Scar. If you look at the cover of all of the books and the scar on the boy in the movies etc, you will notice that the scar is actually shaped just like an “S”. This is because, as you will learn in the seventh book, Harry Potter is a horcrux and he is marked, like all the other horcruxes, with an S for slytherin.

  29. Oh, for fucks sake… thanks a lot, Katherine. What kind of idiot posts that sort of spoiler on a place like this!?

  30. it’s not a spoiler, it’s a prediction. And I take back my thoughts about Harry being a Horcrux. I think is WAS and now he isn’t, but retains the Slytherin S nonetheless. Too bad she already scraped the wrong shape into her forehead.

  31. I envy her for doing it; I’ve wanted the lightning bolt since I read the first book.
    There should be a link back to this post in the next day or two from Modified News, since I adore the scar!

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  33. You wouldn’t normally think of “cute” as a word to describe most scarification, but that scar and that girl are totally cute.

  34. Scar is really cool, must be a hardcore Potter fan. Me, I love the books and the films. For my 38th birthday this year, I am getting the dark mark tattoo.


    Lucius: Because naughty boys need love too!

  35. very lovely girl shame she has to think about today and not the years to come. whats hot now will be crap in six month time, sorry

  36. a. 72 – Books can create an incredible escape for people. I think it’s pretty rad that we just so happened to be able to see a book that got so many people dedicated and interested. It’s a compelling and enthralling series. Nothing wrong or fad-ish about that.
    b. to katherine : fuck you because your predicition was WRONG and HP was not a Horcrux.

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  38. uck you because your predicition was WRONG and HP was not a Horcrux.

    ….er…he definately was, darling. And to ‘muckymickey’, these books have been popular for TEN years, and will be popular quite a long time from now, not because they’re “hot”, but because they’re amazing books.

  39. I think its a bit geeky, a harry potter wanabe she will get laughed an stared at. i love harry potter an i think hp tattoos are acceptable but not a bloody scar on your forehead, its taking it too far. bet she will end up regreting it.
    i have a tattoo of merlin on my arm which rocks!

  40. 81-syntaxless. I WORK in a bookstore. I’m surrounded by them every day, I read a ton of books, and I still love Harry Potter. The people I work with (and I work with people who have their Masters in Literature) actually make fun of snobs like you because they act like they know a ton about literature, but they’re really just frauds and usually only read what everybody else says is “quality literature” without venturing to read things that are just fun. Just because it is a young adult book doesn’t mean that it has nothing to offer.

    This series was my comfort blanket when I was little, and it instilled a sense of adventure in me that has had a huge impact on me. Most Harry Potter fans accept that the books aren’t amazingly well written; JK is no Dostoevsky. We know this. So stop acting like a prick, and don’t take literature so deadly serious, it gets a little boring.

  41. You are a moron. While I love Harry Potter and have read all of the books and seen all the movies multiple times, the idea of carving into your own forehead (or worse, paying someone to do it) just to show what a huge fan you are is disgusting. Just wear a t-shirt for fuck’s sake. Or you could get a small tattoo like a snitch or something. That would be cute-cutting yourself is not. I guess the fact that it’s on the side of the forehead is good because hair can cover it but chances of being hired anywhere besides Hot Topic or a tattoo parlor are slim. Piercings close up but good luck trying to use concealer to cover that and your chestpiece in a few years!

  42. Ok a) You all can say wat you want about hating harry potter but yu did go to this site and
    B) how is she going to go through an airport w/all that metal in her face

  43. Ok a) You all can say wat you want about hating harry potter but yu did go to this site and
    B) how is she going to go through an airport w/all that metal in her face

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