Shadowsoldier‘s ears are fun for the whole family, with mom on the left and grandma on the right. She writes, “notice the disgust on my moms face and how interested my grandma looks!”

That’s good, because the last thing my grandmother said to me about my mother kicking me out of the house because of how I looked (long, long ago of course) was “well look at you — how do you expect us to treat you” or something like that.

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17 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. My grandmother is always telling me that my ears (8ga lobe piercings and a couple other small lobe holes) look pretty. :)

  2. It’s nice when parents can be like this with their modified kids. My mum looks at my ears in disgust, and says stuff like “Anyone who wants their skin cut out of them needs sectioning”. I’m sure she’ll be ecstatic when I come home with scarification next week. My mum is a lovely welcoming woman, but she just can’t get her head round some types of modification (stretching and scarification mostly), which is the same with a lot of parents. I hope she’ll understand some day.

  3. i interpret the woman to the lefts face differently than the contributer….

    she doesn’t look disgusted to me….

  4. 5/Tosser – At first I was thinking the same thing, but if you look closely you’ll notice that her eyes are slightly squinty, the corners of her mouth are out instead of up and her jaw is definitely tensed.
    That’s an Olympic level teeth clenching fake smile.

    (I’m an animator, I cant help but notice these things.)

  5. The mom doesn’t look disgusted IMO, but the pic of the guy with his finger through his septum freaking out his grandma was awesome

  6. My 4.5 month old daughter just put her finger through my lobe and pulled for the first time last night (luckily she’s not THAT strong yet). I knew it would happen, it was just a matter of time.

  7. My mother hates my lobes and can only cope with them when they have solid plugs in them ( i prefer tunnels!) AND she told me the other day “I don’t want you covered in tatoos like one of those circus freaks”- i laughed and though… she’ll have to get used to it!- p.s my mother would never touch my lobes.

  8. I think it’s funny because my mother doesn’t really mind (although she thinks I’m weird). My grandmother thinks it’s all gross but was totally excited when I told her I was getting a tattoo for her. My great grandmother is fairly interested by my piercings, but my tattoos are “evil” (She doesn’t even know about my sleeve). She loved my nape.

  9. hehe, well good picture. Around here I generlly get a more positive responce from the elder generatin more than my parents age… tis odd.

    I wonder if it’scuz it’s not their children doing it :-P

  10. By the time people get grandmother age they usually just cease caring about what other people do . . . really they have seen it all.

  11. Interestingly enough, I was drawn first to the crooked pictures on the wall behind them. They’re all tilted … but anyhow, grandma’s pretty awesome :)

  12. awesome pic. my parents hate my lobes, but my grandparents love them and stick their fingers in them all the time!

    her mom looks really proud to be doing that, its great.

  13. tea dream (it’s toser, not tosser)


    yeah she definitly doesn’t look like…approving or happy in any way, fully that’s a face smile…but disgusted is really a stretch for me. anyways.

  14. That reminds me of that show… what was it.. wife swap? or something?

    Im so happy I have parents who embrace me and my changes. Whenever someone gives me crap I can say “My parents love me, so I dont give a fuck about what you think.”

    At least in the photo her grandmother seems someone intrigued. Yes, that is really a fake smile.

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