Have a safe New Years

That means don’t do it with this guy.

OK, just use protection…

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43 thoughts on “Have a safe New Years

  1. don’t do it with this guy. hahahahah fuck now i will never get sex. thanks shannon.

    the tattoo is a lightbulb.

    i was wondering why so many people came to my page then i new i had to come check modblog out. and now people are being told not to do it with me. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. I LOVE YOU SHANNON.

  2. HAWT! Hehe, I’m liking the rings too, though I fear they wouldn’t quite work on me…

  3. I have a pic of Valon at Fest’03 with that necklace of CBR’s and everyone that has seen it thinks they’re pierced right through!

    LOVE this pic !!

  4. i *think* i have it scanned and on my modtracker in the bmefest’03 gallery. it has your neck all playpierced and what not :)

  5. :) not so much an effect as it was just no flash, or poor disposable camera quality!
    Still a good pic

    Love this one that’s posted here though! :)

  6. You guys are freaks… you guys should be going to therapy, where you belong. Not to the fucking tattoo/S&M/torture-yourselves-because-you-guys-are-fucked-up parlor.

  7. In response to the rude comment made:

    1.consenting adults
    2.enjoying themselves
    3.safe environment

    if you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch the blog. You must be here because you have some sort of weird fascination with people who choose to do what they want when they want to. Jealous maybe?

  8. I had no idea this was on here until someone mentioned modblog. Why am I the last one to find out? LOL

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