Songs about Fucking

I think what I like about ModBlog is that because it’s tied to BME, it gets pretty much blacklisted from the mainstream because it won’t ever censor itself. That means I can’t get profitable Google-Ads like the other blogs out there, but it also means that I can post all the carnality I like… And that’s good, because I like it a lot. For me, body modification sources from sexuality. I realize it must not for everyone, but for me, and I think many members of BME, body modification is down there at the base of who they are, just as “no choice” as their core orientation… So enjoy (click it if you can):

If that’s not enough for you click here for another teaser (different people)… Please send in your high-res photos to — the readers will enjoy it, you’ll get a free membership, and I’ll enjoy it. I’d say “feel free to wear a mask”, but that only does so good when you have recognizable tattoos and modifications!

Tattoo Picture Miscellany

I’m running tight on time today (I <3 Survivor) so I’m going to have to post today’s tattoo pictures as a set. Let’s start with this Tootsie Roll Superhero (“I told everyone that I had a Tootsie Roll in my pants”) by Jason “Shagoo” Campbell at Artist’s Edge in Springfield, IL.

I’m going to file Amanda’s tattoo by Lizard Tattoo in Krakow, Poland in the “Paradise? I’ll believe it when I see it!” category — but that’s only because I’m the lecherous sort that’s addicted to explicit photos.

Tiff’s cold-war-vibe apocalyptic tattoo on the other hand does not go into the paradise category (unless you’re some sort of born-again waiting for the rapture I guess) — in this picture it’s freshly done by Marvin at Chrome Lotus Tattoo and Piercing in Orlando, Florida.

This optical illusion elephant (count the legs and tell me how many he has) was done by Greg Christian at 252 Tattoo in Ohio.

Tanya’s My Little Pony tattoo (quite a common theme incidentally) was done by Micro at Wild Things in Baton Rouge, LA — as you can see they’ve been customized to match her personality (unless they released tattoo and piercing themed toys and no one told me about it).

Finally, check out this dress form done at Ink Lab — on a seamstress perhaps?

Check back tomorrow for more tattoos, or just visit BME’s tattoo photo galleries.

Female Genital Piercing Ladders

There are quite a few more pictures in the BME genital piercing galleries of extreme female genital piercing work done at Madison Piercing Clinic in Norway. Personally I think the one that’s shown in the two pictures on the left (click to zoom and uncensor the set) is getting carried away (and might not feel great during sex), but I think the one on the left looks nice… Although I suppose the difference is at least in part dictated by different genital anatomy.

BME Newsfeed for Feb 9, 2006

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