Bloody Knuckles

Emilio Gonzalez of Mithos Tattoo, one of many practitioners on an extended world tour, sends in this unusual knuckle skin removal…

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24 thoughts on “Bloody Knuckles

  1. uuummm It might just be me . but I think the tighter that scar heals the more mobilitly of his knuckels will be inhibited …It might look tough .. but I dont think anyone will be scared of a guy who cant make a fist because his knuckels are to tight … but to each his own … thats just my theory

  2. I HATE scars that look like an accident (mainly implyinga fight) that were done intentionally. To each there own, but definitely not my taste.

  3. After a minute and a half of “owowowowowowoowowowwwwwwwchhhh”, all I have to say is “OWWWWCH”.

    I can only imagine the healing, especially seeing if he is also a martial artist.

  4. I know the answer to this question will be “because he likes it,” but why would a person get this particular modification? What would be the effect on hand mobility and what will the scars look and feel like when they heal?

  5. # 7 said it best. Getting fake scars to back up “real” scars? Sorry…I think that’s lame. He’s going to find out the hard way about what scar tissue does RIGHT over a a joint and tendons that are very close to the surface of the tisse. I mean, for someone who will have to use their hands doing exactly what they claim the scars are a symbol of has now created a situation for his own body that will make punching someone, if he is LUCKY only slightly tender and possibly quite painful-and yes, I mean AFTER healing. This isn’t one of those soft fleshy areas of the body like a thigh or arm, its a knuckle. Its going to get a tremendous amount of movement and its going to hurt like hell- maybe even after healing.

  6. Oooh… Man. My keiloid(sic) is pretty damn tender, especially when pinched. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to have them on my knuckles (j-knuckles) lol

    I fear that merely bumping them into a wall would conjure tears. I pray the don’t hurt him.

    PLEASE follow up!

  7. when those scab up its going to be so painfull moving his hands, it will keep cracking all the time, ouch!!

  8. very intense, dont know why people are giving out to him though. let him do what he pleases. Im pretty sure it wasnt a spur of the moment idea.
    hope they heal well

  9. This kind of thing and face scars are WAY cooler when you just get them from knife fights or punching broken glass or something. Haha.

  10. From someone who has badly scared knuckles from bare-knuckle boxing for the past 15ish years:

    The big thing with healing those would to be to move them constantly. Yes, it hurts… a lot, and you have nasty looking scars. But, it gives you the same amount of movement as you previously had.

    It’s not as big of a deal as other people are making it out to be.

  11. hahaha so i was googling on how to treat bloody, injured, busted knuckles (because mine are, long story) and i found this at the very top and i thought “shit, i don’t feel so bad”. but i don’t see why he did that. the skin is ripped off a few of my knuckles and i can’t expose it too much, because its sensitive and alot of things easily touch my hands…and bandaids are cutting off the circulation of my fingers, and not letting the wounds breathe…when i remove them my skin looks grey! it looks almost like i have gangrene. the point is, i still don’t feel as bad. all i have is layers skin ripped off…and unintentionally. why would he deliberately do this?

  12. my knuckles are completely scarred from martial arts and not having any rest days. i dont understand why he would want this as people and family always comment how ugly and scary my hands looked plus i have bent fingers haha.

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