Loose Lips Sink Ships

Nice choice for a pubic tattoo, ha… I wonder if sinking ships is a good or a bad thing? Cheza Marie‘s tattoo is by Scooter at Atomic in Lakeland, FL.

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23 thoughts on “Loose Lips Sink Ships

  1. well you keep your lips loose, keep your tongue moving just right and you will make her flood. i think it is a good thing.

  2. I’m pretty sure this is a reference to a Fallout Boy song, though the name I’m not sure of, I think it might be “XO”, but I know its from “From Under The Cork Tree”.

  3. i totally tried to click through, too. i felt dirty, and then i read some of you other guys tried to, too, and i felt better about myself :)

    hadyn, it comes from during war times of yore, where talking too much about your mission in the military, or sending letters home that had too much info in them, could lead to the info getting into the wrong hands, causing the demise of the mission.
    i assume that’s not the meaning of the phrase as it appears here, but as far as i know, that is the origin of the phrase itself.

  4. Yes, it’s a reference to the WWII slogan! However, I thought it would make a funny pubic tattoo.

    Hey, if you’re going to tattoo your naughty bits have a sense of humor!

  5. Im not bothered about seeing the click through cus im female, but I would love to see all the looks of disappointment on the male faces when they cannot click through lol :)

    Go girl whatever floats ya boat.

  6. Yeah, that’s from a Fall Out Boy song, called “XO”. Haven’t heard of it from anywhere else. … still, got guts.

  7. i know this is not going to get responded to, but it’s an old saying. The actual WWII slogan is really “loose gossip sinks ships.”

    loose lips sinks ships is an excellent old saying regardless, and that’s a really awesome idea to have such a simplistic style. i think i prefer it to a huge ornate ship, actually.

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