Three matching hearts

“My cousin and I convinced our eighty year old grandmother to get her first tattoo with us,” writes the submittor of this tattoo. She looks a little stunned by the whole process, but that’s OK — I hope if I live to eighty and have grandkids that they take me out for chamaeleon skin or whatever kids are doing in 2053…

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43 thoughts on “Three matching hearts

  1. My grandad (83) is an ardent communist (in his world view, I, with my centre – libertarian politics, might as well be Thatcher) and we think he should get a hammer and sickle tattooed on the top of his head.
    He’s considering it, as well, but can you get a tattoo if you’re on warfarin or similar?

  2. my mother, sister, and friend all got matching heart outlines on the outside of their wrists. I love it.

  3. Today is my grandmother’s 81st birthday and I doubt I would be able to convince her to do this. This granny has got to be the coolest chickadee at the senior center!

  4. She looks a bit vacant….this post reminds me of something I wondered a while back about the age of informed consent fading out again as your faculties deteriorate. On the bright side, as 3 said, no comments about ‘mweh mweh what about when you get old’.

  5. Aww, AshPlant thats pretty damn mean. She looks perfectly healthy, and “all there” to me.


    Thats so sweet and cute :) I would love to do that with my mom and grandmother

  6. thats sooo coooll.. ur grandmaaa is the coolesttt
    hearts rule tooo man
    congratesssss…. hands down.. she is awesome

  7. If simply looking “vacant” meant your faculties had deteriorated, a good deal of the young population would be in 24-hour nursing care. I know the malls would be virtually empty and there wouldn’t be any full clubs.

    (BTW, Granny looks great.)

  8. Meh. I suppose old people look like that. And I have criticised people for making daft judgements from a single Modblog photo before. *shame* Although it was just reminding me, and the original thought was about something completely different (my granny doesn’t even recognise my dad now).

  9. My grandmother is all there buddy….This was her idea….And yes she does recognize all her grandkids, great grandkids, her kids, my grandfather….Tough as nails she is…

  10. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally look a little “vacant” myself after getting tattooed.

  11. I don’t think she looks vacant at all. She looks pretty engaged to me. Its a matter of opinion. I Love how she is holding thei arms together. She is obviously as intensely connected by this bonding ritual and seems as stoked as her much younger family members. Rave on Grandma!

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  13. That girl on the left in the picture looks like a friend from college! If it’s her then, “Go Kim!” I wish I could get my oma to get a tattoo with me…sigh.

  14. Awww. Not that my Grandma who just passed would *ever* think of doing that with me, but I wish I could have.

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