Leg Muscle Anatomy Tattoo

Chris Govier sends in this shot of a full leg anatomical tattoo he’s working on…. If it gets filled in red with white highlights, it’s going to be pretty crazy looking! The only thing I’m not 100% sold on is that the muscles are very well placed, but their fibres run atypically. But yeah, fill this in red and it’s definitely going to be giving people heart attacks at the beach, ha!!!!

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30 thoughts on “Leg Muscle Anatomy Tattoo

  1. Such a great idea! My first thought was “now he can get his arms to match and double as an anatomy model in medical school…”

  2. I just finished Anatomy last semester, and from the little I remember the muscles look in all the right places.

  3. I absolutley ADORE muscle tattoos. Never seen one on such a large scale, it’s going to be farkin’ a. Even if/when they’re done badly the idea itself is just fantastic.
    Could never get one, it’d freak me out every time I saw it.

  4. Little bit intense for me, but im sure he will have a few old gals swooning on the beach when its coloured in lol

  5. If this ends up going full leg it will be one of the largest musculature tattoos out there…. Somewhere on BME there’s a picture of a body builder with muscle fiber tattooed anatomically that’s crazy intense.

  6. Always liked this idea, and I think that leg looks great, even in just black and grey.

  7. … and come to think of it, i would probably start offering a really good price for a full torso piece in this grain. hmmm. :)

  8. its an awesome leg piece reminds me of a few days ago that suspension pic with the body painted muscle fibre’s and stuff if it would come out like that pic it would be a choke moment everytime you see it and to make shannons comment true.
    Skullboy IS getting his partner : muscle man

  9. Magician: Yes, this is Dragon Ink, and this tattoo is amazing!

    Chris Govier is starting my new chest piece this coming week! Yayy!! :-D

  10. I’m sure it’ll look grea when its done but at the moment it looks like a wolf man leg piece.

  11. Hate to break it to you all, but it’s anatomically very incorrect. Where are the tendons? And the artist used a lot of creative license with several muscles that don’t actually exist (like the one in the center behind the knee). Our hamstrings are supposed to cross the hip but end on the femur in the tattoo. Not to mention the fiber direction. These muscles look like a spool wrapped sloppily with thread. It’s pretty horrifying, I can’t imagine the artist even glanced at an anatomy atlas.

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