Polish Sausage Anyone?

I saw a story about a nutcase who tortured a woman to make a “bondage” video. I know ModBlog has a lot of readers who aren’t from a background where they actively take part in the more heavy activities featured here, and I wanted to make one thing extremely clear: Everything that I show here is consensual and is being done because the people or people involved want to.

And this guy wants to prepare lunch.

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47 thoughts on “Polish Sausage Anyone?

  1. in regards to the news story, on cnn it was reported that they were husband and wife.

    doesn’t mean it was consentual though

  2. amazing picture, did he acturlly cut it totally off? and will there be a follow up on his progress and more pics on bme extreme in the next update?

  3. Even if it was consensual, it was shot in an attempt to make it appear non-consensual, and I (personally) think that eroticizing the non-consensual is extremely dangerous.

  4. Absolute surrender and total trust. Although what is the point of the video, for private review or to shock/share with the public?

  5. I guess this could be an apple ad, think different. (there is a white apple mouse in the left side of the picture)

  6. In the zoomed in picture, all I can think is “Shit, I hope the knife doesn’t slip” or that it doesn’t just sort of go through.

    There’s been a few times where i’ve cut myself but haven’t even pressed hard on the blade (managing to hold a knife the wrong way round for instance, cut my fingers) but maybe that’s just a sign of my intelligence…

  7. i really like my penis so this would be a big no no for me, but for other guys, go for it, chop that fucker off!!!

    i really want some gigeresque implants for my cock. i’ve seen some like that here i think

  8. I might be wrong but I don’t think that knife is real; it looks like one of those novelty knives you buy for Halloween.

  9. now that ive been told that its a “play scene” (coment 4)
    im thinking that there must be some notch cut out of the edge of the wooden chopping board for his cock to come up from because with the knife that close to the board (it looks no more that 5mm) it would surely have cut through because im sure his cock can not be squashed down to only 5mm thick with a sharp looking blade like that.

  10. It is possible to be raped by a spouse. Marriage isn’t total consent to everything your spouse wants to do.

  11. I don’t think there was a notch cut out. If you press down slowly (or even not that slowly) it wont cut all the way through, maybe just something superficial considering how its a knife and not a razor blade. Think about how you cut fleshy things– you cut down, then drag across.

  12. This guy’s hot.

    I love how there are all these pics on BME of people doing this stuff to their bodies, RIGHT NEAR THE COMPUTER. I dunno, it’s just funny to me.

  13. cut it, cut it i will say! Amazing pic! But for reality-cut you will need a tight tied thread around the cock root!!!

  14. looking at the poor guy between his legs makes me wanna cry… why would someone do this to him, has he ever deserved something awful like that?!… man i feel really sad and sorry right now. i really feel like crying.

  15. i’m still thinking the blade is super dull. it’s like pressing a butter knife down on your arm. it won’t cut, but it’ll make the flesh push down.

  16. such a waste of a lovely cut of meat.

    I’m hoping it’s all play. That kielbasa is very nice where it lives right now, please leave it there.


  17. I was totally psyched to see a picture of someone who’s obviously on the younger side who’s into such super heavy extreme cbt, since usually people this far into it are much older.
    I am really super disgusted by all the “don’t do it, you’re too hot” comments here. If the guy were wrinkled and covered in white hair, you’d either have nothing to say or profess your admiration for such extreme old guys blah blah whatever.
    It’s really sad how a community you’d expect to be openminded about ALL bodies can actually be so age-ist and committed to a societally imposed concept of beautfy and sexuality.

  18. Don’t do it… You’ll get blood all over your computer!!!
    (His mouse is next to his “lunch”.)

  19. It’s really sad how a community you’d expect to be openminded about ALL bodies can actually be so age-ist and committed to a societally imposed concept of beautfy and sexuality

    Welcome to the real world.

  20. what a sad waste :/
    I wish people who felt like chopping body parts off would actually donate them to a hospital or something, for people that actually need them or want them.

  21. “uh yeah, here’s a penis. i don’t want it anymore. bye now.” yeah, that’d go over REAL well at a hospital wouldn’t it…

  22. A friend of mine does fetish porn, one genre is stabbing. They use fake, real-looking knives while sliding around in fake blood pretending to shank one another. He could be using such a knife. Regardless, his squished cock looks mighty uncomfortable.

  23. Cortatela flaco!!Este mundo esta lleno de pelotudos no nos traigas mas adeptos. Nos harias un gran favor. sdos

  24. he must have jsut bought that Mac cos damn i ws close to doing that when i was trying to igure out how to use a bloody Mac LOL

  25. did he actually cut it off and if so can i ask why, he looks like he does well in the dating department….

  26. My penis has been my life long companion and my best friend. There is no way I’d even consider anything like that.
    I’m willing to bet he didn’t actually cut it off. For those who have acutally have removed their genitalia, I can only suspect they take it to a taxidermist and have it preserved and mounted on a plaque to hang over their fireplace as a conversation piece. Unless someone wants a sex change, I can’t imagine why a man would want his equipment removed. Many are not feminine or homosexual but they just don’t want a penis and/or testicles. I just don’t get it.
    Years ago in Italy young boys who sang in the choir were often castrated before they reached puberty to preserve their youthful voice. Unfortunately they didn’t have a choice in the matter. I have done considerable reading on Eunuchs and castration and penectomy and it’s just beyond my comprehension. Anyone who makes this decision will only make it once. To each his own.

  27. Eeek.
    But it’s just a blunt knife, my martial arts friend has an unsharpened Tanto to train with and you can pretty much saw at yourself and it won’t do anything; if it were a proper sharp blade with that amount of pressure on it he would have already cut deep into himself.

    Well lit, shot, good picture but fake ;)

  28. Oh god why!?! Don’t do it. I think body mods are amazing…but not a fan of lobbin the little guy off!

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