Dog Scar

I can’t decide if this dog scarification by John Joyce (see also: John Joyce scar gallery on BME) is sweet or creepy — either way it’s very well done. I imagine over the next few years it will go through a number of different looks, perhaps eventually being tattooed to accentuate it when it ages completely. I still think that scar-tattoo fusion is going to being a very important artform.

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23 thoughts on “Dog Scar

  1. “I still think that scar-tattoo fusion is going to being a very important artform.”

    agreed. although i am still loving my scars (and will for quite some time) i am a bit eager to see what my artists and i can come up with in about 5-10 years for my piece. i have abotu 7 ideas floating thru my head but it is too early and i want to enjoy the scarification by itself for now.

  2. I never expected to see my picture on ModBlog, wow. I am so happy with how it turned out. John is very talented. I’m excited to see how the scar develops.

  3. This one is probably going to look awesome healed —– I don’t know how the person scars, but if it’s anything like how I would scar, this piece will take on some amazing visual and textural qualities….

  4. i can appreciate the dog scar… but the stretch marks are making me ill… barf-o-rama to the max

  5. I am so excited to consistently see work of this calibur from John! I have yet to be disappointed by any of his scarification pieces, or his experimental modification work.
    Well done, way to keep the bar high!
    (I think the dog is creepy, but I tend to swing that way in the first place).

  6. That looks amazing… in a terrifying way. It’s like a dog in a psychedelic dream… Update when healed!

    Gato, do you think that the girl doesn’t know she has stretch marks? I’m guessing that they upset her. So you’re taking the time to horribly insult a complete stranger, just so you can add a little more unhappiness to the world.
    Kudos to you.

    If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, don’t say it on the internet, because that’s very cowardly.

  7. I could barely look at the dog, I was so grossed out my those stretch marks! EW! Photoshop that shit!

  8. When did people become so ignorant and nasty, that they have to post remarks just to be mean. If that scarification piece was done bad, then by all means critique it, but critiquing someones body in a forum like this is very immature. And is not something i expected on a website like this one.

  9. shannon, this says by john joyce but I thought that the main bme photo the other say was this same dog and said by brian decker (xpurex). Did I remember something wrong?

  10. That brian decker guy, always trying to steal some of my spot light…. :)

    This one was definitely done by me.
    As soon as this piece heals up, i’ll send in some new pics.

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