It’s like a page from the dictionary

Seriously, I looked up “pothead” in the dictionary and tore it out to show you. Luis Botas from Kaustika in Mexico City did the tattoo — click through for the real photo by the way.

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26 thoughts on “It’s like a page from the dictionary

  1. That’s some pretty amazing stemless pot they’re growing in Mexico these days, it seems!

  2. I’d hope that they’ve got a position in the world where they can stay out of the eye of the police.

  3. well…i think i have something new to tag at my iam page now….i think i’ll consider it for a button as well!!!! :P
    Rlax & Njoy mah friends… _\ | / _

  4. damn, well I enjoy getting high just as much as the next guy, and while I’ve never attempted to keep it a secret, I also don’t go out of my way to advertise it.

  5. You know its bad when you look up “pothead” in the dictionary and see your picture. Also if you don’t think of it as a leaf, he looks like silver the hedgehog and this amuses me :)

  6. damn, i love smoking the chronic. i mean, im all about it. its my hobby. but i dont think i would get pot leaf on my forehead. i mean, the inside of my brain is already permanently altered form years of smoking, so why would i need to advertise it on the outside?

    renminds me of my friend, this super hippie who lives on the side of a mountain in humboldt and hasnt had a job in 8 years cause all he does is grow. he has a huge tattoo on the outside of his arm that has a pot leaf smoking a joint holding an ak-47 and it sayd “killer bud” under it. i should have him send in a pic…

  7. Wow. I’m surprised this didn’t elict a stronger like the “stupid” forehead tattoo.

    Looks like a good tattoo and all, and I’m cool with people’s hobbies – not against taking part every now and again – but having that sort of tattoo on ones head just doesn’t strike me as being very classy. As others pointed out…not something that needs to be advertised.

  8. Weed…boy there’s no way to camo that type of ink. I prefer mushroom tattoos myself….way easier to explain… “OOoo, I’m an Alice in Wonderland Fan…love that caterpillar fellow!”

  9. Jay… we know yer secret now… mwahahaha… Also, thanks for advertising that you don’t advertise… what’s this marijuana thing anywho…? *wink wink nudge nudge*

  10. this is awesome, but i worry about how much shit hell get from cops :( dmt eh shannon? been there once, quite a trip! you should hear joe rogan (tho he is a huge tool) go off about dmt… apparently he has an isoloation chamber in his basement and sees a golden buddha quite often.

  11. Pretty bold to have it done in that open of a place, I mean every time someone looks at him they’ll see this big glowing pot leaf first off. Aside from that I think it’s awesome he would have this done especially if he is not only an advocate for recreational use but also for medicinal and industrial use, the hemp and marijuana plant are some of the most usefull plants we have on this earth and it’s such a waste of resources to not use them to our advantage, for example: An acre of trees used to make paper on average takes 50 to 500 years to grow back untill it can be harvested again, that same acre replaced with hemp plants can be harvested up to 3 times in one year and produce the same amount of paper. And this is’nt even mention the multitude of other uses for the hemp plant.

  12. I figure it possibly expresses a larger political statement than “I like to get stoned” (though if you’re enough of a stoner to get that tattoo, then by the time you’re 80 you won’t have enough brain cells to regret your reckless youth! :D)
    I’m currently thinking about the couple threatened with jail for selling cannabis chocolate (at no profit) to MS sufferers, who our NHS can do nothing for…
    Given a suspended sentence. Also in the news here is a guy convicted of sexually assaulting 4 children… who got the same suspended sentence.
    Perhaps this guy ought to run the world. :)

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