And now you know…

It’s always an uncomfortable moment for a parent when they’re asked for the first time, “Mommy, where do Coca-Colas come from?”

PS. Please don’t sue me megacorp. I have nothing of value other than the sodas which I produce, with great effort I might add, for you already.

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94 thoughts on “And now you know…

  1. I wonder if he has any relation to GOATSE…I might make the claim that its the same guy, but the wedding band is missing.

  2. I love that he is wearing a dress shirt. Makes me wonder if that has been in there all day…

  3. Should not have been but was tottally surprised when i klicked on th photo ~_0 frick man whats next a full 2litter of rootbeer?

  4. i would like to point out that:

    A= this guy is wearing a crisp, clean, button up shirt
    B= the toilet in the bathroom (look at the flusher thing on the wall) is not like what would normally be in someone’s home
    C= the gross, plain beige tile also would probably not go to the ceiling in someone’s home either

    A+B+C= office bathroom coke+anus fun!!!

    exhibitionists really make me giggle!

  5. 15/Emily- Perhaps he doesn’t like bringing a lunch box to work and instead created some self-storage. 0_o

  6. i will never poop and drink coke at the same time ever again… the dangers of drinking soda with no pants… ouch ffs…

  7. All that’s missing from this pic is another person drinking it while its still inside him

  8. yikes! i was searching around some cheapie site the other day, and i came across “pop can plugs” for stretched ears. and i TOTALLY expected this to be one of those plugs lodged in a horrible infected stretched earlobe.

    but, should i expect anything less from modblog?

  9. *tears of laughter from number 8….* (while rolling on the floor laughing.)

    Personally I’d be concerned at losing it. I’d tie a safety string to it or something :)

  10. in response to cleoxero in comment #21 (it feels wierd to talk about this matter of factly, lol, but thats what you get with someone like me who is working towards a BA in human sexuality, i guess.. lol), i doubt that theyre the same person. the ballsack is different, as well as the fingers on’s pic are stumpier looking than the ones in this pic. i guess theres an audience for folks who like to see/experience bizarre insertions… the sexual market is a broad one.

  11. The fact that the can has no gradual curve on top like a bottle, it’s blunt as hell, means the guy must have an ass of steel.
    HEY, the nice shirt…office bathroom…could it possibly be Clark Kent (aka Superman)?

  12. Yuck, reminds me of a video a friend showed me a few days ago of a guy fisting his own arse, like seriously he had no ‘O’ ring.

  13. I think this entry (no pun intended) has prompted some of the funniest comments from fellow modbloggers that I have ever read! Thanks everyone :)

  14. Dont try this at home, kids!
    this takes years of stuffing things up your ass to practice! LoL

  15. o_O …oh my! I kid you not, I was drinking a can of coke when I clicked the picture and half of it ended up over the keyboard I was that bewildered. The mind boggles how this started.

  16. Talk about a “heinous anus”!

    (I’d still rather look at THIS than some fat fuck doing a suspension.)
    -bleh. 8¬X

  17. Why does it seem like all the sex stuff has to be gay? I would lke to see some fine pussy here in variuos forms and stretchings.. …~_0

  18. Ok James u must be a closet fuckin FAG..but nothin wrong with that…. I accept u 4 who u r even if u dont ~_0

  19. That is so0o0o0o wrong… ewww… coca cola is my fave soda.. but after this pic i dont think i will be able to drink any for a while…

  20. So far the most exciting thing my friend who works at the ER has ever pulled out of an ass is a large lemon. The guy said he “accidentally tripped and fell on it”.
    I bet he did.

  21. Now that’s what I call a can-do attitude.

    I’d say this is definitely not in the home. Note the bathroom, the shirt, and the lines on his butt where he’s been sitting on his underwear. Who just pops into the bathroom at work, shoves a coke can up their ass, takes a photo, and puts it on the internet?

    From a safety perspective, this guy should have something like a strap or a string attached to this coke can to prevent super-embarrassing ER visits/TSA screenings.

    Bradly: there are copious amounts of vajayjay and lady lumps photos up in here. Quit your bitching.

  22. Wells ur a closset fag 2 or a bitch im not sure hard t tello by ur name.cause the call for more pussy should never be put down !!!

  23. Oh god, I really thought that was put his dick before I clicked on the picture.. like one of those mini cans or something.. ok I’m not sure how that would happen, but urgh! my mind is worse than what it really is!

  24. Reminds me of a placement I had at a hospital a couple of years ago. Guy cme in with a can of coffee up his arse & when asked how it got there, he looked sheepish & said “My wife left the can on the sofa, & I didn’t realise it was there, so accidentally sat on it…”; Ironically he wasn’t much believed by the doctor…

  25. why in the fuck are u talkin stupid fuckin that a dude who sticks a can a coke in his ass that he aint fuckin gay??

  26. Maybe I should’ve known better but this really needed some better warning. That’s just sick

  27. Imagine that….. ur 19 years and still nieve as fuck..I have sum magic beans for sale… ~_0

  28. Straight men have anal nerves/prostate glands too… Gay guys aren’t so different that they have different BODIES, for gods’ sakes.
    For example, my fiance wants his anus fisted (and is probably so glad I’ve just told all the world) :D
    That guy needs the sturdier equivalent of a tampon string.

  29. Em wake up b4 u marry a fag!!! Like whooly fuck what fuckin day dreamers ….~_0 p.s. that guy dont need no fuckin tampon string if it isnt obviuos he can shoot that can str8 to the fuckin moon if he wants 2….+_*

  30. “I just accidentally fell on it…”

    Yeah, right. That’s what they all say. Thing is, if you’re into this sort of thing, or think for a few moments, you GOTTA realize you’re not going to be the first one showing up with stuff up yer butt, in the ER.

    At which point, nothing for it but to just smile and be bold! “Yeah, of course I stuck it up there, obviously~!”

    /cue Eddie Murphy butt song

  31. Hey, i’m straight, and i enjoy the occasional insertion. Although i only use things that are long enough that i can pull out again.

  32. No, we’re different people.
    I repeat, straight men have anal nerves and prostate glands too.
    *runs off to buy some rubber gloves*

  33. 2 extreme this is getting old ur a str8up man lover and grow up evry here is loossing there patience with u!!!! ~_0

  34. The real question would not be “how’d he get it in there” or “how’s he gonna get it out” but “I wonder if he can crush that can with his fuzzy brownstar muscles?”

    Bradly, stop being a little bitch.
    You’re acting worse than a Hooker with the itch.

  35. Bradly, stop being a little bitch…lol thx for the attention .ur noise is noise but ur pic is cOOL.but ur not my type…~_0

  36. Damn…My ass is hurting just too watch this, and i´m happent too love analsex with a mann !!!

  37. I don’t think I could hate Bradly more if I tried. Fucking stupid homophobic piece of shit.

  38. Hey Zar I am not Homo phobiac ill fuck u if u want me to just bend over.Btw thanks I needed that..~_0

  39. Bradly, if it bothers you that much, why do you keep coming back?

    “grow up evry here is loossing there patience with u!!!! ~_0 ”

    Pot? Kettle? Black?

  40. Listen all u hose im justbeing me which is what u all called me is a TROLL…Dont feed the Troll underthe bridge and u wont have to worry about getting a chunk bitten out of ye ol knogginbut maybe u need to have a brain transplacement …whole or partail that why i am hair ~_0
    just put a quater in the gumball machine and out ur hand

  41. um, what happens if it gets “sucked” in too far? ER visit? there’s a reason buttplugs have a big lip on the bottom after all….

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