Oldschool Leatherpunch Piercing

Other than the issues of sterilization and contamination, the leather punch is a remarkably functional body piercing tool. I know several people who are now well-respected piercers who used them to do their first (self) piercings! It creates a hole analogous to a dermal punch, comes in a wide range of sizes, and makes a remarkably clean cut on each side — now, to be clear, I’m not recommending it, and these days it’s cheaper and easier to go to a professional than to buy a leather punch, but the fact is that the majority of the time, they’re a very functional DIY tool!

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34 thoughts on “Oldschool Leatherpunch Piercing

  1. Leather punches aren’t bloody in general… it’s basically a dermal punch that tapers slightly (like a non-disposible punch does), and if the ring is fit right, there should be very little bleeding.

  2. I don’t know, this whole series looks kind of fake to me. If you actually check the ones posted in the nipple piercing section on BME you can see more close up. If you look at the ‘before’ picture it looks to me like his nipple was already pierced to begin with.

  3. ummm… that nipple piercing already looks healed and i do not think it was actually pierced by that tool.

  4. My boyfriend has been trying to convince me for months that piercing with a leather punch would be a great idea… I’ll have to hide this entry from him ;P

  5. I have one of those punches (for leatherwork) and that pic, real or staged, made me shudder. Not much does. For some reason it got to me o.O

  6. Even if it rusty from the autoclave, couldn’t something negative happen from the rust? Like irritating the piercing or something?

  7. see the screw at the end of the handle?
    very slow= very painful…
    I think i´d be too much a sissy to use a leatherpunch…

  8. BigAl: im pretty sure that the screw is just there to prevent them from opening up too much. i could be wrong though.

  9. heh, thats quite handy then. My piercer used 1.2needles with a canular bit for 1.6 piercings so te canular tapers up the hole and more or less eliminates the bleeding, tis a niffty lil idea :)

  10. Interesting concept.

    But not with that punch. That thing looks nasty.

    Do they make them in materials that could be autoclaved? I am kind of leather punch ignorant. I know we have one, but I’m pretty sure it looks just as skeevy as that one does.

  11. OWCH. i worth with leather punches alot, i compete with horses in the summer. so i tend to break leather straps alot. XD
    and that must hurt like a bastard, made me cringe.

  12. A rusty old leather punch? Can you say Tetnus? Infection?
    Sure ya can! Why not use a hammer drill?

  13. I also pierced my nipples with a leather punch at 5mm it was very painful but didn’t bleed very much. My nipples hurt for 7 days, but they were not infected or anything like that. After 8 weeks they were healed. Really a painful but also great expirience.

  14. 28, rust doesn’t cause tetanus, the collection of dirt on the object being pierced with would thou.
    Even saying, if theres that much rust i’m sure theres dirt.
    i wanna try..

  15. Inspired by these images my friends pierced my nipples that way.
    It was somehow a test of courage for me.
    They punched my nipples at 5mm to get 6mm barbells in.
    The pain can not be described, it was the most extreme pain I ever experinced.
    I could not wear a shirt for a week after that. But after 2 weeks it did not hurt anymore.
    It healed very quick and looks really great now.
    If you can stand the pain it is a good way to get your nipples pierced directly at a large gauge.

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