Australia Day Festivities

Seriously, if ModBlog has even come close to accurately representing Australia, it seems to me that I picked the wrong hemisphere of Commonwealth countries to be born in… I mean, here’s Australia Day, early afternoon (tinaxo and panties — who I think I’ll post again tomorrow thanks to her sending us a few Wicked Weasel photos)…

Hang around long enough — maybe not that long at all — and it’ll be worth your while… as Pox discovered later that evening.

Anyway, to complete the triad of sexy girls and drinking in the kiddie pool with fighting, I’m going to get back to watching Crank and tonight’s UFC event. More tomorrow…

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40 thoughts on “Australia Day Festivities

  1. I have noticed that australian girls are for some odd reason very attractive…I don’t know what it is, they don’t look much different from girls in america

  2. Does she have a black eye? Posted by cuntcumber
    Look at the picture u stupid fuckin cucumber wanna B she got black makeup under both eyes u stupid fuckin wanna be little bitch, evry here hates u and ur waste of fuckin time ?’s start a juornal and burn it with ur losser hopes and drweams ~_0

  3. a little harsh don’t you think?^^^

    beautiful girls, kiddie pools and beer=good times…what more could you ask for?

    love the girls’ sleeves

  4. If u banned my email and my responese i would not be surpised i get banned from ervywhere i go lol cause i am a troll indeed,dont really fuckin care 99% of the post here are garbage ~_0

  5. By the way fuck u shannon i dont need mod blog i could type random facts and email to myself with as much satisfaction as lookin here

  6. wow bradly, you only succeeded in making yourself look like even more of a dick with poor spelling. go back to elementary school and stop wasting our time with your pathetic comments.

  7. wow bradly.. Posted by Luxie
    Don’t feed the troll…Posted by Shannon Larratt
    nice way to follow instructions posted By Bradly ~_0

  8. all i can focus on is the murky water. it’s skeeving me out. hahaha. the dude’s adorable and the girls are hot…but the water…is gray. one of my little phobias…cloudy pool water.

  9. haha ^mimibeth, i think it just looks grey because it’s dark out! err, well and there’s prolly some beer in there . . .

  10. Am I the only person that saw the underwater bottle in the second picture? At first it looked like he was sitting on it in a rather uncomfortable way.

  11. I love tinaxo, purely because she had a R&J sleeve, and also she named her child Juliet.

    This is the perfect name, apart from my future unplanned son who shall be name Tybalt.

    Oh yes.

    And thank you Shannon as always, my big eye fetish has been satisfied

  12. The only thing missing from these photos is the triple J hottest 100 Blaring out across the weekend.

  13. holy shit, why does australia have the most beautiful women? please let there be a massive migration to the US very very soon

  14. The sleeve on the chick on the left in the first shot, is probably the lushest i have ever seen, awesome use of color and theme, not too busy, mad props to the artist.

  15. lol I love the bird poop on the slat, Shannon should have put to Modblog symbol over it :)
    Seriously tho I love the pic of the 2 girls, they look like great mates.

  16. i say, fer fuck’s sake, pop-a-titty!

    that water had so much cardboard and beer in it, i don’t know how any of us survived.

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