Healing clavical cuts

A while back I posted KD’s fresh cuttings. She sent in a more healed photo showing just how beautifully they’re turning out, so I wanted to share that here.

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31 thoughts on “Healing clavical cuts

  1. The original is the second picture in her IAM gallery too… I just brought up the levels. If you were in a bright room, that is presumably exactly what KD’s eyes really look like.

  2. Between the eyes and the gorgeous cuttings, I didn’t even realise she had her nostrils pierced at first.

    Beautiful girl. Her scars suit her body shape very well.

  3. Those are so perfect. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that my own cuttings – when I get the balls to do it – will turn out to compliment my body so nicely.

  4. I love her nostril piercings and collarbone scars.

    The super-edited eyes ruined the picture for me. I think that much emphasis on her eyes took away from her actual beauty.

  5. WOW, they’re even more gorgeous healed then they are fresh. It looks like they scarred beautifully, the color is so nice against her skin.

  6. Poor shannon gets attacked on the photoshopping everytime lol… The girl has amazing green eyes anyway but the uping the levels just make em look freekily cool… I like the cuts and specially how they healed

  7. why do people focus on stupid stuff? this photo is about the scars not her eyes. those scars are amazing by the way

  8. I was thinking about getting piercing surface bars just under my clavicles, but after seeing how beautifully this work has turned out, I may change my mind and design a cutting instead. :)

  9. There is something about this girl. I can’t stop looking at her. I think she may have the most perfectly placed piercings I have ever seen.

  10. I’ve never really been that into cuttings, well, never considered it for myself. But after seeing this I think I might. I was going to get surface piercings under my clavicals but those cuttings look absolutely beautiful.

  11. i had anchors under my clavicals and once they were removed i was sad they didnt scar and decided i wanted a large scar there instead. my cuts have been extremely painful. and even at 4 and a half week, they still hurt, and are extremely sensitive to the point where rolling over at night makes me yelp. i have soo much more respect for people with large scarification work now.

  12. I just can’t stop looking at her nostril piercings…they suit her so perfectly!

  13. #18. silly comment. both the person taking the picture and the person posing, if they’re not the same person, made a point of flashing the peepers. if the photo was ABOUT the scars, then the photographer would not have incorporated anything into the photograph that would distract the viewer’s attention from the focal point, i.e. the scars.

    wow. silly reply to a comment, I know.


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