If the dog didn’t like it, he’d bite him

So don’t get mad at Freakboy for lifting his curious puppy Brutus during his knee suspension with Jimi and Mineiro of Diabos Mutantes in So Paulo, Brasil… Speaking of puppies

179 thoughts on “If the dog didn’t like it, he’d bite him

  1. aww, cute! the boy looks so happy, and the pup’s a darling too. (there’s an awful lot of pit puppies that LOVE being manhandled like that, so no worries!)

  2. I disagree with comment 6, no dog likes being manhandled.

    A dog behaves exactly like it bought up by its owners.
    Treat a dog badly, and its going to turn out mean. Most dogs turn nasty out of fear, I believe their motive to be attack before im hurt myself.

    Maybe miss lila, you would like to be lifted by someone grabbing your skin, then hanging up upside down by your legs…

    How anyone can abuse any kind of animal leaves me cold inside.

  3. and how easy would it be for that dog to wiggle out of his grip if he was really having such a terrible time?

  4. My puppy likes to be “manhandled” like that… its just playing. and technically when you say “would you like to be lifted by someone grabbing your skin”… dont people who suspend do that on a regular basis (to some extent)?

  5. have you ever put two puppies (or adult dogs for that matter) together. they play fight and manhandle (doghandle?) each other. dogs are more robust than some people give them credit for. and that skin he’s picking him up by is there with that slack for just that reason. its how mother dogs would pick up their children.

    if that dog really had a problem with being picked up he would have deffinatly let the dude know.

  6. Surely if people decide to suspend thats their choice isnt it?

    My dogs love to be roughed up a bit when they are played with, that does not mean I lift them by their legs. In fact they bait me to play with them.

    There is also a big difference in the weight of a puppy whos mother picks it up by its skin and a fully grown dog!

    If its that dudes dog, then it would to a certain extent let the dude abuse him, dosnt mean to say he enjoys it, does it?

    Next people will be saying dog fighting is an amusing family sport.

    No cruelty to an animal is acceptable under any circumstance.

  7. Both mother dogs and trained veterinary professionals lift puppies and kittens by their skin like that.

    Plus the dog is CLEARLY smiling in the second picture. And that’s consent enough for me…..I mean….Uhh…..

  8. The point being @ comment 13, that is not a puppy or a kitten big diff in the weight!
    Wanna borrow my contacts Ant, I cant see a smile on that dogs face?

  9. I think it is a puppy. And it does look like it’s having fun.

    But I’m not argueing with you. Not because I don’t think I’m right, but because i don’t want to disturb the peace in a place I’m so fond of such as modblog. Peace out…

  10. erm tbh its happend now stop crying about it, its a good picture admire the picture…jesus grow up hes not actually killing the dog hes giving the dog a ralitively painless free suspension experience…dogs should feel it to

  11. Comment @ 16, just because its over does it make it ok?

    So, just because hes not actually killing the dog, its also ok?

    Who says the dog wants a relatively painless suspension.

    Did the dog actually ask to feel suspension?

    I think not, so grow up. Cruelty to animals is never acceptable, whether its to make a picture for idiots like you to admire or for some other futile reason!!

  12. do you think cruilty to ÈMþRꧧ is just cause aswell??
    just stop arguing over modblog…its pointless, its a good picture shannon saw that thts why he posted it

  13. Surely Ozmo, some pictures Shannon posts are to cause controversy and debate?

    Most of the postings here that have the most replies are pictures like this.

  14. i just think its silly arguing about this picture, and i have nothing agianst your beleifs atall your allowed them, but we both have different opinions so i just want to leave it at that

  15. Its not just a picture is it tho.
    And yeah I have very strong beliefs where animals are concerned, they bring joy and happiness to 1,000s of people it just pisses me off when they are abused in any way.
    And you can just leave it like that Ozmo, dont respond anymore :)

  16. hehe, Thought you were leaving it :)
    And yeah it was rude, but..my passion is animal welfare cannot help myself.

  17. i said i understand ur opinions and i was going to leave it like no more arguing on the subject, i appologize for my argument but we cant all beleive the same thing leaving it now, and theres no need to be rude as i am being mature about this situation

  18. Ozmo, if I caused you offence I apologise.
    But im not apologizing for my beliefs on animal welfare.

  19. OMG Ant your eating veal I hope it chokes you no offence an all.

    Oh Ant next time you fancy a nice slice of veal, pick up the knife yourself and look into that beautiful little calfs eyes as you slaughter it…maybe it would not taste quite so nice.

  20. i didnt say you had to, i agree with your beleifs but i still think this is a good picture, i dont want or wish upon anybody to say sorry for what they beleive in, i think your a good person for what you beleive in(ok here comes someone with the line *so children what have we learnt today*) end. and thankyou for apologising

  21. So, Ozmo has your lesson today been, its really not good to hang dogs upside down by their legs to make a picture?

  22. yes and that ÈMþRꧧ has good beleifs and i should look into my own, (Y) goodnight im english its late

  23. Goodnight yourself Ozmo, im also English.
    Anymore argueing and I will expect a mug of horlicks to sustain me through this arguement.
    Nite Nite sweet dream.

  24. #33 – You just made me choke on my drink from laughing!!

    The dog looks slightly bewildered but I’m sure if it objected it’d make sure the guy knew.

    The second pic is cute as hell =)

  25. ÈMþRꧧ – dear god… having strong beliefs about such matters is fine and sticking to them is commendable – forcing said beliefs down other people’s throats is not.

    I sympathised with you up until the “I hope it chokes you” comment. That really was a step too far. For shame.

  26. Oh and if you’re offering, I could really go for a mug of horlicks right now.. and a couple of bourbon biscuits… and if you could run ‘em down to Southend for me that’d be ace =)

  27. Now Ozmo, I thought you had gone to sleep, im from central uk :)

    Sorry aglet, I rarely show shame, especially if someone is eating a very young animal thats had no life. Most times they are farm reared into the bargain.

  28. ÈMþRꧧ i was but this is getting interesting i love meeting ppl from the uk spesh on BME anyone form the uk willing to post a myspace url??

  29. Now I feel guilty beating up on ya, you look nice..
    Off to sleep with you, loads of people need holes poked in them tomorrow lol:)

    Hugz x

  30. ÈMþRꧧ – I’m vegetarian and sickened by veal. But people know where it comes from and if they want that on their conscience then it’s up to them. Ant was clearly joking – possibly in poor taste (I thought it was funny as fuck, but that’s just me) but it was far from serious nonetheless =)

  31. ÈMþRꧧ been buggin me, are you male or female? and do you have a myspace? and english folk do you guys no anywhere where i can get silicone plugs or tunnels for 20mm??

  32. aglet, actually I laughed myself at his comment, dont tell him tho *wink.

    I love poking the stick in the hornets nest giving it a good stir and standing back :)

  33. Im female Ozmo.

    I have seen somewhere on here where to get silicone plugs from, cannot remember where tho.

    Ask Shannon hes usually in the know about most things to do with mods. If he dosnt know, im sure he knows a man that will.

  34. I hate getting in on stupid arguments like these but I can’t drop. You say that you can’t stand seeing animals abused and I agree with that, but how can you say that it is being abused? The picture in no way suggests that the animal is in pain or unhappy. On the contrary, in the second picture it looks quite contented leaning in to lick the suspendee’s ear.

  35. I have nthn mor eto say than u moderators blow blow blow down the house u fuckin cum huffers ~_0 thx

  36. I agree that the dog is too big to be handled that way. Why not pick it up around the chest/hind quarter area? You may be the owner, but that doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want to the animal, especially one that trusts you so blindly. I think a dog should be taught to be good around people, particularly bull terrier types who get a bad press at the best of times.

    But overall yeah, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  37. You’re all misinformed.. Mother cats and dogs do not scruff their kittens and puppies, they do not grab from the skin. They have a hold of the neck and the skin, which is considerably less painful and at that age usually they have more of a pain tolerance. Hence cropping and docking being done to dogs at a very young age.

    Anyways, regarding Shannon’s title comment, dogs will not always bite if they do not like it. Humans are the alpha of the pack, and that dog looks frightened by the fact that it’s guardian is dangling it by the feet, which can and will injure the dogs legs and dislocate something if the dog chose it wanted down. It’s dangerous for the dog’s well-being.

    It looks as if the dog was licking the guys ear, judging by how close the snout is to the face, or nosing him. Dogs lick and mouth at a dominant or alpha dogs face and nose to show submission. When I clip my dogs nails she licks my face as in a “No please don’t” sort of thing. The animal doesn’t look like it’s having fun, it looks scared..

    Sure, the photo looks cool… but at the expense of frightening an animal.

  38. I like veal… i guess its just me but theres not much on my conscience about eating it.

    also, telling someone to choke on it because of YOUR beliefs.. stupid. I’m fine with people having their own views but dont force them on anyone else.

    And who is to say the dog does or doesnt like it? When i hold my cat upside down she purrs, and when i put her down she runs back for more.

    are you a dog whisperer?

  39. THIS IS NOT ANIMAL CRUELTY !!! opinions are like assholes… everyone’s got ‘em and most of them smell like shit… well, my cat just had a litter and the buckets almost full… now where’s that lid… oh, and i find it amusing that people who are sooo into animal rights wish harm on humans that they believe are hurting animals… hypocritical bullshit… SAVE THE ANIMALS, KILL THE HUMANS !!! keep yer opinion firmly between yer cheeks where it belongs… pucker up butter-cup…

  40. man… its like that pic when the guy pierced his goldfish and people freaked out and complained. I should start postin pics of animals suspending or with impalnts

  41. I though people in England spoke english but i didn’t even understand half of that fight/conversation O_o

    Even if how he’s picking up the dog could in some way injure it, it’s not like that’s his intention, mistakes and animal cruelty are different. I carry my cat upside down sometimes, or attack him with my foot so he can try to bite it, and he ALWAYS comes back for more attention.

  42. I bench-press my cats when they bug me while I’m exercising. Of course, I’m supporting their weight, and they do purr and curl their toes so I’m pretty sure they’re liking it.

    I think they guy suspending could’ve held the dogs weight so it was more comfortable for the dog…

  43. Blah blah blah spiritual blah blah blah experience blah blah blah sensation blah blah blah.
    So much of what I read here is about a persons choice to do what they want with their own body. Fair enough. Impale yourself and chop your cock off until you feel that your spirituality has experienced as much sensation as you care to. Leave the animals out of it, they don’t have a choice.
    Or are you guys gonna go the whole hog and just bite the heads off chickens?

  44. You guys will bitch about everything wont you?

    And this whole time that you’re bitching about a dog being held my loose skin, which doesn’t hurt the dog, or about how the dog is, GOD FORBID UPSIDE DOWN!!!

    You forgot to look at the obvious, the tail is cropped. Which unlike the other two reasons to throw a fit, accually can cause alot of damnage and pain.

    It looks like to me that 90% of you just look for the first thing that catches your eye and then you go on to start a rant about it, yet you don’t take the time to bother really look at the picture, nor think about what you’re saying.

  45. Comment @ 77
    Actually no I dont bitch about everything. Go read every posting I have made here. I dont complain about people spending hours in the chair getting inked or pierced. Because guess what thats their decision. People want to take multiple needles and get covered in blood play piercing thats also their decision.

    When an animal dosnt look 100% comfortable of course I will say something.

    So, would it be cool to hang a child upsidedown by the legs, imagine the outcry over that. Michael Jackson dangled his kid I got sick of hearing and reading that for weeks all over the TV & papers.

    But its ok to do it to a poor defenceless animal….surely thats double standards.

  46. Honesly, I think it’s funny that people have to put EVERYTHING down or find a negative resonse for everything to feel empowered! …. I say, Nice pictures!


  47. #73/Jenny, this conversation just made me roll my eyes to heaven before… but now I have to prove that some English people are in no way mindless text-speak whores!
    I am seriously considering having the rules for “its” and “it’s” tattooed on my body somewhere. That is how seriously I take English. :D
    Also, Shannon doesn’t post pictures that produce arguments to “cause controversy” – sometimes they’re posted because they’re interesting, and in the case of a couple they’re posted to bait stupid people.
    If no-one was stupid, no-one would cause controversy through their daft knee-jerk reactions!

  48. So i have no registered under multiple mod blog names how are u goin to moderate those i will give one last chance iether ban this name from here(if u can) or if u keep moderating my comments then i will be forced to huff and puff and i will blow ur site down. ~_0 Fuckers I hate evry1 who loks like my ma and babbles unitelltigle rehoric upon bozo buckets number 9 wins u the most valuable priz a zebra that has no stripes but feels like it dosnt belong anywhre but in the zzoooo with the painted horses +_*

  49. Hey ÈMþRꧧ, as far as I know, dogs aren’t defenceless… and like the original caption says, I’m sure if that dog wasn’t comfortable with what was happening to him, he WOULD make it known.

  50. Hey gangrene,
    Dogs arnt defenceless, but when an animal loves its owner it would tolerate a lot of things whether it liked the owners behaviour or not..
    Does this make it right?
    Lets face it judging by the comments people either love animals or have little regard for them.

  51. But I’m pretty sure if the dog was being HURT (which seems to be the main issue here when people are crying abuse) it would fight back… dogs don’t just sit there and take it all the time. If you step on even the most placid dog, it will do SOMETHING to let you know it hurt.
    And to people saying this dog is being abused, I think the whole big picture needs to be looked at, including how healthy he looks in general (which he does), and whether the owner’s intentions are indeed malicious (which they aren’t)

  52. Gangrene, since no one can actually ask the dog, im sure we will never know.

    CreativenonFiction…you should get a job as a professional aggitator, I know your joking :)

  53. 79. kids love being held upside down. haha. i remember when i was a kid, and it was fun. my campers loved it too, when i was a camp counselor. heck, people throw their kids in the air while they giggle with joy. and does anyone protest that? no. while i realize how some animals may enjoy while others wouldn’t, the dog would be easily able to free itself if it was truly uncomfortable, like an earlier comment said. i tried holding my dog upside down once when it was a puppy, but he didn’t like it so he wiggled free with ease, and i didn’t do it again. either way, it’s not really much of an issue. even if the dog didn’t enjoy it, this is hardly torture and there are much more serious animal rights issues to work yourself up about.

  54. how much of my life will be spent reading the mindless drivel that is modblog comments? empress you’re a retard. My golden lab Rory bit me on several occasions over food issues, I have the scars on my hands to prove it, and we still loved eachother. r.i.p. Rory. defenseless? that puppy could kill that guy if it felt like it. Get off the computer and go for a walk you emo assholes… . . [Nice pics! . end of fucking comments]

  55. well i like this picture and think it’s cute :) and i’m not usually interested ion suspention pics.
    to be honest it depends on the dog, i agree it probubly would bite if it was in pain or really scared.
    but like i said depends on the dog, if my dog doesn’t liek something i do to it such as a way i pick her up or if i play too hard she’ll bite me, gentally, not hard enough to break skin just like an “oi i dont liek tht bitch!” haha, or growl at me.
    and either way if it hurt the dog it would yelp and try to get away.
    also, the owner probubly knows the dog alot better then we do.
    cool pic, and yeh all for being against animal cruelty, but i dont think this is cruel at all!

  56. “Maybe miss lila, you would like to be lifted by someone grabbing your skin, then hanging up upside down by your legs…
    The owner seems to be enjoying being lifted by his skin and hanging upside down by his legs!
    Can’t be that bad!
    (Shannon, you totally do this on purpose with the animals. It’s hilarious)
    That guy knows his dog better than any of you do.
    Pitbulls are tough dogs (That dog is clearly part staff) They play like that.
    If he didn’t want to be held like that, he wouldn’t be. If he belongs to that dude, he’d know.
    I have a dog I can rough up – and he loves it.
    I have another dog that if I pet him too hard he freaks out.
    People can read their own animals and know their limits.

  57. You know, some people take things way too seriously.

    I’m all about being confident in your beliefs, but when it gets to the point that you think all that believe differently than you are WRONG WRONG WRONG, it’s gone too far.

    Keep it to yourself or for gods’ sake, at least try not to shove your own belief down someone else’s throat.

  58. I think its kind of rude for people to tell others to shut up in the comments. If you don’t like what people are saying, either just leave your comment about the picture, or just simply DON’T READ through all the comments and worry about it in the first place.

  59. I’m an animal lover and I think this looks like a fun pic. The dog looks like he’s healthy and cared for. Your pets will let you know if they don’t like something. I have a cat who LOVES to rough-house, just will not leave us alone and another who’d claw your face right off if we tried the same shit with her. I’m sure he knows what his dog’s personality will allow.

  60. ÈMþRꧧ, about what u said about how its a bit hypocritical michael jackson get critisized for danglign a baby over the balcony and this not.
    well the baby could have been KILLED if he’d dropped it.
    where as the lieklyness of this dog being killed if dropped from only about a foot up is unlikely
    i’m not trying to argue, i’m just pointing tht out

  61. @comment 78
    As a dog matures, the skin looses that “elasticity” and pain tolerance. That is a grown dog and grabbing it by the skin WILL hurt it.

    Tails are also cropped at 2 days of age, when it is virtually painless. I am against cropping, as I think it’s nothing but a way to serve a selfish purpose in which we think a dog looks the best, which is silly.

    @comment 90
    What does resource guarding have to do with any of this? Dog’s no not bite over food simply because they hate you, it’s because some dogs are more programmed to think if you take away food they will starve. It isn’t aggressive or malicious, it’s resource guarding which is instinctual.

    @comment 97
    Just because an animal tolerates something doesn’t mean they like it.

    @comment 98
    If the dog chose it wanted down it could very easily been dropped on the hard cement floor, damaging it’s head. Or, it could dislocate a leg bone very easily when it is dangled and hog tied. it wasn’t being hurt in the moment while it was being dangled upside down (except when he grabbed the skin).. it could result in an injury. It’s irresponsible, no matter how much a guy knows his dog.

  62. @101 ~ I realize that. However, you don’t know if he likes it or not. When I play with my pets it’s because THEY want to play, not me.

  63. Adding to my comment above: No one knows for sure whether the dog is enjoying himself for sure or not. It doesn’t look to me like he’s being mistreated. I also know when my pets are tolerating or enjoying. I don’t make them “tolerate” anything for the sake of my own entertainment.

  64. Kitchee, there’s a difference between roughhousing and dangling a dog by the feet. I have no doubt that your animals enjoy roughhousing, however.. in this particular situation I said that although I do not believe the animal was being harmed in the moment of while he was being dangled, it can lead to injuries. It’s irresponsible to risk something like a dislocation or concussion from being dropped onto a cement floor.

  65. This is disgusting. grabbing a dog by its back skin, this IS CRUEL. and if some one from the humane society seen this they would for sure fine you and take your dog. This is just wrong you should nto own a dog. not to mention the serious damage you can do to its legs by hanging it like that.

    [email protected]

  66. Poster # 14. mother dogs do not grab their pups from there, they do it at the scruff at the neck, when they are puppies, not grown dogs. and dogs dont smile, they dont know the concept of smiling. dogs are not humans

    [email protected]

  67. stop generalizing and judging based on your own experiences. He knows his own damn dog. I dangle my dog by the feet like that he will go insane and I have a small dog. My other friends with much bigger pets do the same thing and there dogs love it.

  68. @101, my aunt had her dog’s tail docked rather late in life allbeit because it had a wound that wouldn’t heal, but I’m sure other people get theirs done later on too.

    But what am I saying? It’s just a mindless drooling pile anyway.

  69. If the dog didn’t like it, he’d bite him
    These pics made my heart go all fuzzy =]

  70. #101 – have you ever seen two day old puppies getting their tails docked? i work in a vet clinic and i’ve held puppies during the procedure. if their screaming and squirming doesn’t indicate pain, i don’t know what does. i seriously do not know how someone can actually believe that lopping off a body part is painless. if being young means you can’t feel pain, then why do babies and puppies and kittens and any other baby animal cry if you pinch them?

    i wasn’t going to get into this discussion, but after such a completely ridiculous comment as yours, i had to.

  71. Shannon you have dropped the ball completely on this one. I have shown the picture to two vets now and both say that this dog will be in serious pain and is being abused.

    Hanging a dog by it’s skin is not natural and causes great pain around the shoulders and chest. Hanging it by it’s paws causes pain around the knees and again the chest.

    Both of these pictures clearly show a dog being abused and you have a responsibility to take on this matter for being the one who has published them.

    If you truly care about ‘consent’ as you often do then you will be entirely aware that an inability to say NO does NOT mean yes. These dogs do not do these acts naturally and are being forced into them by their owner purely for the spectacle of the picture.

    It is animal abuse pure and simple and the images have been forwarded to SPCA International for further investigation as they clearly depict dogs being abused for human entertainment.

    Did you seriously believe that publishing pictures of animals being forced into acts against their will was a good move?

    Your claim that if the “dogs did not like it they would bite back” is absurd as in many cases animals that have been abused by their owners can often retire into themselves scared that if they react they will receive worse treatment.

    There are many ill-informed youngsters on this list who clearly believe nothing bad is taking place in the picture and are even defending it (look at the comments ffs) showing that they are completely unaware when abuse is taking place.

    The owner is irresponsible for allowing their pet to be used in such manner and you should not have published this picture.

    If you truly care about animals you will be repelled by this image.

    If you truly care for the values that people who defined consenting body-modification stood for then you will also deplore the use of a dog in this performance.


  72. Um… come on everybody, let’s say it together!

    It’s = contraction, NOT possessive
    Its = possessive, NOT contraction

    It’s really very simple. I learned it in first grade.

  73. Haha… some people get worked up over animal rights. I get worked up over apostrophes.

    The dog is potentially uncomfortable, or it could be potentially harmed if dropped, etc., etc. Okay, point taken.

    If a soccer mom is driving her SUV, loaded with children, down the interstate, to get to practice, I think we have a similar situation. Something could happen. Those kids could potentially die in a potential accident. It’s reckless and irresponsible! DEPLORABLE! All just for the sake of getting to practice.
    Those kids probably didn’t even have a choice in the matter. They were FORCED to play soccer by parents who selfishly wanted their kids to be athletic and well-rounded, like the neighbors’ kids. And those coaches should also be admonished for having the practice to begin with. And those fucking idiots who built the car, designed and paved the roads…. well… I’ll be laughing my head off when they’re all burning in hell.

  74. Giles, I have shown this picture to 2 people, and both said the guy in this picture should be in serious pain and is probably insane for hanging from his knees by hooks. “Fucking idiot” is coincidentally how each person described him. And these are people who know what pain feels like. They are humans, mind you.

  75. #113 The man in the photo has a choice whether to be suspended or not and has made the decision himself.

    The dog has been forced into the situation purely to satiate the owner.

  76. Garsh, since I’m still staring at this page every time I walk back in the room, I’ll make one more comment:

    Um, the first picture does NOT show a dog completely off the ground. It looks like the guy’s right hand is probably holding the head/neck/shoulders/sternum, lifting the dog’s front legs off the ground. The guy’s left arm is grabbing the skin to ensure the dog doesn’t move too much (since the guy is suspending, you know…).

    The dog’s back feet are pretty clearly planted on the ground. Where did all these commenters get the impression that the dog is being entirely lifted by its loose skin?

  77. @111
    Actually, I have. MANY breeders do this by themselves. They are very experienced and yes, it IS less painful when they are at a such a young age. If you looked, .. I do not believe in docking. I know it isn’t going to be completely painless, I’m not stupid.

  78. Giles, I only made that comment to point out that individuals are … well, different. Different people have different pain thresholds. So do animals.

    It’s likely true that nobody here knows that dog better than its owner. It’s possible that the guy in this photo knows that his particular unique dog doesn’t mind such things, even though other different dogs might mind, or might even be injured.

    I’m an animal lover. I hate seeing animals abused. This doesn’t even come close, in my opinion. If someone really has some evidence that all dogs of this breed, no matter what, will all be injured when held by their legs like this, then I’ll change part of my opinion; but even then, it’s still not enough to count as abuse. The owner would have to be acting maliciously for there to be abuse.

    Let’s be realistic. Never assume malice when there are more likely explanations. And never forget that humans and other living things have a very complex relationship. We eat them for fuck’s sake. We very probably wouldn’t exist as a species today if our ancestors hadn’t consumed great quantities of furry animals; or if they hadn’t “abused” animals for labor, clothing, shelter, etc. We’d probably all be dying from mysterious diseases (in far greater numbers) if it weren’t for some of the animal testing which has improved our knowledge of biology and toxicology. Yes, there are questionable practices. Yes, there are abuses. Yes, there are lines to be drawn, and yes, those lines will change as our circumstances change. Black and white thinking just doesn’t make any sense in such a dynamic place like reality.

  79. Giles,
    Thankyou so much for putting into words so much better than me about this whole situation.
    Its so nice to see someone who realises an animal has feelings just like a human being, though I seriously doubt some people have feelings at all, except for their own well being.
    You expressed the point I was trying to make, very well, when an animal loves its owner it does tolerate a lot more, or simply retires into itself.
    It’s a shame the RSPCA wasnt present to give an unbiased opinion. I’m sure the owner would have been firmly put in his place.

  80. Horatio – It wasn’t my belief that the animals were being abused, it was that of 2 different vets who believed that the practices taking place would cause injury to the dog. I actually sought their opinion as my own was similar to yours. It was their ‘expert’ opinion on the welfare of animals that made up my mind that the dog was being made to take part in a practice that would cause it harm and was only being used as a spectacle for the viewer.

    The dog would only ever get a negative experience from this activity and it was being done against the dog’s will and nature.

    When I first started reading about O Kee Pa ceremonies it was clear that the whole experience was about celebration of animals (buffalo) and certainly not this crass use of an animal which resembles something akin to a circus stunt.

    There is a huge difference between an animal being celebrated because of what they give us (food, warmth etc) and the use of an animal simply because it is there and makes a good picture.

  81. Embress – The Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have been given this photo to look at to see if they believe the dog is being abused or exploited.

    Remember also that many people who comment on MODBLOG are not very old so their opinions may take a few more years to shape so do not worry about being verbally abused by them.

    When their arguments are poorly formed and less than convincing they will turn to abuse and profanity. Best to simply rise above it.

  82. You’re kidding me right? This is obviously NOT abuse to an animal… Abuse to an animal would be cutting him up in little pieces or you know starving him, keeping him from vet appts for routine care, stuff like that.

    I think it’s ridiculus just as said on mod blog the dog would be biting and could definitaly get down if he really wanted to…..

  83. Hey Giles, don’t you think maybe trying to talk “above” us and saying younger people don’t have informed opinions is a bit, I don’t know…. immature?

    I agree with the post above me, like I have been saying throughout. Everyone is saying this dog is being abused, and recently using the idea he has “retreated into himself”. But his dog looks perfectly healthy, well nourished… I think if he had been subject to real abuse, he might be in a bit worse condition. I don’t think he would “retreat into himself” after one time of being held upside down.

    That said, how do you know for sure he is feeling pain? Have you personally wired into the pain centers of his brain and tested? All of you assume he is in terrible pain and it boils down to the caption… if he didn’t like it, HE WOULD BITE HIM.

    Dogs don’t always sit there and take it.

  84. There was a comment a while back, something to the effect of: Don’t assume malice when you could substitute idiocy. So I don’t remember it exactly. Anyway, the point is that he’s not doing it to hurt the dumb mutt, he’s doing it to have some fun, and presumably let the furry beast have some fun too. I can’t imagine anyone will take away his dog, or even spend the time getting ahold of him to reprimand him because of one incident of non-malicious possibly harmful behaviour. Really, unless he’s daily grabbing the mongrel by the feet and spining in circles whirling dirvish style I don’t see a problem.

  85. well dont feel bad. shortly after this brutal display of animal abuse the dog was takin out back and shot in the head to end its suffering. nobody can hurt it anymore.

  86. “There was a comment a while back, something to the effect of: Don’t assume malice when you could substitute idiocy. ”

    Yeah, I think that applies well to this situation, but I think I come to different conclusions from it than you do. He doesn’t have to have malicious intent if he’s just being stoopid about his dog, and it’s pretty clear to me that he’s being stoopid.

    Yes, animals can tell us when they don’t like something. How? Not only by biting, that’s a ridiculously oversimplifiied idea of animal communication.

    This dog is in fact clearly ‘saying’ that he doesn’t like the experience by his submissive and frightened body language. Even though his tail is docked, you can see that the muscles to bring it between his legs are contracted. His ears are laid back. I bet his eyes were showing whites.

    This only makes it more frustrating and sad to me in some ways, because by remaining in a state of more subtle communication than yipping, biting or wriggling frantically, the dog is showing that he trusts his owner to READ those communications, and the owner has dropped the ball and violated that trust.

    No, it’s not skinning him alive, pulling his legs out of his sockets, chopping him into bits or lighting him on fire. I too doubt the authorities would remove the dog from this owner. Does it really have to be that extreme to make it a bad idea to do, and a bad idea to show as something cute?

    We know that dogs feel fear. It’s a shame that a dog that trusts its owner was subjected unneccessarily to fear. Not all abuse is physical and regardless of whether this guy intended to abuse his dog, being placed in stressful and frightening situations is abuse of a certain low grade. It really is a pet owner’s responsibility to be better at reading their pet’s cues than this kind of garbage.

  87. I don’t really see any muscle contraction… his ears are back because they are floppy, gravity is pulling them down. As far as upside down dogs go, he looks pretty chill to me.

    And also… its stUpid, not stOOpid.

  88. “Remember also that many people who comment on MODBLOG are not very old so their opinions may take a few more years to shape so do not worry about being verbally abused by them.”

    And how old are you ?


    you all could just stop bitching about nothing.
    jesus people.

  90. oh and by the way, doesn’t it look like the dog in about to start licking him in the pic on the left?

    anyone other than me think that?
    maybe he..DUN DUN DUN…

    likes it?

  91. Jp
    Sorry dosnt look that way to me.
    I would say the dog is thinking, just because you’re hung like a piece of meat on hooks, dosnt mean to say I want to be hung upside down also !!

  92. I just don’t see why it’s necessary to waste so much energy on a situation where if any “abuse” might have been happening, it was very likely unintentional… when there’s, you know, starving dogs locked in peoples’ backyards and such. Oh, and starving people.

    And wars and stuff.

    Not to say that the small issues are unimportant, just… this one is far less severe.

    If severe at all, which I believe it isn’t. At all.

    And for the record, I find it hard to believe that any dog owner hasn’t unintentionally frightened or angered their dog (even just a little bit!) at some point in its life.

    …Another reminder to never read the comments, I guess. Unfortunately.

  93. @129
    Just because the ears are floppy doesn’t mean they don’t have muscle in them. The ears are infact down and close to the head, signalling submission and fear. If he didn’t have them to his head they would be hanging a lot losely.

  94. Just one quick thing I’d like to point out – there are two separate pictures here, and two different holds on the dog. If Freakboy lifted Brutus one way and Brutus didn’t like it, he would not have stuck around to be lifted in the second way. Dogs are vicious in their play – they break skin and tear it up with each other. That’s just how they are – I mean, I like it rough too, you know?

    Oh, and thanks to Freakboy for the amazing photos!

  95. i dont think that a puppy is being abused here- i mean it looks a bit rude how the guy is pulling his skin, but in the 2nd pic its obvious to me that the pup is fully trusting his owner and seems very relaxed (maybe a bit anxious about whats happening ^^ so cute) but this certainly doesnt show any kind of animal abuse!!! its a loving daddy and his puppy fooling around- and its cute!

  96. Comment @ 142
    ‘I just don’t see why it’s necessary to waste so much energy on a situation’

    It amazes me the amount of people who are moaning about its not necessary to respond to this posting. Then why are you all wasting time out of your precious lives to give it the time of day??

    Most of the other suspension postings get very little response.

    What some people have to realise is we are all different, thats what makes the world gel together. A lot of us are simply outraged at the above pictures, thats just the way we are, its called ‘loving animals’.

    Plus we all have different levels of whats acceptable.

  97. Embress do not worry about those people who have no values on this subject.

    This has been clearly marked as exploitation and abuse by 3 professional vets now and as such the commentary on what constitutes abuse has been decided by those who know rather than those who don’t.

  98. to my mind its sad that people are accusing the guy on the pic of animal-abuse regarding whats happening to animals who are really being mistreated and abused— its simply ridiculous!!!

  99. Comment @ 152.
    I have made a lot of the postings here on this one, and I agree in the world there are far more serious cases.

    I toured round China for a couple of months, and was sickened to my stomach seeing poor dogs and cats in cages waiting to be bought and eaten. Not to mention how they are skinned alive before they are even dead as the Chinese think it makes more tender eating meat.

    A lot of restaurants in back waters China have cages in their door ways full of creatures to be chosen and eaten…anything from bamboo rat, ordinary rat, duck, chicken, peacock, other numerous birds, and a whole variety of live fish, eels, shell fish and snake.

    The list of animal abuse world wide, from Spanish bull fights, to panda’s kept and butchered for their stomach bile is just endless. Not to mention the poor animals who are forced to smoke and have chemicals put in their eyes for experimental purposes to see what effects things would have on us humans. I also went to Barcelona in October and saw lobsters stabbed and thrown onto a grill still wriggling in pain for some minutes.

    I can only repeat my particular sentiment, no level of abuse to any animal no matter what form it takes is acceptable to me and it never will be.

    If I had been at said above event, when he came down off those hooks I would have walked over to him and given him a piece of my mind. Its his choice to suspend, the dog had no choice!!!!!!

  100. Ok you know what people we need to get down to Brazil and have an intervention, we’ll take some professional pet psychologists with us and have a deep and meaningful with the dog to find out his feelings on the matter. That way everyone can quit whinging about animal rights. The dog doesn’t look unhappy. The ears are not laid back against the skull.

    Giles show us the sworn affidavit from the 3 professional vets you have contacted.

    We can all stop the bleeding heart routines now. Yes we have all seen how keen some of the posters are on animal rights kudos to you, your wonderful. Kudos to the people eating back the small baby cow. Let’s all give eachother a big pat on the back.

    Oh and Shannon can we see the whole series of pictures you received?

  101. Im just gonna say what a lot of others had-the dog looks young, he has a lot of loose skin also signifing his age, when young animals are picked up by their neck/back flaps, chemicals are realed into their brains to make them feel instantly calm and cormorted-because thats how mommy picks them up. He’s holding the dog up, he is obviously not struggling, and he’s like, 6 inches from the ground.
    He is probable trying to bond with his dog, get a real connection going. Or just trying to play.
    Hey, its not like THE DOG is being suspended.

    Theres abuse, and then there just having a good time.
    Calm down kids.

  102. Empress, the dog did have a choice. As someone recently said, the pup is in 2 seperate pictures. If he didn’t like what was happening he would’ve taken off before the second pic could be taken.

  103. #73-Em, ^_^ yeah I can understand you! Thanks! Haha, I have trouble even understanding the slang that people use around where I live and EVERYONE should have browsers with spell check!!

    And CreativeNonFiction, I love your first comment!

    Giles said – “The dog has been forced into the situation purely to satiate the owner.” Isn’t keeping any pet, dog, cat, bird, etc. basically only for our own enjoyment? Wasn’t that the whole point of domesticating animals? For our own use? Please correct me if I’m wrong. And my age does not determine my opinions. From the way that ÈMþRꧧ talks, I doubt she’s much older than myself. >.>

    And I agree with the “Don’t assume malice when you could substitute idiocy.”

  104. subliminal,
    If someone is holding you by the scruff of the neck you do not have a choice, its a restraining mechanism.

  105. jenny,
    One thing I have learned about the internet world is this – never make assumptions about anyone from some typing, seriously it gives you no insight into a person. Trust me on this one I could write a book about things I have heard and seen.
    I could type and make myself seem like a teenager or a pensioner.

  106. 149- By “energy” I meant getting worked up over it, stressing, making a fuss, attacking people, etc. There’s nothing wrong with commenting on something, but after I did I went on with my day, which is what I’m about to do right now, too.

    Just sayin’.

  107. I don’t think you can assume he is abusing the dog just by 2 pictures on modblog, I think you can say it was a shitty choice to make and that there is the potential for the dog getting hurt

  108. ÈMþRꧧ – not an insult per se, I don’t know all that much about you, and for the most part you seem like a fine, though maybe a bit over attached to animals, person. That last comment just seemed bitchy, and so I was merely extending your last sentence. By these comments alone I’m not going to assume you’re a bitch, just like by these pictures alone I’m not going to assume he’s abusing the dog.

  109. Creative,
    “jenny assumed I am not much older than she is”.
    I merely pointed out that no one can be judged from how they say things. I speak different depending on the age group im addressing.
    My comment meant I have misjudged & indeed been mislead so much by people on the internet.
    People have spoken to me for months like a young person, and I have found out one was 60+.
    If people thought me to be bitchy, thats simply not true.
    Maybe I am a bit over attached to animals, does this make me a bad person?

  110. Creative & subliminal,
    I have a suggestion for you both. Seen as everything I post seems to annoy you both, why even spare me the time of reading it?
    When there is something on TV I do not want to watch I simply switch it off, end of problem.
    My nick is pretty distintive, just look at the bottom of the posting my name is there, simply scroll bar past it end of problem. I do not force anything down both of your throats, just a suggestion people.
    Have a nice weekend both :)

  111. ÈMþRꧧ – I never said it annoys me. I’ve enjoyed reading everything here, well, some of the commentary on England was kind of boring, even the things I didn’t like. I read your messages because I found them interesting and insightful. As I said earlier, I don’t think of you as a bad person or a bitch.

  112. Further to this the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have contacted me back stressing that they believe this is not only cruel to the dog involved but quite a distinct case of abuse that they are going to pursue further.

    Am sorry Shannon but whilst I totally respect what you do I cannot stand by and see photos where animals are being exploited for public entertainment in this way.

  113. Unrelated to the dog factor, but I love the stamp, Shannon, and the way the guy’s stretched ears are flopping down makes me giggle a bit =D

  114. Giles, how is it a distinct case of abuse, if you have no background on this guy and how he treats his animal (who looks perfectly healthy and well). You are assuming rediculous things, and is it really any of your business?

  115. #175 – Yes indeed it is my business, it is everyone’s business when animals are being abused.

    The distinct case of abuse is before your eyes in the photograph, a dog being held aloft by the skin of it’s back and another by being dangled upside down held only by it’s paws.

    The evidence is there before us, there is no need to look at the background of the guy as this evidence is clearly enough according to the SPCA.

  116. In the picture before my very eyes, the dog isn’t being “held aloft”, as his back paws area clearly still on the ground. These pictures really don’t show any evidence of an animal in distress… in the second one it looks as though the puppy is about to lick his face.

    If you are really for the welfare of animals, shouldn’t you donate your time to helping out in the bigegr picture, rather than reporting one silly picture on a website?

  117. Is it okay to pick up an animal by the scruff of it’s neck?

    I cringe everytime I see it but I’m always told it is completely painless.

    I just looks…awful.

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