Fight Paris tattoo (I assume)

“I go to heaven for the weather, I go to hell for the company”, tattooed on kri$10 by Jim Judeikis by Saints and Sinners in Baltimore, Maryland.

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27 thoughts on “Fight Paris tattoo (I assume)

  1. The only question I have is, Aren’t foot tattoos really prone to fading? because of the wear on the skin on that area of the body?

    i’ve always thougth the same for hand tattoos as well.

  2. I was under the impression that tattoos on the bottoms of feet were prone to fading, because of the wear and what-not, but the tops would be just like any other surface.

  3. I’m accually about to go in to get some script done on my feet here soon hopefully.

    yeah, strait ATL partycore. hah.
    Fucking LOVE it.

  4. ok. call it a fetish. but i really can’t help but see the slick customization of “” AGAIN in this pic. help.

  5. 11.

    You might be right, it might have been origonaly from Twain, I really couldn’t say, but I know it’s also on a Fight Paris record. They’re an amazing band, you should really check them out, all of you should.

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  7. am i the only one, who thought, that while the tattoo is beautiful and the “canvas” is pretty, the picture could still be better, because currently it’s too cropped – i bet the has cute toes and it’s such a shame to leave them out of the picture ;)

  8. 5: Not really, if they’re on top of the foot. I know mine haven’t faded in the 7 n 3 years I have them now, anyways.

    I love feet. I love script tats. Hence, I love this pic doubly :)

  9. haha, i didn’t even know i was on modblog until a friend of mine sent me an email today. but yes, i got it from a fight paris song. sorry the picture is so cropped!

  10. would’ve been much cooler if the quote wasn’t altered.

    “Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.”

    Twain is a genius.

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