Almost healed

Steve Truitt (Stay Gold, Albuquerque, NM — but given how regularly he’s featured here I’m sure you know that by now!) has been slowly sculpting *Stitch* (this piece was posted fresh as well) into a scarified dreamgirl. Seriously, the number of gorgeous people, male and female, who are now choosing scarification as their dominant personal artform grows all the time… I love it!

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261 thoughts on “Almost healed

  1. I’m usually just a sucker for cute girls with big lobes but the scarification is very hot. I want to run my fingers all over it.

  2. I guess I’m desensitized to large scarification pieces by now…the first thing I thought was, “Is she really that skinny??”. Very pretty work though =)

  3. im not on IAM anymore, but i would love to see a front view of this – it looks very beautiful on her body -

    and i love…i love the texture on a lovers body of scars. they are so beautiful. the front ones looked like they healed very well.

  4. #11 maybe #7 means her eyebrows? They kinda bug me, but hey, to each their own. Her scars are utterly magnificent though- so delicate and detailed!

  5. 17: Or maybe the huge tear in the jeans, though I think that would be a plus with this crowd. :)

  6. That looks so beautiful. It really suits her body. Wish I was skinny enough to pull off a big scar like this!

  7. Bleh. Do yer research I say. Its not hard. A copped design is the same as a nike swoosh—just lame. And I can talk, because I have a copped design myself.

  8. i just did a google search. found a bunch, liked this one. so i got it. i like it. so i guess that’s all that matters…..

  9. i just did a google search. found a bunch, liked this one. so i got it. i like it. so i guess that’s all that matters…..

  10. H O L Y M O T H E R F U C K I N ‘ S H I T ! ! ! !

    This one kicks some major ass.

  11. 17th June 1996 crop circle: “In June 1996, intrigued by a buzzing sound, a couple went out of their house at about midnight and saw coloured lights swirling in the pitch-black sky above the East Field (Alton Barnes). 20 minutes later the lights congealed into one object from which a beam of white light descended onto the field. Five hours later the ‘DNA’ crop glyph was discovered.”

  12. #37– i agree. thats a pet peeve of mine. it never matters if no one else sees, but if its being displayed, thats a cardinal rule of undies.

  13. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s beautiful. I guess if you’re being really petty and pathetic (which people can be disappointingly often on here) you could find something, but certainly nothing worthy of mentioning away from the school playground.

    Lot of ‘haters’ that look at Modblog, huh?

  14. I think the only thing wrong with this picture is they airbrushed out the straight jacket. Because I know her and she is way crazy. How did she escape the nuthouse again?

  15. That was so uncalled for Steve. She is no more insane then i am. wait…that sounded bad

  16. I was gonna say…dont get me in this crap and get me yelled at yet again. I still owe you from vegas

  17. Personally I think she’s too thin and I don’t care for drawn on eyebrows.

    Anyways, the scarification is great. Love it.

    PS: I’m also tired of seeing “perfect” stomachs and ribs sticking through….. could we get MORE larger/curvier (like size 6-11?) women on BME? All I see are women who are either rather large or pubescent-boy size. There is an in-between.

  18. Yes, skinny girls (especially this one) are most definitely hot.

    But it doesn’t change the fact that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, or the fact that curvy girls are sexy too.

    Just thought I’d put my two cents in ^^

  19. I like how it’s healing evenly. As for the Zia symbol tattoo… hooray New Mexico! Unfortunately probably the only thing I’ll miss about NM is the green chile.

  20. Sar, the reason we see so many skinny girls is because they send pictures in! Shannon can’t post what he doesn’t receive. if you’re unhappy with what’s being posted, why not send photos in?

  21. well, the reason i don’t send more photos in is because i can almost guarantee you they wouldn’t get onto ModBlog. yeah, i like helping out on BME, but it sort of sucks when you have several friends who have been on ModBlog umpteen times and the reason is they have a certain aesthetic.

    and be honest, do you really want to look at a chubby girl?

  22. …do you really want to look at a chubby girl?

    I’m quite sure there are plenty of folks who would be more than happy to.

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that a size 6 is somehow considered “larger/curvier.”

  23. its all sexy!

    im hot and in the “larger/curvier” (larger than what? average size?) size 6-11 section of this audience. i would love to see more diverse stuff on here but people have many reasons not so send photos in…yah know….here are some of mine:

    i could get my face tattooed on someone (which would frighten me, and i would be considering a restraining order)
    i would get ripped up and torn apart for something as silly as wearing mismatched underwear, or the way i do my makeup, or my hair, or my bodysize
    my tattoos would be critisised by fuckin strangers (likely negatively)
    some people that i dont know would call me hot.
    also possibly people might save my pictures and use them for…..well whofuckinknows

    so yeah. not everyone wants there picture on the net, tho they want to see a variety of peeps.

    i dont know where im goin with that. but girl:

    it’s OK to wear your make up like that
    it’s OK to have mismatched underwear
    and…heres the big one….
    it’s OK and even POSSIBLE to be thin without suffering from anorexia – it’s also OK to like that body type in a partner (that’s called person preference folks)

    not that im a moral expert here, but COME ON, mismatched underwear? if that’s all you people have to complain about you must be laughing.

  24. Here here Toser, well put! For a welcoming non judgemental, non denominational website there are a great deal of people on here who would do well to think before they type. Shannon doesn’t post stuff on here for people to poke holes in it, we’re sharing a lifestyle and an aesthetic here, not analysing other peoples’ lives through the medium of photography. Respect where it’s due, this woman has accented her own beauty with an aesthetic we should all be able to find something to admire about.
    If you have a problem with a particular aspect of something posted on here do you *have* to grandstand your opinions in a manner that may upset others? I’m sure there are nicer ways to say what you mean than to pick out the flaws in each other.
    As Bill and Ted put it ‘Be excellent to each other dudes!’

  25. well, most of the girls who get onto modblog are super super super skinny, so if that’s the aesthetic we are sharing, i am scared.

    i’m not ripping on other people’s bodies, i’m just a little miffed that all the BMEgirls are twigs.

  26. “All” bmegirls are certainly not twigs- and it shouldn’t matter even if they WERE.

    You should check out Vampyrixie’s (sp) page- she’s “curvier” and quite stunning to me. And she was front-page modblog recently.

  27. Whats wrong with find a chick hot for bein skinny. she takes pride in herself for not bein lazy and it pays off. She doesnt sit around eatin out of boredom and depression and put on 50 pounds and bitch about thin women. As much time as she puts into bein in shape is probably the same amount of time lazy fat girls put into building their bodies up to get to the point most dont find them attractive. You chose to be fat or skinny. To each their own

  28. uhh, i don’t “choose” to be a curvy woman, that’s just how i am. i eat healthy, work out, and take care of myself, but some people’s metabolisms and genes don’t allow them to go under a certain weight.

    and yes, it should matter if most bmegirls are extremely thin–it makes it harder to send in photos. people on here are extremely judgmental. what i’m saying is that i would like to see some women (and men) who are more of an average weight on modblog more often, but that’s not going to happen until it feels more comfortable on here.

  29. Stigmata, I’m not “lazy” and I do exercise (and eat well too!). I’m not skinny as these girls, thank God, ’cause it was the way I was born. I wasn’t born to be anorexic-looking. Some women are born to look thin and some are just born larger. It’s genes.

    Anyways, I just was hoping that I could see normal sized gals on here. I was not saying that the size 6-11 is “curvier/larger” . I was saying that they’re more normal sized than the size 00-2 that we’re seeing. I wanted to not see as many ribs. I do know that some of these girls probably can have a whole pizza for one meal and not gain weight. I just wish that they’d pose so I don’t see their ribs poking out. Also, the problem with liking skinnier girls is the fact that it kinda sends out a pro-anorexia vibe.

  30. Painted lady, you basically stated what I was trying to state the whole entire time (your last comment).

  31. Women ARE NOT fairly represented on ModBlog. Its a matter of shannons taste. Period, its his domain and his right to represent his tastes. It has absolutely nothing to do with the women themselves. Quite often the very small women featured hardly have any noticeable mods. Women are different than men for their curves and shape. Women represent fertility, life and beauty. Hips and breasts are amazing beautiful things. Sadly the “mod blog” women hardly have any of this. That doesnt make them less of a woman, but seeing a curve here and there would be nice to the real women that appreciate themselves. I think its un fair to say that all thin women are anorexic and its unfair to say that larger women are sloppy. You can very much be proud of yourself and into a fitness routine and still be a realistic size. In reality the majority of women are a 26% BMI. These women are not even near that I’m sure of it. They are quite clearly underweight and that is not assuming they have eating disorders thats just the fact. And to be fair, My body wasnt posted front page mod blog. There are quite often girls that have very minimal mods if any that are posted just for their being naked alone. (not that i dont appreciate gawking at a tittie or two) Its alot more about a certain body type thats appealing to shannon and less about what mods these women actually have. With exceptions of course because I think the beauty posted above is gorgeous and has great work. AGAIN its not skinny bashing. Its just a matter of taste that isnt being represented fairly. I love pudgies.

  32. god must have really hated some people for making them born into a lifetime of fatness. why are bigger women so angry and quick to put blame on the thin ones that take care of themselves.

  33. Its ignorant to assume that a “bigger woman” is sloppy or un-kept. Women are meant to give birth and life, having shape is fabulous and nothing to be ashamed of.

  34. fat women are disgusting. they are unhappy as humans and blame everyone that dont think they look good and say thin girls look bad. in this picture she is damn skinny and looks amzing and she has given birth. she just did not let her body go to shit. she worked at gettin back in shape.

  35. wow what a debate. i guess my opionated ass must say something. it is only human for people to be more attracted to skinny women. look at what is shown to us from the time we are lil tikes. i mean people LOVED marilyn monroe and she is considered a curvey/larger woman. stitch looks fucking great, she is shirt and tiny. it is a taste preferance yes. i am aware that people take thing into offence at times when it is unnecessary. and as a woman that is not in size 00 pants i still will agree that obese HUMANS are fucking lazy and something can be done about being overwieght…

  36. Its a difference in opinion. how am i to look at a sloppy angry big girl…”curvy” as you fatties in denial refer to it and say wow. Not a chance…if a girl is sloppy on the outside as well as on the inside well thats on them and they can stay that way. Most big women are just disgusting and not just physically. manybe everyone is not born into a tiny frame but thats no excuse to not be healthy and stay in shape. there is no escuse to be fat other then being lazy. period

  37. excuse me? what the fuck did you say? i am not disgusting. i have BREASTS and HIPS. yep.

    i don’t think thin women are disgusting, i just think it’s unreasonable to assume that that is the universal ideal. sure, like thin women, but don’t call non-thin women disgusting, fatties, sloppy, lazy, and going to shit.

  38. Well said painted lady.

    Stigmata… I hate to say it, but I think you’re being very narrow-minded. Just because someone is curvy or large doesn’t automatically mean that they’re lazy or disgusting, or that they eat junk all the time and never exercise.

    Assumptions are a bad thing to make. Assumptions are what make people think all gays are evil and have AIDS, and that all black people are uneducated and they’ll jack your car and rape your girl, and that visibly modified people are mentally ill. You know?

  39. most fat people do have big hips and a big ass. That not a shocker. That like sayin tall people have longer legs. As for bein narrow minded believe what you will. I wont sit back and pretend a fat chick with an attitude is a good find.

  40. well then, that’s very sad. because this “fat chick” (even though i am not fat, just, you know, not a twig) is an amazing person.

    and what about fat men?

  41. Fine. Shannon. I’m sending in a damn picture soon (within the month- I’m busy, so sue me). I’ll let you know who I am too.

    Anyways, I’m not a “fattie”. I’m about “average” size. I wear a size 9 and I’m 20yrs old. I’m not “fat”. I’m just normal and would like to see some girls around my size.

  42. Hahhaha, JOn I love you. And seriously all of you “plus” sized ladies, think about how silly you are making yoruself sound.

    Yoru getting upset with your computer screen becuase most men dont like “curvy” women. If you care so much what men find attractive why not put in the effort to be more like that ideal? Or why not work on your personality to compensate for it.

    What you should realy be focusing on is why do you need the approval of men to have a feeling of self-worth?

    If you hate yourself becuase you are fat, then do something about it. Get some real exercize and start eating properly.

    And for gods sake, drop the genetics cop-out.

  43. _Stigmata_ and cere: Just admit that you hate women. You hate their bodies, and you would prefer a more manly aesthetic, and perhaps a big throbbing cock in your ass. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  44. ok. first anubis, you are an asshole. yes. your comment was retarded.
    i am just going to say that i think it’s stupid that you guys are fighting about “curvy” and “skinny” women. who fucking cares? this isn’t about the way someone looks. if you have a good piece of artwork, submit a picture, you will get on modblog! not that hard!

    on another note. some people work to look a certain way. it’s not genetics. some work to stay thin and some don’t. some like curvy some don’t. in this case most like thin, i’m sorry. but that is no reason to come in here and start all kinds of stupid shit.

    get over it!

  45. #77 – Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?
    Hi, my name’s Holly, I’m fat, happy, healthy and SHOCK HORROR, think people of all shapes and sizes can be gorgeous. You’d be amazed how many people there are just like me.

    #87 – “most men dont like “curvyâ€? women”
    And what, may I ask, is your evidence to support this?

  46. i think all shapes and sizes are beautiful also. it just takes it away when they start running their mouths. it’s rude and i think what makes you more attractive is when you are nice

  47. I dont see how nice is appreciated. I said you were beautiful and had great work and your “partner” of sorts starts running his mouth bashing every woman above a size 0. I know a great deal of average size women that work their asses off to stay a healthy size, and to refer to them as sloppy or gross is offensive. I work my ass off to stay this “fat”. And average… Saying such a broad size of women is repulsive is uncalled for. Its not like everyone standing this ground is morbidly obese. They are average women…not overweight in most cases. Thats like people saying skinny people are gross and need to eat a sandwhich…but its ok according to whatever moral code exists here. I never once said there wasnt anything to be appreciated of ALL shapes and sizes….but whatever. Its a beat point thats obviously not being taken in.

  48. Ok, after reading all this, I don’t recall seeing Jon say that average size women were fat, or that anyone over a size 00 is fat. All he said was fat, so I think that is up to each person to read that and decide for themselves what is fat to them. If you’re 150 or 200 pounds and think your fat, then that’s you, he never said anyone over 110 pounds is fat or anything specific like that. I think people just like to get on here to look for an excuse to argue with other people and critisize the people who have their pictures posted on here.

  49. And anyway, I thought the whole point of this post was that it was a nice picture of her scars, not how thin, fat, cute, ugly, crazy, etc she is?

  50. #77 – Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?

    Holly, people like that don’t care how stupid they sound. They’re not interested in anything that falls outside their limited intellectual capacity. There’s no room for individual thought or diversity. You’re better off not giving them the time of day.

  51. Hey not liking fat women cause they dont like themselves and have piss poor attitudes has nothing to do with intellignce.They are the ones that got fat by their own laziness. Im sorry your all mad at me cause thin girls have good body art. I am also sorry that even with my bad attitude about fatties that i still manage to fuck skinny chicks like this.

  52. i am one of those “fat” women, and i really like myself. i “got fat” because this is how my body works… i look better with some meat on my bones.

    it’s attitudes like yours that make it really hard to submit pictures for consideration for modblog. if i sent in a picture of my half-sleeve, would you comment that the tattoo was great, but the girl was a lazy, sloppy, disgusting fatty?

  53. _Stigmata_: Your comments about intelligence would be more compelling if you were more than semi-literate. Shouldn’t you be shooting possums somewhere and beating your wife? Go and do that.

  54. there is a difference between having some meat and being fat. There is no good reason healthy wise or for sexually. It shows lack of care for yourself. You dont send in pics cause of your own insecurities. not takin the blame there. I can only expect a fat chick with an attitude dont take very appealin pictures anyways. and why would he post it on here. This whol entry was about her scarification and you twinkie gobblers all got bent out of shape. so quit btiching about bein lazy and fat and do something about it. if you refuse to get off your ass and put down the little debbie snack cakes and work out then expect guys not to find you attractive. There is no reason i should act nice or lie to a plumper about how they look just to make them feel better. Hell they cant show any good quality about them so why should i.

  55. I am also sorry that even with my bad attitude about fatties that i still manage to fuck skinny chicks like this.

    You are truly a class act.

    The fact that you don’t even understand what the debate is about only further serves to illustrate your stupidity. You should take paleblue’s advice posthaste.

  56. and when it comes down to not having anything else to back yourself up why dont you also try correcting my mispelled wording as well. Im guessing from the sounds of it that paleblue is a chubby chaser and loves to part take in hogging.

  57. There should be no debate. the fatties started turning this from her scars into her bein to thin and they could never be on modblog cause of their sloppy bodies. remind them what this is about

  58. _Stigmata_, i hope i never meet you in real life.

    with that, i’m going to go eat a banana and some granola. i haven’t had a little debbie snack cake in probably two years.

  59. and when it comes down to not having anything else to back yourself up why dont you also try correcting my mispelled wording as well.

    I don’t have all day, hon.

  60. I have therefore completely disproved your “they could never be on modblog cause of their sloppy bodies” comment.

    Now shut up.

  61. I have, ugly.
    Maybe it’s your lack of punctuation or the multiple spelling mistakes, but it still reads exactly the same.

  62. i was referring to the fatties whiningabout how they never had time to take pictures due to over eating. they meaning the chosen few for fat rights spoke up. not all fat people. i have seen big girls on modblog. so twist up words to feel better but im sayin fat girls with attitudes dont take good pics.

  63. paleblue is obviously jus’ jellus that he can’t bag the scrawny chix0rs.

    That’s the most hurtful thing anyone has ever said about me :(

  64. The advancements in digital photography haven’t quite reached the stage where you can tell what someones personality is like just from a photo. Nor does somones personality influence their ability to take good photographs.

    You’re saying you don’t want to see fat people on modblog, and you seem to be under the impression that all men think fat women are unattractive. You’re wrong, plain and simple.

  65. I don’t see anything wrong with admiring beautiful mods on beautiful people. What Shannon thinks is beautiful may be different than what one of us thinks, and chances are it is. Modblog, is a place to admire the work of other people, and to put a spotlight on artists who deserve recognition. I don’t see the point of shannon putting up pictures that aren’t going to meet those qualifications.

  66. Curvy women are beautiful. End of.

    As the beautiful south sang “I like to hold something I can see”.

    And Paleblue pwned this “debate”. He loves a bit of hogging, or so I hear.

  67. You are a fool if you are sayin you dont see personality threw photos. You cant take and angry person or depressed person and make them look happy. Peoples emotions show threw photographs. If a chick is ashamwed or insecure of her body it will show in the picture. And the issue here was about her was not until some angry insecure fatties came in here talkin shit and complaining like shannon was some type of nazi. well if he is i hope he built a oven bigger enough to squeeze some of these bitter women into. genoicide for the fats

  68. I don’t see anything wrong with admiring beautiful mods on beautiful people.

    I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. The problem is that there’s a very narrow definition of beauty being represented. And yes, it’s Shannon’s blog and he can do whatever he wants and blah blah fucking blah, but he’s in a position of considerable influence in this so-called community and he doesn’t seem to take that very seriously. Rather than presenting the true diversity that we all know exists, we get skinny, big-eyed chick after skinny, big-eyed chick. And I think people are right to protest that.

  69. I have this image of _Stigmata_ stretched out in a bathtub, jerking off like a safari park chimp while a fat chick in latex takes a shit on his chest. Just sayin’.

  70. skinny girls take better pics.

    The person on the other side of the camera takes the pictures, genius.

  71. I’ll leave the hogging to you. There is NOTHING attractive to me about a fat girl. How a guy can get hard to fuck one is beyond me. I can drink away ugly but i cant drink away fat

  72. Okay, so here is my take on all of this:

    This is Shannon’s blog, hosted on his website. He can do whatever he wishes with it, display whatever pictures he wants on it, etc. However, that does not mean that the people are part of the BME community will not feel offended or left out if he is only displaying photos of one general body type…skinny. There is nothing wrong with skinny people, people of all body types can be very attractive, but a lot of people feel like this should be a place that is different than mainstream society. We can look in any magazine, on any website, on any tv show, anywhere..and see ridiculously skinny/hot women……

    And as for you Stigmata, you need to calm the fuck down. You are being a flaming asshole for what seems like nothing more than the sake of being an asshole. Try conjuring up a single intelligent thought before you post on here next time. It’s goddamn annoying seeing post after post of “fuck fatties, fatties are jealous, fatties blahblahblah”. Jesus Christ man, it’s just uncalled for. You do nothing but come across as an ignorant, judgemental, dick. But maybe that is how you want to come across.

  73. You can not tell what a person is like from one photograph. The photographer can make a photo say anything they want it to about the subject. It’s all a matter of facial expressions, settings and lighting. All of which can be easily changed.

    You may not find fat girls attractive, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. However, you’re not entitled to insult and belittle people you don’t even know just because you wouldn’t want to fuck them. With an attitude like that no fat chicks will ever want to fuck you either, so you’ve nothing to worry about.

  74. You people have way too much free time, i cant keep up.

    In closing. Jons right. The rest of you are wrong. If some of you like fat girls thats fine, everyone has different taste but you cant be so naieve as to not realize that THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE SHARE THE SAME aesthetic and chubby chasers are a minority. Modblog will reflect Shannons ideals of beauty which happen to coincide with the majority.

    The true issue here is Jealousy. You fat girls have got to get over this. Your jealous that someone else is on modblog and you think its their weight that got them there.


    ANd yes, ANYONE can do it, its a matter of how much devotion you are going to put into it.

    And the majority of fat people are too devoted to making excuses and throwing venom at stitch over their own insecurities instead of getting in shape.

    The TRUE issue here is why isnt her best scarification piece in the photo? (Sorry stitch, had to throw that in there).

  75. i don’t remember saying that i think shannon is a nazi. in fact, i don’t think that shannon is a nazi at all. he is a nice person.

    like Fergy said, i wish that i could see more people who look average-sized on modblog because in the rest of the world, everyone is pretty much skin and bones and nothing else. i thought people on here had more substance than that (literally and mentally).

    larger women with good tattoos and well-healed piercings exist! there are plenty of women who have amazing body mods who deserve to get onto modblog. i have a few friends who were at the same event, and one of their pictures got on here, and the other’s didn’t. both sets of pictures were beautiful and amazing, but the one who was skinny and “shannon’s type” got on here. that bothers me.

    and my ass is very nice, stigmata, thank you for asking. i don’t just “sit on my big ass” all day. douchebag.

  76. Now how did i become the bad guy here. I dont see how anyone could say i was mean and an asshole. you never got the chance to meet me:( we could have sat back and had tea together

  77. The thing I don’t understand is everyone’s perceptions on what is fat and what is not…

    Stigmata may think one person is fat while another person may think that same person is average. Instead of taking his words and turning them into something much worse than they are try and think about it in a different light.

    So many people have put the word Fat in quotes in this discussion because the word is subjective. It has different meanings for everyone.

  78. one last thing for now. why is it everyone bitching about me being rude ends there statement with some rude insult or comment about me. how is that not a contradiction. average size….wtf is that its quite average to be skinny. its a healthy way to live. you feel better and look better. if so many fat girls take good pics and have good art then why does it not show more. its an average in here to see skinny girls. go figure. anyways… dont hate cere or myself just because we happen to be black. thats just not right

  79. “THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE SHARE THE SAME aesthetic and chubby chasers are a minority.”

    Again I ask: Where is your evidence to support this?

  80. I agree with Cere, instead of making excuses when you know there is a problem, take iniative and do something about it. I used to wigh 240lbs, I have made a change, and I did it on MY OWN. I didn’t bitch about it or blame it on someone else.

  81. no one is bitching about being fat or overweight! not one person in here has said, “Oh Em Gee, i am soooooooo fat, and it’s sooooo annoying when i want to wear a bikini! hehehehe!”

    we are average-sized women who are a little fed up with being told we are fat. like it or not, calling someone fat isn’t nice.

    and i called you a douchebag because you’ve insulted me personally quite a few times.

  82. Why? Because you are being a fucking dick. Why should I not be pissed about that? I’m not just going to say “Stigmata, sir, I politefully request that you stop saying such mean things.” or some such bullshit. You are being a dick and going above and beyond your job. I’m pissed because you are insulting a whole group of people where-as I am insulting an asshole.

    Average is NOT skinny. Average is average. MOST people are not skinny. MOST people on IAM are not skinny. MOST people are not “fat”. Just because you arent fat doesnt mean you arent skinny and vise versa. There is an in-between…it exists! I’m serious about that…there really is more than skinny and fat.

  83. Dear Cere,

    Please stop wasting bandwidth with your third-rate yttrx impersonation.


    The Internet.

    PS: What painted lady said.

  84. So if i was fat your sayin its ok for me to be an asshole and rude and insult people. average is not a size. fat and skinny are. if there are more skinny good looking women then sayin avaerage would be sayin you are skinny. because then its not sayin your anoeric right? big deal you have some extra weight. decided if you want to be fat or skinny. why stop half way between a side.

  85. I never said people in this particular occassion were bitching about their body weight…

    I was just saying, the people that do bitch about it are the ones who don’t do anything about it. And the ones who don’t do anything about it are the ones that don’t get featured on Modblog. Modblog is Shannon’s blog right? So I mean it makes sense that he posts pictures of women/men who are attractive in his eyes.

    And for the record…I love women of all shapes and sizes, and I think women in general are beutiful. My comments in regards to size and relation to beauty are directed at both men AND women. I just think this discussion isn’t at all necessary, but it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

  86. Stigmata may think one person is fat while another person may think that same person is average. Instead of taking his words and turning them into something much worse than they are try and think about it in a different light.

    Yeah, the guy who’s advocating “genocide for the fatties” is really having his words twisted around. Poor baby.

  87. You’re only supporting it by thinking that way. Like I said, fat is a subjective word. It is the ones who think they are fat that are getting offended.

  88. What in the fuck are you talking about dude? That shit made no sense at all. NO it is not okay for you to be an asshole. I’m not an asshole because I am “fat” by your standard…how that works I do not know…but what the hell ever. You are being a fucking ASSHOLE to a group of people, you taking cheap shots and acting like a 7th grader. I am insulting YOU. Personally. Because you are a fucking dick. Do you see the difference? If you were insulting mentally handicapped people, or black people, or some other group that already gets enough shit as it is I would also call you out for being a fucking dick. I don’t see why you can’t get this through your head. Do you not think you are a dick? Do you feel you are being reasonable? This shit just makes no sense.

    Also, saying it is “healthy” to be skinny is a fucking joke. I could do coke all day, exercise until I puke and pass out, eat next to nothing, and drink nothing but water and be skinny. Unfortunately I know a of people who do shit like that. That shit is not healthy. Hell, the absolute majority of “skinny” people I know are that way because they have an extremely high metabolism. They eat fast food and pizza all the fucking time. They sit in their chair on their computer and play counterstrike 6 hours a day, and they drive everywhere.

    Likewise I know plenty of people who are technically overweight who eat extremely healthy AND exercise quite often…they are probably more “healthy” than most anyone I know…they just happen to have some chub.

    And dude, there are more sizes than skinny and fat. For fucks sake…what world do you live in?!

    FUCK. This frustrating.

  89. Hahaha, i just got compared to Jamesy.

    Thats the best compliement ive gotten all year! Ok, so I dont really have the time for this and i gotta head out so if faties wanan continue the convo hit me up on IAM.

    But a few points.

    Holly, look around, the evidence is around you. Im sorry if I havent taken a poll of everyone in the world and have statistical data on hand to show you. But seriously, sometimes you can just use your own eyes.

    And painted lady, we were never discussing average sized ladies. We were discussing fat chicks. Dont confuse the argument.

    The bottom lime is that if you want to be on modblog so badly and you think its your weight keeping you off THEN LOSE WEIGHT. If yuo dont like that idea, CREATE YOUR OWN DAMN WEBSITE.

    And paleblue, even though yuor a fucking idiot, thank you for the compliment.

    In closing.

    Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, Jon, youre cool, fuck you, im out.

  90. i never said deathe to all fatties. i was referring to the comment about how sad it was that shannon was wrong for liking thin women who take care of themselves. if you can twist up all my words why cant i twist it up into sayin she was making a comment about shannon bein a nazi against fat people and building bigger ovens for them. nobody ever once asked me what my idea of bein fat actually was. not once they just assumed shit and made fools out of themselves and proved who had issues with their own weight and insecurities. like paleblue for example. nothing important to say anymore. jumping in sounding like a fool. and a handful of fat girls that are not ok with their bodies or would have never started a fight before they took time to see what i meant. thats on them. big deal shannon posted a pic of a hot girl that takes care of herself with good scarification on her. dont hate me for it. i just wanted to give him a round of applause

  91. The thing that’s pissing me off is that [people] keep mentioning that us “fatties” need to get up off our lazy butts and exercise. Have you ever thought that we do exercise, we do eat right and WE CAN’T LOSE THE DAMN WEIGHT!?!

    I have a condition that caused me to gain 20lbs in less than 6 months. I could exercise and starve myself and it wouldn’t matter ’cause I wouldn’t loose the weight anyways.

    I was just hoping to see some women who don’t have their ribs poking out. I’d also like to see some guys with meat on their bones too. I just thought that I could start a change and help people who feel like they’re “fat” feel more free to post their pictures here.

    Apparently [some people] are making it harder to do so because of all the “fattie” comments. I’m now sure that if a plus-sized woman/man posted their picture here, they’d get ‘FATTIE!!!! AHAHAHAHA” said in several different ways as their only comments. While the minority of the comments would be about their work.

  92. Whew this seems to have got quite heated.

    Isnt some of the male view on size why young girls starve themselves to reach that perfect zero size. Swallowing handfuls of laxatives and feeling compelled to bring back up any food they eat.

    The grave yard is full of young girls that were beautiful until some fool suggested the are a few pounds over weight.

    I personally think dreamgirl looks great, and whether she has worked out to get back into shape after the birth of a baby thats her choice.

    As for some of the male views here that all fat girls are unhappy, have mental problems, binge eat and blame others…well come on fools I simply cannot stop laughing.

    Everyone is built differenty its what makes our world tick. Imagine if everyone was a size zero and looked exactly the same, how friggin dull and boring.

    I have been out with some really handsome males, one who happened to be loaded also, and he was a totally asshole obscessed with his personal appearance. Give me a normal male any day whether hes got a few extra pounds or not..I can think of ways to lose those :)

    If you love someone so what if they are carrying a few pounds extra, it dosnt make them any less attractive. Look at the person within, check out if they got a good heart.

    Maybe the person viewing them in a negative way has the problem. They are normally shallow self obscessed assholes.

    Dare I say it prolly got no dick also…lol just teasing on that one, calm down you males :)

  93. if you go back. this started off about the scar. which it was about. until some fat girl made a comment and turned this into an issue on weight . Not me, not cere not anyone. Im just an asshole cause i had to speak my mind on a topic some angry fat chick posted. Its not hard to lose weight. it takes work and mainly dedication. i have lost 10 pounds in less then a week and kept it off. so losing weight is not that hard. you gotta really want it. so if you do then get up and devote yourself to doin it.

  94. It looks like Modblog has become The Oscars of BMEzine. I guess you aren’t cool enough or important enough unless you’ve been featured. What about the “skinny” people who haven’t been featured?

  95. I will restate my original thought:

    This is Shannons website and he can post whatever he wants. It is his right to do so and I have no problem with it. I think he does a great job 90% of the time there are just a few things that I (and others, obviously) take issue to and wish were a bit different.

    Also, I think this picture is hot. I think MOST of the pictures on modblog are hot. But that doesnt mean I don’t think OTHER types of girls are hot. That doesnt mean I wouldnt like to see them. But it’s not my blog.

  96. Also, losing 10 pounds in a week is extremely unhealthy. Do that shit on a regular basis as someone who is overweight and you will be on a fast track to having a heart attack. Good stuff!

  97. losing 10 pounds in a week is no big deal. tryin to keep doin that weekely is. yes i agree. i wasnt tryin to lose 50 that takes time. but losing a pound a week. whats the point. thats like skipping out on a burger a week. if you have soo much weight to lose go to a pro and get the help to lose it.

  98. I dont recall anyone declairing themselves fat and preaching for the death of skinny people. I suppose some people are just consumed with hatred and ignorance enough to see what they want to.

  99. Actually this whole this was started by post #9

    “There definitely is one [thing wrong], but no one will say it.”

    This didnt start as people bashing larger women but BY LAGER WOMEN BASHING STITCH FOR KEEPING HER BODY IN SHAPE.

  100. hehe. i love you cere. you are rad. haha, i don’t know what i would do if they posted my most awesome scar. haha.

  101. Still AGAIN no one declaired themselves fatties marching to the front to slander the skinny girl. I said she was beautiful and had great work. And I thought post # 9 was referring to mix matched panties or something? Either way this discussion is retarted and STILL pointless. Some of you have appauling views of women as a whole and its disgusting and quite offensive.

  102. Soo… a small minority of modded people, Stigmata included, seem to have the attitude “Hey look, I’m heavily modified, that IN ITSELF makes me different from the sheep-like, meme-driven crowd”.
    That’s bollocks – more importantly than others making an effort with their weight, you have to make an effort with your brain. Quite obviously you’re not too badly affected by fashions in aesthetics when it comes to you, but anyone with an interest in history/archaeology/art (hello!) can tell you that fashions in female body types come and go, just like mod fashions.
    Take a step back, cease your bigotry, and learn that bashing a woman for being overweight is just like bashing a heavily modded person.
    Also, “i” is not an appropriate way to start a sentence.
    Love and kisses from a size 6-8 (American 2-4) woman.

  103. Speaking as a size zero myself, though my friends and boyfriend tell me i have a good body, a lot of others make the assumption that i’m bulimic and throw up whatever I eat. I don’t. My mom is the same height as me and is quite a bit heavier than me. She is NOT fat, we simply have different bone structures. I have a small frame, she doesn’t. If my mother weighed what I weigh, she would look sick and pathetic. Sometimes BMI needs to be disregarded for what looks good on an individual.

  104. #166 Damn right I dont have a problem with them. I like women of all sizes alhough my preference would be something closer to the average woman.
    Just cuz I LOVE steak doesnt mean iwont enjoy a good burger.

    And honestly i have no problem with fat girls. My issue lies with fat girls who then cry about how noone likes them becuase they are fat.

    If your life sucks CHANGE IT. If you dont change it then you deserve your unhappiness and shouldnt expect the entire world to cater to you becasue youre too fucking lazy to do anything about it. Most of the people in here have a welfare mentality and its fucking disgusting.

  105. There are PLENTY of reasons why a girl might be a little bit on the heavier side stigmata. Your comments have pretty much disgusted me to the point that IF I had found you attractive to begin with I’d be so repulsed by you now I’d never want to “fuck you,” since you seem to think having sex and being attractive is a really important thing. Anyway, I was a size 6 and about 145 lbs a year and a half ago. Since then I’ve had to have three surgeries on my back and have been forced to not exercise. I’ve also gained somewhere between 20 and 25 pounds. Are you going to call me fat, lazy and disgusting because I had to have surgery? Just so you know I have been going to the gym five days a week since I was allowed to go back to normal exercise, as well as many of these other girls I’m sure do. I don’t even eat 1200 calories a day (NOT because I’m anorexic or whatever, because I’m not hungry), I don’t drink soda except for rare occasions, I don’t eat junk food, I don’t snack much between meals. Am I unhealthy, lazy, and repulsive? Personally except for extreme case what a person looks like is not repulsive to me. How they carry themselves, act towards others, and what they say is.

    If it was “average” to be skinny to the point that the girl in the picture is (which by the way you have beautiful scarification and rock on for being thin framed, more power to you) then America would not have such a growing obesity problem. You wouldn’t read in the news about morbid obesity and how a high percentage of the American public is considered to be overweight. I’m pretty sure its average to be a little overweight now. You keep talking about being healthy and what not, do you think its healthy to be so skinny that you could count some girls ribs one by one? Because if you do you have some seriously skewed views that I’m pretty sure any doctor would disagree with.

    You get up on your high horse about how “fatties” disgust you, and you stereotype them to be awful, angry human beings. Well you Sir happen to fall into my disgusting, awful, angry human being category.

  106. I think most people have a very standardized idea of a beautiful body. Yes, it is fed by the media. No, that doesn’t mean that just because I think it is unfair I can flip my desires around. Shannon has been influenced by the same advertising as the rest of us, and if he thinks super skinny girls are hot, I’m in the boat with him. But to tell him or anyone else what they should think is hot is fucking stupid. If I had a blog that I posted pictures in, and I got a photo of a girl like this and another one of a girl with a couple folds, I would totally go with this one right here. If you have a problem with the way this thing is done, then you should probably set up your own public blog, pick pictures that you think are beautiful, and post them. Otherwise, quit hating one mans view of beauty. He doesn’t hate yours, does he?

  107. well, i’m trying to comment on this one more time.

    instead of bitching, how about you guys take a look around and see that Shannon *does* post photos of girls who are not perfect size zeros? here’s a few to get you started:

    (for some reason, it is not letting me post these links and i can’t figure out why, but trust me, they are out there.)

    or you could take a look at what he posted on a past Modblog entry:

    Why don’t you post a wider range of body types?
    Well, I’m sure there’s truth that because the images pass through a double filter of both Phil, then I, that there’s going to be some subconscious manipulation that leans toward our own particular likes. However, we do our best to post an accurate demographic representation of BME’s readership (or should I say submittorship) — if you think we’re not posting enough of a certain subject, submit it and encourage others to as well!

    if heavier girls aren’t being posted, it’s probably got something to do with the fact that not as many submit photos.

  108. like emmmluk said, lots of factors can affect weight. like starting some hormonal birth control types, or having a thyroid problem. skinny girls are not normal or average at all! i am not ugly, nor is my body perfect. however, i think my friends are all gorgeous and they’re all bigger than me. i can’t wait to see them and take pictures to send in.

  109. Mismatched underwear>matching underwear.

    There is such a large double standard on skinniness! Some will expect you to be tiny; and if you are, some will judge you and assume things about you to no end about it, and others will tell you that’s it’s “hot,” etc. Everyone really needs to chill, and stop worrying about how others are and just apperciate the beauty, no matter the pant size.

    Gorgeous scarring.

  110. Hahaha why would you fuck someone you think is ugly. Anyways…sorry most fat people have low self esteem. Everyone that has issues with their weight is obviously very angry inside. I get all these husky girls bitching over me statin its just more pleasin top see skinny thin girls that take good care of themselves. Out of nowhere all these people start gettin all bent out of shape and claimin they are not sloppy and big. I never started off sayin anytthing specific about anyone. Nobody ever took time to ask what i thought was considered fat and sloppy in my eyes. just all these emotional wrecks of hogs just started flipping out. Its obvious who has issues with their weight by the way they responded before they took time to ask me nicely on my views.

  111. Christ….This one got heated…

    Perhaps it is pertinent to note that all the ‘normal’ or ‘larger’ women I know will comment on a skinny woman if they see one…

    …But, of the many skinny chicks that I’ve known, not one has felt the need to comment (positively or negatively) on a larger woman…

    Stigmata – wind your neck in a bit ;)

    Personally, I find skinny girls really attractive.

    Also, I’m far from slim myself.

    6’3″ and about 260lb…and my girlfriend of more than four years is 5’9 1/2″ and about 95lb.

    She gets negative comments every day about her size. People telling her that she should eat more.

    But…I cook for both of us and (as you can tell by my weight) I like good food.

    We eat the same-sized portions, we eat the same food.

    She’s skinny, she’s sexy and a LOT of people find it hard to accept that.


    PS: One girl who works with her was saying things along the lines of ‘you’re SO skinny!’ and ‘Why don’t you eat more?’ every day…Until I heard her once and replied “Wow! You’re so…pudgy…”

    She looked like I’d just curled one off in her handbag and was speechless until I asked her why it was okay for her to say such things about my girlfriend yet it wasn’t okay for me to say relevant things to her…

  112. _Stigmata_ sounds like a shallow asshole but we can glean a couple of valid point from his otherwise offensive diatribes, skinny girls should not be harrassed for their weight. Actually I’d say no girl should be singled out and insulted for her weight no matter what. His other point, attitude counts for something. It’s misguided for girls to insult other girls for being skinny. If you want respect and tolerance, you first have to give it, otherwise no one will take you seriously.

    I understand the sentiments of frustration that other women are feeling, but this is not the best place to vent them. This post was to show her scarification. Sure there’s double standards everywhere and pressure to look a certain way, lose weight, or even get cosmetic surgery. I think some of the pressure comes more from women themselves. Men don’t care as much about specific dress sizes as they do general body type. And maybe some guys are really shallow, but not all of them. Anyway, I’d rather be healthy and be myself than waste my time trying to look like everyone else. Modblog should be encouraging individuality and with all the societal pressures, girls should be encouraging other girls not trying to tear them down.

  113. Stigmata,
    You are assuming just because females have responded they are emotional fat hogs with problems.

    Have you any idea what a fucking idiot you are making yourself look?

    You think all females have a choice over having a few extra pounds on them. Some have to take medication with others medical problems that can easily cause this. With some its genetic, again not a fault of theirs.
    Just like some females can eat like a friggin horse and not gain an ounce, and another females has something nice to eat, and gains a pound.

    What would you do have a female starve herself, end up dead just to pleased a bone headed bastard like you.

    I guess being as perfect as you obviously think you are, its easy to sit there making nasty remarks.

    Go look in the mirror see what an asshole looks like!!

  114. Is it just me or does anyone else think she doesnt look THAT skinny. she lookes natural and at an average weight, shes a very beautiful lady.

  115. Stich you are beautiful as are your scares, they are amaizing, kudos for going through it. You really need to lock your boyfriends finger though because the way he reffers to you is really disrespectful (not really all that suprising considering the way he reffers to everyone else). I hope you have already dumped him for reffering to you as just onother skinny chick he has “conquered”

    Stigmata you may want to put that bottle of Jack down, you excessive drinking shows in the intelligence of your posts and that little pouch you seem to be cultivating. You must be a lazy slob since you dont have a trim six/eight pack and a pair of arms that buldge in all the right places.

  116. never said i “conquered ” her. 2nd i think its funny that everyone yellin about me callin anyone a name is doin the same thing back but who cares. people online like that not only show their double standards but lack of intelligence about it. i never satrted a fight with anyone. it was some insecure fat women that started this whole thing. so blame them. yes…im a fat redneck and excessive drinking. hahaha once again another double standard. i dont drink. been quiet sober. not even jacked up on sugar like most these mental women on here are when they post. I would think that the bigger idiot on here are the insecure whining angry fatties that keep postyin over me joking about what they keep saying. they cant handle it and show their insecurities so i keep it goin out of fun. i did not start this why should i end it. i give them a reason to bitch and take it all out. i should be a hero for that. if i wasnt here they might be eatin themselves to death sooner.

  117. We get it, buddy. You don’t like fat chicks. Repeating the same argument over and over with the use of a thesaurus isn’t going to get you anywhere or futher the discussion, though I doubt that’s your intention.

    Let it die.

  118. Stigmata,
    You really are a grade ‘A’ ass wipe.

    And no im not some angry fatty jacked up on sugar, unless you think a size 10 is fat, I would not put that past a moron like yourself to think size 10 is fat.

    Im a person who responded to your mindless trash you come out with, because I care about other peoples feelings. You so obviously have none yourself, or should it be the one brain cell you operate with sometimes goes haywire.

    Maybe you should start drinking heavily it may make you into a nicer person instead of the anally retentive dick you are.

    You may not have started this, but why all the nastiness towards females, is it your own low esteem that makes you say these things.

    Should they say thank you to you as per the last comment you made, giving them a reason to bitch so they eat themselves to death more slowly?

    My god man you have a lot to learn about human feelings!!

  119. my nastiness as you put it was for all the angry bitter fat women. stop blaming me for all this these insane fat fuckls keep postin as well. and are just as insulting so bottom line……fuck you. dont single me out. I have no issues with women that can act like women but they chose not to. I never said i was making them eat themselves to death. I give them a reason not to sit around bored. i let their anger out in here then on their allready self hate of their bodies and other skinny people

  120. i love how people bitching about me being rude and hurting others feelings …goes about sayin that while doin the same thing. grow the fuck up. dont say what one does it wrong then do it yourself. now that is a true lack of a mind.

  121. Stigmata,
    Have you ever thought of seeing a shrink, you’re so obvisouly friggin insane?

  122. Insane….yet another comment name callin me when you just said before i was a dick for doin the same thing. People need to get over it and get a grip. hahah i still think its funny i was called fat for not having a perfect body but yet i am supposed to say a size 10 is not fat. wow….some very confused big girls in here with nothing better to do then insult and name call. yet im the bad guy. funny how that works.

  123. Stigmata,
    Why the hell are you whinging like a big girls blouse?

    You know something, for someone who can deal it out remorsely, you cry like a girlie when someone calls you names.

    Live with it, thank yourself lucky im in a good mood and didnt really tell you what I thought of your appauling hurtful remarks you made about females.

    Now get yourself up to see that shrink, the amount of sessions you will need he may take pity on you and give you a discount.

  124. i could care less if some fat pig calls me names. i just think its funny that the ones who say i am wrong for doin it are doin it themselves. you want to talk about bein crazy and closed minded….shit…stop bein a hypocrite and running a double standard

  125. and once again cause your lil brain cant handle this….my comments were not about females. it was about the fat ,angry, insecure people on here that jumped in out of nowhere starting shit up. so i could honestly give a fuck what you think of me. im just toying around now. you have no part in this as far as i see other then to act like a child and keep this goin. you have nothing of any use here . other then to contradict everything you are saying

  126. i have a fat penis. that is excepted tho. for the rest fact is that there are more skinny models then chubby models. so i guess there is more a quest for skinny girls then chubby

  127. I’m a little confused at this entire argument.
    scrolling down this one page of modblog, i noticed 3 girls who stood out as an “average” body type to me, Mia More (the valentines day girl), Namesofthedead (resurrection suspention girl), and Copperwire (the… girl with the nice nipples? >.>)
    those three girls seem to be quite average sized, not over weight, not underweight, at least to me.
    Im really not sure of the “average” thats being demanded here, as a size 8 or 9 (Canadian sizing) myself, i notice quite a few girls on modblog that are close to my size, and i concider myself fairly average.

    i agree that woman and men of ANY size can be gorgeous, but i also think that everyones version of “average” is different.

    anyhow, stitch IS skinny, but honestly, she doesnt look unhealthy, at least to me. i also really enjoy the DNA themed scarification

  128. Stitch is HOT…

    Her scarification is Beautiful..

    MODBLOG fucking rock’s in its portrail’s of Beautiful Men and Women who are modified..

    Shannon does a great Job..

    and stigmata.. as crasy as you are.. nice one for stickin up for what/who you believe in..!!

    lets get back to making sweet, sweet ModBlog love yo!


  129. All I have to say is, replace “fattie” with asian, caucasion, african amerian, jewish, italian, etc, and it’d be prejudice pure and simple.

    Ahhh… Size-ism, the last great prejudice of the civilized world.

    Hey Stimgata, do you and Rush Limbaugh hang out alot or what??

    (And by that I mean you’re a prejudiced bigot.)

  130. If he said to put any specific race or creed in an oven, that there should be a genocide of anything else it wouldn’t have been accepted or tolerated.

  131. I dislike when skinny girls are displayed on modblog with only a belly button piercing or a star tattoo that i’ve see a million times before. This girl’s got some amazing work and her mods realy stand out. I like that she’s posted. Very nice.

  132. you fat fucks….will you let this die allready. who cares if i dont like fat crybabies on the internet. you all have serious issues and need to see that for your selves. cause you too dumb to figure it out. keep twistin up my weords to try to get even fatter angry people in here yelling. if you cant get over the genoicde to the fat angry people .better get bigger ovens. well then thats just on you. funny how only you think you can bithc and insult but i turn it into a joke and look how stuck on dumb shit you get,.

  133. Stigmata,
    You are moaning about others letting this go..
    Why dont you read above and see who keeps posting comments that sound as if a total mad man has written them.

    And just for the record im sure cere would sooner stick his dick in a blender rather the you!!

    To be honest, I feel so sorry for you what a dumb fuck wit you are.

    So do everyone a favour and die yourself, you dickless wonder.

  134. Im doin the same thing the fatties are doin. i left it alone and they jumped in once again like they were all on twinkie break. was fine and once again a stampeed of chunkers once again making ever dumb comments. so dont just focus on me for sayin whatever nobody is really readin anyways and focus on everyone. your not helping the propblem you are part of it.

  135. my nasty remarks are not about females bodies you dumb shit. iit was my insults angainst the fat, angry man hating women in here that have nothing better to do then bitch about bein out of shape and hating people who take care of their bodies. you dumb shits can try to twist my words up and keep it goin but if you had any brains you would have read that by now. how come even right after callin a guy fat knowing you read that you still claim i am just pickin on fat women. i cant help it fat women hate me. i also cant help it that they hate themselves as well as hating anyone that is in shape or does not over eat on a daily basis

  136. Stigmata,
    You keep telling me I bitch, and im not a fat woman with anger issues.
    I just do not like you for making nasty remarks simple as that.

  137. Stigmata,
    You only have my word for it, to be honest I seriously do not care what you think of me.
    An insult off someone like you dosnt matter to me one bit.

  138. hey i dont know you from anyonce. so by your reactions i am goin with my gutt on this and sayin you have quite a few extra pounds on you that you wish you could lose

  139. Who really cares about how you look. you have a shitty attitude. that of an angry fat woman. so who cares. your like one of the phone sex operators. sayin they are all this and that and it turns out they end up lookin as bad as some of the women here complaining about never bein on modblog cause they are husky

  140. do you have anything to say about the actual work on the girl in the picture posted. or are you just here to be a fool? nobody cares what you look like.

  141. Stigmata,
    I have already stated I think she looks amazing, both personally and her work.

    It would be futile me trying to be the fool as you already have that market sawn up.

  142. Stigmata,
    Im certainly not your lil buddy. I would not associate myself with a person like you. Some of the comments you have made are nothing but a fair disgrace.
    Seriously, how would you feel if someone made the type of comments you have made about, lets say your mother or sister?

  143. well lets see. i had a valid point and reason to get rude to people. i have never said anything about anyone other then who was involved. so keep draggin it on to a pointless level little buddy.

  144. Stig,
    You may believe you had a valid point and a reason to get rude to people.
    Why deliberatly hurt people you do not even know, just to get yourself noticed.
    Are you so desperate for attention, may I suggest you get out more.

  145. wow…and now you are a licesnsed shrink. my point was not to be noticed. anyone can do that. my point started the second some fat bitch made a comment and cried fro pity and blamed shannon for bein some type of nzai and not giving big girls a chance. they kept goin on. i dont care if i am not pc or mistype a word. who fuckin cares. but when some fat pigs start jumpin out of control on dumb shit cause of their own insecurities i simply stated to stop cryin and go on a diet and devote them selves. at first i did not single out anyone. and all kinds of freaks started whining i was being mean to them. i still have not once stated what i thought was fat and nobody asked. this was not about average or medium buiold. it was skinny and fat. but if you want to play shrink thats goin to be easy….lets see….im guessin you live in some two bedroom apartment in some dump part of town. your mooch all your money off your man..some times when your mom comes to get the baby cause you cant handle it you jump online and try to take all your stress out in forums like you are some real tough internet asskicer. i hope it builds up your ego and takes the stress away. but in reality it comes down to you are doin exactlly what you are complaining i am doin as wrong. its called a double standard and a hypocrite. you had no point from the beginning. as far as i can see from you now its a game of who gets the last word. is that all you want now?

  146. woah! fucking hell! how pissed off do some people wanna get hahaha

    the scarification is amazing, and it looks like it’s healing nicely and i think it suits *Stitch* perfectly.


  147. “Stigmata – SHUT THE FUCK UP!! God damn you’re fucking annoying…”

    Announcing your “beef” with someone over the internet IS annoying too. Grow up.

  148. Shawn Tried And True – Ah, what “beef” are you talking about? I don’t have a “beef” with him, I don’t even know him. I was just annoyed at the amount of his posts saying basically the exact same thing as his other ones. I’m sure alot of people were thinking the same thing, I’m the only with the balls to say it. Relax.

  149. all this body weight stuff is so poopy.
    thin, thick, who cares?!

    why can’t we all just get along :(

  150. Back on topic..

    I think the scars work really well with her body.

    Very pretty!

  151. wow. that was waaay too much discussion about her body type. I don’t know what her lower half looks like (although i might like to) but we have virtually identical body types as far as what i can see in the picture. I’m not anorexic, but i have a small waist, small cup size, and my ribs are visible when i arch my back like that as well.
    I think she’s beautiful. Post more, shannon!

  152. What a dumbshit argument going on in here!
    Stitch has a body full of gorgeous modifications – HEYY that’s why she was featured in ModBlog, I bet!!
    If anyone of any other body type had comparible mods, I’m sure they’d be featured in her space.
    Any offers up?
    That said, personally, I think Stitch is gorgeous.
    I met her last year in Vegas and was astounded at how teensy she is.
    She’s just tiny!
    She doesn’t look unhealthy. She’s just really really little!

  153. most beutiful girl i have ever seen i love the scars and the keloids are amazing

  154. This chick is hot,but where are all the thick healthy moded black bitches. I c them running the streets????

  155. Oh my goodness…that is so beautiful.Maybe i can turn my nasty appendix scar (9 and a half centimetres long) into something gorgeous like that…

  156. this photo is really nice :)

    yknow that anxious feeling yget when yre embarrassed for someone else? thats how i feel for _Stigmata_ (amoung a few others) right now… im sad this post was ruined like that.

  157. ok, so stitch, ive loved your work since the first time i ever saw it, and im gonna play devils advocate here. granted, ive seen girls with one or two mods that are barely mods on here that got featured, and the pics barely showed the small piercing as is. but ive also seen plenty or curvy girls get featured on here, and there far from ugly. and i also have to agree that alot of them on here are skinnier and that shannon may be a selective guy. but ive seen almost all the photos on here and there arent many curvy girls to feature, not because they dont have great mods, but because they dont send in pics. ive seen a fair amount of the curvys get featured and i lov ethe work.

    and dont rat on stitch cause shes tiny, shes not anorexic, shes a damn proud mother so she can have a baby without splitting her “twig body” in half.

    oh, stigmata, your dumb :) just figured id throw that in there too

  158. all thease comments are stupid, isn’t bme supposed to be a place of acceptance?
    body modification goes beyond what pretty picture you have on your skin,

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