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28 thoughts on “JESUS LOVES ME

  1. When the text is like this I assume that it’s done ironically or that it’s intended to scar or that it’s intended to be a statement (other than the statement that SI is in general)…

  2. Hmm. Although it definitely looks like self-harm, where do you draw the line between self-harm and artistic body modification? I love the pain of a tattoo gun, and I get a rush from piercing. That’s pain, and I’m getting off on it. I have self-harmed in the past, and I can say that both different and similar in a lot of significant ways. I might almost say that self-harm comes from self-hate, while mods (for me) come from self-love. But the actual statement–it’s not just random cuts–is significant.

    Summary: I can’t dismiss self-harm as not art anymore than I can dismiss body art as self-harm.

  3. this reminds me of that Slayer self cutting by a super intense fan from back in the day.

    only this one’s about Jesus, not Slayer. interesting parallel

  4. indeed… plus, you can tell the dude is sitting down and with one leg’s ankle resting on the other leg’s thigh, making the calf horizontal. i guess that makes a nice pseudo-level surface upon which to carve into one’s flesh. def a home based project from what i can see

  5. I think there is a definate difference between expressing oneself with body modification..and simply cutting oneself. This type of behaviour represents a problem.

  6. Wow, some of these comments really make me sad.
    It never ceases to amaze me that there can be a great community of people open to body modifications yet still be complete assholes about aforementioned body modifications.

  7. Uh, who says the assholes are from the body mod community? Anyone with an internet connection can access this blog. You’re making an awfully big assumption regarding who is here posting.

  8. But I just don’t understand why they’re here, in that case.
    I’m not interested in various things – football, punk music, accountancy… but if I actually spent time searching for websites concerning my non-interests, only to post rude comments on them… I’m sure my friends would get worried and take my computer away.

  9. is it wrong that my immediate thought when seeing this was “Jesus loves you but be careful he’s HIV positive”
    I’m going to hell =]

    Self done? Looks a little rough to be professional
    also some of the comments on this sadden me =[

  10. I think the main difference between self-harm & self-modification is intent.

    Relief/escape/dissociation/release vs. expression/adornment/decoration/

    I don’t think we can make a call on whether this dude is a self-harming, idiotic tool unless we know why he did it. Just because something is self-done doesn’t necessarily mean it’s self-harm.

    Btw, I self-harm, and I modify. I don’t know a single self-harmer who would show of their scars.

    What is the statement that self-injury (SI) is in general?

  11. “I don’t know a single self-harmer who would show of their scars.”

    #22 – I’m an SI’er and I modify, as well. Lately the line between the two has become sort of blurred. I SI for release of the tension in me, but lately I’ve become doing things other than making random cuts. I’ll make a design of some kind, for example. And I never, ever “show off” fresh cuttings, but I rather like my scars and don’t mind people seeing them. I cut starts on my stomach that I may upload to BME. Often, though, when I’m having a p articularly trying time, I’ll be seized by the desire for a new piercing. I have self-pierced in the past, but I usually go to professionals now. For example, when I met my new therapist I got my tongue pierced right afterwards. And felt so much better. Sometimes just changing jewelry satisfies. Sometimes I decide to stretch my ears (which is getting expensive, because then, of course, I need new jewelry.

    OK, don’t know where this is going. Slightly stoned and rambling in a half-assed defense of self-cutting. Gotta say, cutting “jesus loves me” into my leg is a tad on the emo side and not so much for me, but hey, toeach their own.

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