Get that girl a sammich

Geez, your ribs are showing! Oh wait, those are just bead implants (approaching two years old in these photos) done by Shawn O’Hare at Fillmore Tattoo and Piercing in Ventura County, CA. Sammich eating demand hereby withdrawn. I don’t know if these would be comfortable, but I do like the way they look… they’re like grips or something.

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34 thoughts on “Get that girl a sammich

  1. I was actually thinking the same about them being an ergonomic grip solution. I quite like them, anyways.

  2. Wow, they look amazing, but I can’t help but think they would be terribly uncomfortable sitting on the ribs like that.

    I just want to run my hands over them…oooh, knobbly!

  3. Wow!!

    I had juggled the idea of getting implants over my ribs before, but for some reason assumed it just was something that wouldnt work. I guess I was wrong!!

    funny about the placement of hers though…

    I keep thinking the bottom ones are nipples!

  4. What an unusual look! Although they do look like they’d be quite uncomfortable they can’t be too bad or she wouldnt have kept them for at least two years. They look fantastic though. I wonder how she came up with the idea – it would be amusing if it was ‘for better grip.’

  5. These look amazing, even more so they have healed and stayed in place. Not sure on the comfort tho.

  6. actually i had already seen an iam page with the same implants, i guess its the same person, and i fell in love with her implants, i want to do something similar. I pleased shes on modblog now :)

  7. These look great, but as other people have said, I wonder how comfortable they are on a daily basis…mind you, if she’s had them for two years they can’t be too bad.

  8. I don’t think this is a repost. But yeah they look pretty cool and would also like to see what they look like under a shirt.

  9. i’m guessing that they’re comfortable, it looks like they sit well in between each rib and it’s not a high mobility area so i’d assume it’s not even something she notices.

    my arms are perfectly fine except for when i’m trying to put on a backpack, that can be annoying sometimes, but really apart from that, i love them, they’re almost 2 years old now

  10. I would assume myself they’re not as uncomfortable as they would appear, although (sadly) unable to speak from personal experience I will just leave it at that – an assumption

    comfort issues aside, they do look quite hot :-P

    I like them :)

  11. it really looks awesome and so good on her.
    But im wondering about her bra cause if you look closely to where her boob ends a quarter of an inch lower is where the first implant starts that would probably be the only uncomfortable part especially while healing cause the bra rubs against it while doing upper body movements.
    but like i said it really looks awesome

  12. Not to be a perv or anything, but where are her nipples? They look like they would be about where the last implants are.

  13. She’s holding them up. They are beneath the red top. You are not taking the perspective into account.

    They look hot.

  14. very cool although it would drive me crazy not being able to lay on my side as I imagine that wouldnt be comfortable.

  15. Thanks! (no haters!)

    as far as comfortable, they don’t bother her when she lays down, they have been great thus far.

  16. re: the bra issue, it looks to me like her boobs are small enough not to have to wear one.

    They do look gorgeous, as do her tattoos

    I love how it looks!
    I don’t like bead implants that much, but these ones are amazing!
    I wish I had that shape to do something like that

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