Ouch, my toes!

Some people have told me this really wouldn’t hurt very much to do and might be kind of fun if you’re in the right mood. I beg to differ. Seriously, I think if I had the choice of nailing my toe to a board or nailing my nutsack to a board, I’m going with nutsack every time… For no good reason toe skewering really freaks me out!

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31 thoughts on “Ouch, my toes!

  1. I don’t have a nutsack so I can’t answer on that score, but I’d rather put a nail through my nipple than one of my toes. o_o

  2. I did this when I was a kid, once. By mistake. My cousin’s house was in the middle of the demolition phase of a major restoration/remodeling and I was walking around the yard barefoot. I was walking somewhere, and I put my left foot under a board, and then put my right foot on top a little farther along. Then my left foot wouldn’t move and I freaked out. The old rusty nail slide right into my toe and I didn’t feel it. It slide right down the right side of my toenail.

    Hospital trip and a tetnis shot later I was fine. Wasn’t the first time I went to the hospital that summer…

  3. Of all the things I’ve seen on ModBlog, I still haven’t desensitized myself to anything having to do with feet and things going through them. Maybe because as a kid I stepped on a pole in the ground and needed a bunch of stitches? I’ll go with that. Ow!!!

  4. Trust me I have done this, and to say the least it hurts like fuck. Not sure if the nail going in or being pulled out hurts more.
    Cannot commented on the nutsack I havnt got one of those lol :)

  5. transcrotal or nail through small toe….. i actually jumped a bit when i saw it. i think its worse cos there is no blood, doesnt look natural without blood to me.

  6. mmm — I don’t have a scrotum…. but I know I’d skewer a finger pretty readily, so I don’t really see much difference from skewering a toe :P

  7. Pretty little toes in the pic…don’t have any…what’s the word….thick ish inflexibler skin…on them :)

    Meh. The longer I look at them, the funnier the pics get.

  8. Ohhh I’m with you on this shannon, for some unknown reason toe-skewering is one of the things that really squicks me out!

  9. i’ve skewered my toe before; it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the best feeling in the world neither

  10. I will have to agree with you, Shannon. As a kid, I had stepped on a couple nails, and it wasn’t fun…at all.

  11. I have to say although Modblog has desensitized me to alot of things, there’s just something about driving a nail through your foot that really creeps me out. I’m with Shannon on this one, i’d much rather have a nail through my vagina (don’t have a ball sack) rather then this!

  12. Brrrrrrr, this gives me the heebie-jeebies! Cool picture but it brings back memories of stepping on tacks, glass, bees and those stupid prickly plants, I can’t remember their name.

  13. Well the initial reaction was “oh my”.
    Then I read thru the comments, and I see the common theme of people relating their ‘I stepped on ___’ stories and had myself a chuckle.
    I had the bottom of my foot sliced open with a piece of glass and it really wasn’t that bad. Not saying that stepping on sharp things is all fun and games [unless you're into that sort of thing], but it made me look at the pictures a bit more.
    My reaction now is, I wonder how this person managed such a clean drive thru the toe.

  14. i tried to reconcile myself with this image by thinking, “maybe it goes mostly through callous?”but that doesn’t really seem to be the case. i can’t imagine doing this.

  15. this also makes me think of the difference between like “playing with pain & sensation” and actual “body modification” are they really one & the same as they seem to be presented as here?

  16. I don’t have a nutsack, but if I did, and I had to choose, I’d flip a coin and then kill myself.

  17. Yikes!

    I can handle severed cocks, tortured testicles, tongues, whatever, I can look at that all day, but pain-play involving feet – that’s hard to look at!!

  18. Reminds me of the time my stepmom went out in a rainstorm to get our dog, and stepped on a 4-inch nail. Barefoot. She ran halfway to the house with the board still on her foot, because the nail went all the way through. I really can’t handle anything with feet, and I passed out.

  19. I’ve had 2 neck surgeries, 1 back surgery and 1 foot surgery. The foot surgery was the most painful of all.
    Somehow that doesn’t look like a good idea to me.

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