Eyelid Scarification

I think this is the first intentional cutting that traverses the full eyelid that I’ve seen, or at least that my jumbled memory recalls. Viper‘s wife did this cutting on him with a knife at their home in Scotland. You know, now that I re-read the email it doesn’t actually say “intentional”… Viper, if you need me to call the domestic abuse services to keep you safe, let me know. ;)

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24 thoughts on “Eyelid Scarification

  1. That will teach him not to come home for his dinner on time :)

    Sure it will look pretty kool when its healed tho.

  2. What happens if a nasty keiloid grows out of control on the eyelid? I’m picturing not being able to open the eye… or maybe the keiloid will contort the lid and make it impossible to fully close. Yikes.

    But for now, I think it looks friggin sweet!

  3. “That will teach him not to come home for his dinner on time”

    I certainly wouldn’t want to come home on time if that’s what happens :-p

    And I was wondering what happens if it turns out like the stomach scars that took over his body (ok, bit of an exaggeration)

    I’ve thought of eyelid removal too, but wonder how much it would really change your life, e.g. super insomniatic.

  4. CNF, I think insomnia would be the least of a person’s problems if they had no eyelids. There’s always dual eyepatches if you need it to sleep. Not being able to protect your eyes seems like a bigger problem IMHO.

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who remembered the earlier scarring, though – when I saw Shannon say “first I’ve seen” I was thinking “hey no it’s not!”

  5. That looks really cool. I love duelling-style scars like this. Plus, I had no idea that anyone this heavily modified lived in Bo’Ness!

  6. This is a terrible idea! Waaay too risky and difficult to heal.
    He’s going to end up with a lazy, drooping eye.

    Seriously — wtf.

  7. Thin tissue heals differently than thicker skin so I unless he scars oddly in general I doubt it’ll cause serious problems because it isn’t particularly wide. My dad plays basketball every sunday night with a bunch of guys that on average are about 20 years younger than he is and they are brutal. Several times he’s come home with areas of his eyelid gouged out because someone’s hit him in the face and caused his glasses to cut him pretty badly. Now my dad is tougher than anyone should be and won’t get stitches unless it’s practically life or death and none of these cuts have ever scarred badly (explains me and my brother’s penchant for doing stuff that gets us injured). Now everyone heals in different ways and if he forms keloids easily then this maybe wasn’t a good idea but if he doesn’t then it’ll probably be fine.

  8. The big difference with that, Noadi, is that with scarification, you want it to scar noticably. So while you’re dad doesn’t get stitches, he’s still taking care of himself, not irritating it on purpose. So the fine line here is getting it to be noticable, without causing any impairments.

  9. Of course, but what I was trying to point out is that healing the eyelid isn’t exactly difficult and taking common sense measures should minimize the risk of complications. It’s not like this is something doomed to failure unless he does something pretty stupid.

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