Airborne Tribute Portrait Tattoo

Brandy Goudie who just celebrated her 30th birthday, had to recently say good bye to her husband (CPL. Goudie) as he and many other Canadian Armed Forces troops left Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to join the allied forces fight in Afghanistan. He will be stationed in Afghanistan for the next six months, so Brandy thought she’d cheer him and herself up with a portrait of her husband on her shoulder by Katherine Rewus of Dragon FX.

26 thoughts on “Airborne Tribute Portrait Tattoo

  1. ^^ Because he’s going to work? I warn people very strongly of having their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse’s name tattooed on them.
    The artists I’ve worked with in the pasts have always said they would’nt tattoo a name or face of a boyfriend, etc on anyone – the only sure thing are kids and dead people. That’d be some kinda coverup if they get divorced…
    Then again, who am I to say a tattoo is a bad idea~!

  2. Agreed Lexci

    At the same time its really cute, I don’t think I’d be able to handle it if my boy left for six months and what a great reminder to have!

  3. Nice picture, lovely sentiment for having it done. Im sure your hubby will love it when he comes home.

    Btw, I hope he gets home safely to you.
    Hugz x

  4. He’s not just going to work – he’s risking his life. He could very well die or come back mentally and/or physically fucked up(as happened to freinds of mine who went to Afghanistan)

  5. #5. He’s risking his life like many many others do every day when they’re police officers, Firefighters, etc.

    I don’t discredit what her husband is doing. Or her love for him. I’ve just seen many a cover-up from having ex-loved ones tattooed on them. *shrug*

  6. As someone with family serving in Southern Afghanistan, I can tell you it is absolutely NOT like “going to work” in the sense that most people understand that expression.

  7. Body modification as a way to deal with difficult times ahead, to find something positive in a difficult situation, expressing a journey, or a significant time through a permanent change of appeariance?

    Excuse me, but isn’t that what this community is about, among other things?

  8. Katherine was awesome for this lady!! She was so upset that her husband had to go overthere again. Not only did she come in on her day off, but the lady left with a smile and was so proud!! I agree Shannon it’s definately not “Work”, It’s one thing to see the picture, But to be in the situation was an honor!

  9. I love the idea. (Hate the war – but MY views on war are not the point of the post, so i’ll save those.) It sure beats tattoos i’ve seen of random soldiers, too. I hope he comes home to Brandy safely.

  10. on the other hand, military men have VERY high divorce rates, especially those that deploy regularly. This particular woman may have a very stable relationship, and this is a sweet gesture, but it this were to become a fashion amoung army wives it would not, statistically, come out well.

  11. Like I said, I’m not discrediting anyone serving.
    I’m just stating an opinion on the sort of tattoo it is.

    (Coming from experience having to look at my (dummy) boyfriend’s thigh whom he thought would be hilarious if he tattooed a portrait of someone who WAS a good friend at the time but later ended up stabbing us both in the back.
    I HATE that tattoo now. HATE it. If I could carve it out of his leg with a butter knife, I would. )

    I think it’s important for studios to convey that reality to their clients before they tattoo them permanently with something they may regret.

  12. I think since its her husband and we don’t know how long they have been married, we have no say in whether it was a wise move or not. My parents have been married 25 years and just renewed their vows on a whim while in Cuba. If they got each other tattooed onto each other, I think it would be a GREAT idea and a nice sentiment. They will never breakup. They are as much inlove now as they were 30 years go when they first met. That might be what its like for that woman.

    Oh, and war and firefighter/policemen is COMPLETELY different. soldiers leave their families for MONTHS even years at a time, face death and suffering every single day, and very often miss special milestones in their loved-ones lives. Not only do they DO the job of firemen and policemen, they do them BOTH and THEN SOME. Having your soldier husband’s face tattooed onto you is almost like an early memorial tattoo of an innocent man who will return most likely changed forever. Its like a memorial of the husband who never saw war, so she can have him with her whenever she faces things at home alone where he would usually be there for her. Policemen and firemen are heroes, yes, but they get to go home everyday/everynight to their families, they get to have a day off to witness the birth of their children, to dote on them or their wifes if they are sick… soldiers don’t, and that makes the world of a difference. I think getting that tattoo probably saved her from alot of emotional greif and stress over the “loss” of her current husband, who will never be the same after serving in a war. I’ve never heard of someone who has NOT changed after being shipped off to war.

  13. Lexci I understand what you’re saying and in most cases I’d argee(it’s good me and my ex didn’t get ring tattoos like we toyed with) – But the most likely case is she’s terrified he might die and I think it needs to seen in that light.

  14. what about the australians in afghanistan. my brother has been over since xmas. what a way to spend xmas and new years aye? notthat id get a tattoo of him though. though i sort of already do (in my family tree books)

  15. Wow very inspiring. As an army girlfriend I’ve been wondering about a patriotic tattoo myself. This is an interesting way to cope for sure. I wonder if when my man leaves (it’s inevitable when you’re infantry) if he’ll come back to find me with a new tattoo :D

    “Oh honey… I had a little… crisis while you were gone but no worries, I fixed it with a tattoo!” Hehe

  16. well everyone we are close to our 3 year anniversary and so you all know we are still in love like the beginning he is my water and i am his fire the tat is on the left arm beside my heart and that is where he will always be even if something does happen. love him to pieces and thanks again kathern you did an amazing job.

  17. we are still together and he is getting ready to leave again and yes he will still be by my heart I LOVE HIM as much as HE LOVES ME so all who thought it was bad idea WRONG we both have our wedding bands tattooed as well with his job it is easier as he does jump out of airplanes and too easy to get caught on something and he didn’t come back changed or screwed up also we are strong together. I never doubt him he is my world and he is the best husband any woman could have had. He was very inspired that I did that he now knows that he is my everything. He knew before the tattoo as well. It was what I wanted and again Katherine did an awesome job and everyone who has seen it has nothing but good to say about it.

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