Cleavage Play Piercing

So I was given some grief on “disinterested” (neutral on the subject) versus “uninterested” (not interested in the subject) word choice when I commented that I thought the person sitting in the chair in this hot play piercing set was kind of funny. Maybe some more information…

Well, today is her birthday, so say hello to more proof that you really, really, really need to move to Brisbane! Happy birthday Fran!

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33 thoughts on “Cleavage Play Piercing

  1. It’s cool for them that they keep making it on, and I see why (they’re attractive) but I’m getting really sick of seeing these same girls on here all the time.

    They’re not even particularly attractive; they just like to get naked.

  2. (My previous comment may seem contradictory. What I meant is that they’re attractive, just not so much so as to warrant all this attention.)

  3. Cuntcumber, its been said before, if you want other things posted send in pictures. This is Shannon’s thing, you don’t have to look at the pictures or read the posts if you don’t want to. Since this is his page he has every right to post what ever floats his boat. If its always the same people that are sending in good pictures that catch Shannon’s eye it’s always going to be the same people posted. It’s a pretty simple concept to understand.

  4. Hey Tracy,

    Unless sending in pictures guarantees getting into modblog, then “if you want other things posted send in pictures” is bullshit. Shannon chooses what he wants to post here, and if what he wants to post is the same group of girls, then I’m kind of S.O.L. Plus, I highly doubt these are the most interesting or unique photos submitted.

    But I digress. What it comes down to is that I was simply expressing my opinion about the oversaturation of particular people for a particular reason (namely, “sex appeal”) on modblog. I wasn’t trying to tell him what to post.

    It’s a pretty simple concept to understand.

  5. Happy Birthday! For once I think the red eye compliments the picture rather than detracts from it.

  6. and what he wants to post is something with sex appeal, so there is no real poin in complaining that he does it because it isn’t going to change. if you take all the photos he puts on modblog all the other mods outway the pics of just what he finds to be attractive girls, be it with stars, or corset piercings or anything else for that matter. he likes the looks of these girls so he is going to post them. it’s that simple and why should he change?

  7. cuntcumber – Sheesh, would you drop the outrage. It’s totally unfair. Send me photos at [email protected] which is MY personal address (submissions to BME don’t always make it to me personally because they pass through other filters first, so if you have something that YOU think should be on ModBlog, feel free to CC it to me personally). As I’ve told everyone, they’ll either be posted or I’ll tell you why I chose not to so you understand the process and aren’t in the dark. But I get the feeling that some people prefer whining on the internet to creating on the internet?

    Again: I’m not going to stop you from whining about pretty Brisbane girls, but I really think it’s a little foolish to whine and make incorrect (and insulting) assumptions about how you think this blog is run when you don’t know, and you have not even contacted me with a photo that you think should be here (or please, if you see people on IAM you think should be here, contact them and pass them the same message). It seems a little shallow when you’re willing to make noise but not take action. As with all things, with a little effort, we can work together to make this work for everyone who genuinely cares about it.

    Finally, I post people with SEX APPEAL because to me, body modification/ritual IS SEXY. And that has nothing to do with a specific person or body shape!!! I mean seriously, take a look at folks I’ve dated over the past decade and you’ll see a pretty wide range of body types.

    Again: my personal email: [email protected]

  8. oops totally forgot to say, who cares if the same people are always posted on here? she is FIT! :)

  9. im gonna repeat the sentiments of everyone else and say cuntcumber, if you dont like it, then just DONT COME HERE. and more importantly, dont waste your time and energy bothering to post at all! sheesh..

    way to go sexy fran!

  10. eeeee!!! humphrey barfdee gorgeous fran lady!!!

    *mwah mwah mwah*

    tis indeed the house of modblog. you need a like, commemorative bme logo doorknocker now.

  11. They send in good quality, eye catching photographs featuring interesting body modifications. The fact that they are, admittedly, all drop dead gorgeous, is totally immaterial. Get over it.

  12. i didn’t even realize the bows were tattoos…at first glance, i thought they were part of the ribbon threaded through the needles.

  13. re: big girls/skinny girls/same girls/different girls

    Different strokes for different folks! Isn’t that why we’re all here, anyway?

    Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it has to change for your personal preferences (feel free to apply that to almost anything).

    I didn’t even read past the first few comments, so if this is completely irrelevant feel free to ignore it. I assumed the argument was the same as it always is.

    I know this comment is a little convoluted but I think it gets my point across. :)

  14. wow.
    im sorry but i gotta say.
    one of the hottest girls ive ever seen with blood on her chest :P

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