Tiny Pubic Peace Dove Tattoo

“Make Love, Not War”
(Tigers, Deep Ellum TX)

I feel bad writing this, but all this tattoo make me think about is the fact that the concept of “forgiveness” in Christianity can make some Christians really sexually adventurous because they know that as long as it doesn’t kill them, they can do it, as for forgiveness no matter how kinky it is, and still go to heaven. Sheesh, I have a one track mind. It’s embarassing.

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18 thoughts on “Tiny Pubic Peace Dove Tattoo

  1. Not the conservative Christians I know and was raised as- since you’re not supposed to commit the sin in the first place :P

    Glad I can be sexually adventurous with no guilt now, woohoo!

  2. that’s why i like to date catholic girls. they can go to confession and say sorry. all better :) plus they’re nasty freaks (meant in the best way possible)

  3. just cause its a peace dove it doesnt necessarily mean she was referencing the olive-branch bearing peace dove from the story of Noah in the Old Testament. as far as i’m concerned, the two are not necessarily the same at all.

    that aside, i like it. its pretty, simple, and rather cute, really

  4. i don’t mean to be a douche, but that just made me giggle because it’s almost as if she’s saying her vagina is a safe haven or something. like “it’s okay! it’s peaceful in here!”

    i wish i had a peace-inducing vagina.

  5. I really love peace-inducing vaginas. I should reconsider that peace tattoo I was planning to get and place it in my pubic region instead.

  6. “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means!” I think the Christian girls you know aren’t reading up Shannon ;)

    I realize the dove as a symbol of peace has its origins in the Old Testament, but it seems to me that it’s quite widely recognized outside that context as well.

  7. I am a dove lover. Since dove represent the peace and green factors by itself. I’m going to tattoo a dove with a opened wing at my shoulder. Look great?? I personally think so..

  8. i really like this tattoo and have been looking for a design of it online. does anyone know of any websites that have a template of this tattoo?

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