What do I have to censor?

Butt crack, I guess?

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21 thoughts on “What do I have to censor?

  1. Be hard to get his jeans on with that dangling lol.

    yeah yeah I did click on the picture :)

  2. Damn. It’s images like these that make me wish I were a man, so I could try something like that just once.

  3. to #6:
    there are two things my friends and i always come up with when we think about what fun we could have as men. “peeing while camping” and “growing a beard”. it would be like having a mini garden on your face!

    as for the picture, i was actually confused for a second by the size of that thing. i actually thought it was like a big metal…tube thing for his penis. like a chastity device.

  4. I’m diggin’ it. And I think that if by now you’re NOT clicking on images that’re censored on instinct? You need to go through the archives some more.

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